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  能官能民 be ready to both serve as an offical and be one of the common people

  能见度 visib ility

  能进能出,能上能下 competent to work both at the top and at the grass roots

  能进能出,能上能下,方谓好汉 He who knows how to fight and how to retreat deserves to be called a brave man.

  能量预算 energy budget

  能上网的手机 Wireless Applicat ion Protocol(WAP) phone

  能源农业 energy agriculture

  年度国家预算 annual State Budget

  年会恐惧症 year-end party phobia (While many employees enjoy the activities,

  some suffer from "year-end party phobia". Some complain that preparing shows takes extra energy. 虽然很多员工很喜欢参与年会活动,但也有些员工患上了“年会恐惧症”。一些人抱怨排练节目很费力。)

  年利润 annual return

  年龄结构 age structure

  年末促销 year-end promotion (Gold jewelry sales jumped more than 30 percent over the weekend in Beijing, as bargain shoppers swarmed the city's major jewelry stores onyear-end promotions. 随着钟爱打折货的购物者在年末促销中涌入北京市的几大珠宝商店,黄金珠宝的销量在上周末增长幅度超过 30%。)

  年同比 year-on-year; on an annual basis

  年夜饭 family reunion dinner

  (信用卡的)年费 annual fee

  年画 New Year paint ing

  涅磐(佛) nirvana

  凝聚力 cohensive force

  扭亏为盈 turn losses into gains

  扭转局面 "reverse the tide, turn the table"

  农产品出口补贴 agricultural export subsidies

  农产品的统购派购 unified purchasing of farm produce by the state according to fixed quotes

  弄潮儿 wave rider; current leader

  农村非农产业 non-agricultural industries in rural areas

  农村剩余劳动力 surplus rural labour (labourers)

  农村税费改革试点 the experimental reform of rural taxes and admin istrative charges

  农村信用社 rural credit cooperatives

  农工党 Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party

  农工商联合企业 agro-industrial-commercial combines

  农 机 agricultural machinery 农垦 agricultural reclamat ion 农林间作 agro-forestry

  农民人均纯收入 rural per capita net income

  农奴制 serfdom; serf system

  弄巧成拙 be too smart by half; cunning outwits itself.

  农药残留物 pesticide residue;agricultural chemicals residue

  农业产业化经营 the industrialization of agriculture; industrialized agricultural operation

  农业生态学 agricultural eco logy

  农业生物工程 agro-biological engineering

  农业税费改革 reform of rural taxes and administrative charges

  农业特产税 taxes on special agricultural products

  农业增加值 added value of agriculture

  农转非 rural residents become urban residents

  农村电网改造工程 projects to upgrade rural power grids 农村电网改造项目 projects to upgrade rural power grids 农村合作医疗 rural cooperative medical service

  农村劳动力转移培训 job training for farm laborers looking for urban employment

  农村六小工程 six categories of small projects for rural areas (water-efficient irrigation, potable water supplies, roads, methane production facilities,

  hydroelectric plants and pasture enclosure)

  农村养老金制度 rural pension system

  农村综合试点改革 trials of comprehensive rural reform

  农机具补贴 subsidies for agricultural machinery and tools

  农技站 agro-technical station

  农业面源污染 widespread pollut ion from the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides in rural area

  农业税 agricultural tax 浓

  妆 heavy makeup (The article gives you tips on cosmetics and beauty products for winters and heavy makeup that you can use in winter season. )

  暖温带 warm temperate zone

  诺亚方舟 Noah’s Ark

  挪占 misappropriate; embezzlement

  女权运动 movement for women's rights

  女权主义者 feminist

  女性车厢 woman car (The Beijing Subway Company said they are considering the feasibility of creating woman’s section on the cars running Line 1 and Line 2. 北京市地铁公司表示可考虑在 1、2 号线的少数车厢试点女性专用。)

  欧盟 European Union

  欧盟一体化进程 the integration process of Europe

  欧佩克 Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)

  偶像 idol 欧亚大陆桥 Eurasia Land Bridge

  欧元 Euro 欧洲共同体 European Communities (EC)

  欧洲货币 Euro-currency

  欧洲货币一体化 European monetary integration

  欧洲委员会 European Commission

  欧洲自由贸易联盟 EFTA (European Free Trade Association)

  粮食综合生产能力 overall grain production capability

  爬格子 engage in writ ing 帕金森症 parkinsonism 扒窃 pickpocket

  拍板 have the final say(or last word);make a decision

  派出所 local police station 拍 档 collaborator;partne r 排档 stall

  派对 party

  派购 assigned purchasing

  排华政策 policy of discrimination against the Chinese

  派活 assign work

  拍马屁 flatter sb. (The chief hasn't accepted our plan yet. I guess I'd better go in and polish the apple a bit. 头头还没有批准我们的计划。我看,也许去拍拍马屁会好些吧。)

  排头兵 bellwether;vanguard

  拍拖 date somebody;have a date with somebody;go on a date with somebody

  排外主义 exclusivism

  拍胸膛 strike one's chest to guarantee something

  派驻 dispatch to...(a post);send to...

