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  煤 矿 爆 炸 mine blast (The country's top work safety official has blamed poor management and inadequate safety precautions for Saturday's mine blast in Heilongjiang province that claimed at least 104 lives. 国家安监总局局长表示上周六发生在黑龙江省的煤矿爆炸事故原因在于管理不善和安全措施不健全。该煤矿爆炸已造成至少 104 人遇难。)

  眉毛胡子一把抓 go about several tasks at a time

  美声唱法 bel canto

  美食节 gourmet festival

  没有规矩不成方圆 Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.

  美 元 陷 阱 dollar trap

  没治 1. hopeless; 2. too bad; 3. terrific; very good; excellent

  美人痣 beauty spot, beauty mark

  美容院 beauty parlor, beauty salon, beauty shop

  美 元 贬 值 dollar depreciat ion (Vietnam's central bank even had to order the country's commercial banks late last month to resume buying dollars within the tight range of exchange rates set by the government. Many banks had started betting on dollar depreciation and refusing to accept large sums in dollars, to the point that multinationals and exporters had trouble wiring money into the country to pay their employees' salaries.)

  门儿清 well-informed; comp letely aware

  门户开放政策 open-door policy

  门户网站 portal

  门罗主义 Monroe Doctrine

  门 前 三 包 "be responsible for general sanitation, green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building "

  蒙古包 (Mongolian) yurt

  蒙古大夫 quack; quack doctor

  朦胧诗 misty poetry

  孟子 Mencius

  门禁系统 Access Control System

  迷彩服 battle fatigues; camouflage coat

  米袋子省长负责制 provincial governors assuming responsibility for the rice bag (grain supply)

  蜜罐 honey jar

  密码电话学 ciphony(cipher telephone)

  密码箱 code case

  蜜月旅行 honeymoon trip

  免费搭车者(享受其他国家最惠国待遇而不进行相应减让的国家) free-rider

  面目一新 take on an entirely new look

  免税商店 duty-free shop

  免税商品 tax-free commodities

  免淘米 clean rice

  面向 21 世纪的中美建设性伙伴关系 a constructive, strategic partnership between China and the United Stated aimed at the next century

  免验放行 pass without examination (P.W.E)

  面值 face value

  面子工程 face job (The CNN website has targeted a phenomenon called "Face job" in which Chinese companies "rent" white foreigners. 美国有线电视新闻网日前报道不少中国企业“租借”白种人老外撑门面,报道中把这种现象称为“面子工程”。)

  免责声明 disclaimer 庙会 temp le fair (Visit ing temple fairs is one of the most important traditional activit ies during the Spring Festival holidays. 春节期间,逛庙会是最重要的传统活动之一。)

  秒杀 seckilling

  灭绝的物种 extinct species

  民办教师 citizen-managed teachers (teachers in rural citizen-managed or state-managed schools who do not receive the normal remuneration from the government)

  民办教育 non-government funded education

  民法通则 general provisions of the civil law

  民工潮 farmers' frenzied hunt for work in cities

  民航 civil aviation

  民间投资 private investment (The central government released guidelines on further encouraging private investment in a wider range of key industries, a move indicating the authorities are placing more importance in private investment's role in sustaining economic growth. 中央政府近日发布关于进一步鼓励民间资本在更多关键领域投资的指导意见。此举意味着政府将更加重视民间资本在经济可持续发展中的角色。)

  民间协商 consultation on a non-governmental basis

  民间艺人 folk artisan

  民间资本 private capital

  民进党 Democratic Progressive Party

  民 生 问 题 livelihood issues ("Livelihood issues", includ ing an improved social security system and the provision of affordable housing, remain the top concerns of Chinese people, according to online polls conducted ahead of the country's annual parliamentary and political advisory sessions. 根据两会前的网络调查,“民生问题”成为我国民众关注的焦点,比如改善社保体制、保障房供应等等。)

  民事诉讼 civil procedure

  民意病毒 public opin ion viruses (Internet manipulat ion, or "public opin ion viruses," harmed the healthy development of the Internet, and could affect public emotions and mislead public opin ion, which could intensify or magnify social conflicts. 网络操控或“民意病毒”危害了互联网的健康发展并可能会影响公众情绪、误导民意,可能会激化或放大社会矛盾。)

  民意测验 opinion poll; opin ion survey

  民以食为天 people regard food as their prime want; food the first necessity of man

  民营企业 individually-run enterprises

  民约 non-governmental regulations; folk law

  民政 civil affair

  民主党派、工商联与无党派人士 "non-Communist parties, federations of industry and commerce, personages without party affiliation "

  民主集中制 democratic centralism

  民主监督 democratic supervision

  民主决策 make decisions through a democratic process

  民族国家 nation state

  民族凝聚力 national cohesion

  民族区域自治 regional autonomy of ethnic minorities

  民族事务委员会 Ethnic Affairs Commission

  民族文化大省 a province with rich ethnic culture

  民族乡 minority town

  民族意识 national consciousness

  民族优越感 ethnocentrism

  民办高校 private higher learning institution

  名利双收 gain in both fame and wealth

  明码标价制度 system that commodity prices must be marked

  明明白白消费(2000 年保护消费者权益工作主题) transparent consumption

  名 片 business card

  名人堂 walk of fame (New York's Apollo Theater took on a touch of Hollywood on Monday when it began installing its own Walk of Fame with plaques that will honor entertainers including late singers James Brown and Michael Jackson. 纽约阿波罗剧院本周一效法好莱坞的做法开始建立自己的“名人堂”,已故歌手詹姆斯•布朗和迈克尔•杰克逊的纪念板均被率先收入其中。)

  名人效应 celebrity charm

  明文 explicit terms

  明星代言 celebrity endorsement (One of the highlights of the proposed changes to Chinese Advertisement Law includes making celebrity spokespersons more responsible for the endorsement deals they take on. These changes were made to strengthen controls over celebrity endorsements and advertising. 《中国广告法》修订建议的重点之一就是要让明星代言人要对他们所代言的产品担负更多的责任。这些修订是为了加强对名人代言和名人广告的管控。)

  名 优 famous actor; famous high quality brand

  名誉教授 honorary professor; emeritus professor

  民工 migrant worker

  明星效应 celebrity effect 民间文化遗产 folk cultural heritage

  民事伴侣关系 civil partnership

  民意 will of the people

  民 怨 social grievance (Officials in southwest China's Guizhou Province have admitted there are social grievances in Weng'an County where a girl's death sparked a violent protest over the weekend.)

  民族企业 domestic enterprises

  摸彩 draw lot for prize

  模仿秀 imitat ion show

  抹黑 stain somebody's name; bring shame on

  模糊逻辑 fuzzy logic 模糊战略(美国在台湾问题上奉行的政策) indistinct strategy; ambiguous strategy

  模块 module

  摩门教 Mormon Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

  模拟测试 mock test; simulated exam

  模拟装置 simulator

  末日论者 doomster

  莫失良机;趁热打铁 make hay while the sun shines

  末 位 淘 汰 (under the new personnel system) the person graded last in the performance evaluation will be laid off from his position

  磨洋工 dawdle along

  摸着石头过河 test each step before taking it;advance cautiously

  默哀 silent tribute

  末班车时间 final vehicle hour

  模仿大赛 look-alike contest

  模拟炒股 simulation stock trading, mock stock trading (Online s imulat ion stock trading games have become a big hit on college campuses.)

  谋事在人,成事在天 "The planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven. / Man proposes, God disposes. "

  目标跟踪雷达 target-tracking radar(TTR)

  目标管理 management by objectives; quota management

  目测 visual range estimation

  幕后操纵 pull strings behind the scenes; wire-pulling

  幕后花絮 behind- the-scenes look

  睦邻友好关系(合作) good-neighborly and friend ly relations (cooperation)

  母乳 breast milk

  穆斯林 Muslim; Moslem

  目无法纪 defy the law ( or standards of discipline)

  母系氏族社会 matriarchal clan society

  牧业税 livestock tax

  母婴传播 mother-baby transmission (mother-to-child HIV transmission)

  纳米 nanometer

  拿腔拿调 speak affectedly

  拿手好戏 masterpiece

  拿手项目 specialty

  纳税人 tax payer; tax bearer

  纳税申报制度 tax declaration system

  纳斯达克 Nat ional Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)

  耐 用 品 durable goods (US orders for durable goods edged up 0.2 percent in November, weaker than expected, according to government data released Thursday. 根据周四发布的政府数据,美国 11 月份收到的耐用品的订单仅上升了 0.2%, 低于预期水平。)

  耐用消费品 durable consumer goods, consumer durables 南北对话 North-South dialogue

  难得糊涂 "Where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise."

  男高音演唱家 tenorist

  难民营 refugee camp

  南南合作 South-South cooperation

  男女同工同酬 equal pay for equal work irrespective of sex

  男权主义思想 male chauvinism

  南水北调 divert water from the south to the north

  南水北调工程 South-to-North water diversion project

  男 性 车 厢 Men-only metro train cars(Seibu Holdings, which runs trains in the Tokyo area, is considering to introduce some carriages reserved for men only. 东京轨交运营商西武集团日前考虑在列车中开设"男性专用车厢"。)

  南巡讲话 South Tour Speeches

  囊括 complete a sweep

  闹情绪 be disgruntled; be in a fit of pique

  内宾 domestic guest

  内当家 wife

  内定 decide internally

  内耗 in-fighting

  内环路 inner ring road

  内联企业 in land associated enterprises

  内联网(计算机) Intranet

  内水 in land waters

  内退 early retirement

  内向型经济 domestically-oriented economy

  内销公寓 apartments leased only to natives

  内置的 built-in (Japanese toy company Tomy released a dig ital camera with a built-in printer. 日本玩具制造商 Tomy 公司推出了一款配备内置打印机的数码相机。) 内地上市公司 main land-listed company

  内 衣 外 穿 underwear as outerwear (As a fashion statement, underwear as outerwear is hardly breaking news; it possesses, as Valerie Steele and Hollander have observed, a long history.)

  内政部长 interior minister (A small plane crashed in Mexico City Tuesday, killing the nation's interior minister and at least 7 others, and setting dozens of cars ablaze. 一架小型客机 4 日晚上在墨西哥首都墨西哥城坠毁,墨西哥内政部长及另外 7 人遇难,并导致数十辆轿车着火。)


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