  排名不分先后 (names) listed in no particular order

  盘点 stock count; take stock of

  潘多拉魔盒 Pandora's box

  攀高枝 put oneself under the patronage of a higher-up

  盘活存量资产 liquid ize remnant assets

  攀亲 establish friend ly relat ionship with other units or organizations

  攀岩 mountain-climb ing

  泡吧 kill time in a bar(Internet or wine)

  跑车 SUV(sports utility vehicle)

  炮 灰 cannon fodder (Hoffenheim were instantly dismissed by many as cannon fodder after their promotion last season. 霍芬海姆上赛季升入甲级伊始就被众球队当做是炮灰。)

  跑龙套 "utility man, p lay a bit role, general handyman"

  抛媚眼 give somebody the glad eye. (The man is overjoyed because a pretty girl gave him the glad eye yesterday. 那个人因昨天一位美女的目送秋波而狂喜不止。)

  泡沫经济 bubble economy

  泡沫浴 bubble bath

  泡妞 chase after the girls

  跑腿 run errands (I don’t mind run errands for you occasionally, but I’ve got my own work to do. 我并不介意偶尔为你跑腿儿,但是我还有自己的工作要做。)

  抛 砖 引 玉 a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions; throw a sprat to catch a whale

  跑步机 treadmill

  陪床 look after a patient

  配额 quota

  配股 allotment of shares;rationed shares

  配给制 rating system

  配件 accessories

  陪酒女郎 barmaid

  赔了夫人又折兵, 花钱填无底洞 throw good money after bad

  陪 聊 chatting service. (The most striking item is a luxury pack, which costs RMB10 and provids a chatting service. 最雷人的是价值 10 元的豪华套餐,竟然有专业陪聊的服务项目。)

  配套措施 supporting measures 配套政策 supporting policies 培养费 training expense

  配音棚 dubbing studio(or room)

  配音演员 Voice actor (Talks are underway with the voice actors including Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy. 公司正在和配音演员们进行洽谈,其中包括卡梅伦• 迪亚兹和埃迪•墨菲。)

  培育新的经济增长点 foster new growth areas in the economy

  陪伴服务 escort services

  捧 杯 win an award (or championship)

  碰钉子 get snubbed

  棚户 shacks; family that live in shacks

  朋克 punk

  碰 头 会 "brief meeting ( A brief, small-scale, informal meet ing with no fixed agenda, the main purpose of which is to exchange information.)

  " 碰一鼻子灰 be sent off with a flea in one's ear; be snubbedd; get a rebuff

  棚户区 shantytowns

  皮包公司 bogus company 批发价 wholesale price

  批发市场 wholesale market

  啤酒肚 beer belly

  霹雳舞 break dancing

  批量 batch size

  疲软股票 soft stock

  批条子 grant requests made by subordinate units

  劈 腿 two-timing. This term is frequently used by young people to describe someone who’s not faithful to his/her spouse or lover.

  片酬 remuneration for a movie actor or actress

  片儿警 section-policeman responsible for reg istration of residents, public security, etc.in a designated section of a city district

  偏方 folk remedy

  偏怪题 strange and tricky question

  骗汇、逃汇、套汇 "obtain foreign currency and false pretenses, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage "

  骗 婚 marital fraud (China will establish a nat ionwid e online database for marriage registration by the end of 2015 to enhance efficiency and prevent marital fraud, a senior civil affairs official has said. 一位民政部高级官员称,中国将在 2015 年底之前建立全国婚姻登记网上数据库,以提高办事效率,防止骗婚行为。)

  偏科 favor one or some courses(in school) and neglect anther or others

  片面追求升学率 place undue emphasis on the proportion of students entering schools of a higher level

  片面追求升学率 place undue emphasis on the proportion of students entering schools of a higher level

  票贩子 scalper;t icket tout

  票房 box office

  票房毒药 box office flop / box office bomb (The producers of movie 'Pledge This!' told a court in 2008 she owed them $8.3million - the amount it cost to make the box office flop - because she didn't promote it properly. 电影《风云才女》的制片人在 2008 年将希尔顿起诉致法院,称她没有恰当宣传这部影片,因此欠剧组 830 万美元, 而这恰好是这部“票房毒药”影片的制作经费。)

  漂 移 农 场 floating farm (China’s shipbuilding ability has represented its power throughout history and the China Shipping Pavilion at this year’s Shanghai Expo is showcasing some major improvements in the country’s shipbuilding industry along with a new concept for the future – a floating farm ship. 中国已经在历史上展示了自己的造船能力。本届上海世博会中国船舶馆中,科学家向人们展示了中国造船业的主要成就,以及未来新概念:漂移农场船。)

  票友 amateur performer

  票证 purchase certificate;coupon

  疲劳驾驶 fatigue driving / drowsy driving

  贫富差距 wealth gap (Amid a widening wealth gap between rich and poor, a new survey has found that 96 percent of the public said they feel resentful toward the rich. 面对不断加大的贫富差距,最新相关调查显示,有 96%的受访者承认自己有仇富心理。)

  贫富悬殊 wide gap between the rich and the poor

  贫 困 线 poverty line 品牌效应 brand effect 拼图 jigsaw

  贫铀弹 depleted uranium bomb

  拼 车 carpool (The city government wants citizens to organize car pools for transportation. 该市政府希望市民拼车出行。)

  品德教育 moral education

  屏蔽 to block. ( 3 major telecommunicat ion operators in China will jointly launch a technical p latform to block junk cellphone messages. 我国三大电信运营商将正式上线运行网间垃圾短信联动处理平台,联手进行垃圾信息自主屏蔽。)

  评标 bidding evaluation

  平仓 close a position


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