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  Many people wrongly think that cities don't have farms and that fruits and vegetables are only grown in the country.Believe it or not, there are more and more urban farms popping up in cities all over the world.

  Alexandra Sullivan, a food system researcher in New York City, studies urban agriculture.Urban agriculture is another name for farming and gardening in a city environment.Ms.Sullivan studies everything from tiny gardens in empty lots between buildings to bigger fields that have been planted and grown.According to Ms.Sullivan, “Urban agriculture has existed since cities have, across the world.”

  The number of humans living in urban areas, or cities, is increasing.The amount of people who want to garden in urban areas is also rising.Ms.Sullivan says, “In small gardens, on rooftops and indoors, they grow fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs, and raise animals to produce milk, eggs, honey, and meat.They use these foods as supplements to food produced by rural agriculture.” Even though some people who live in urban areas grow crops, urban residents still need to rely on food grown in rural areas.This is because a city doesn't have enough space to grow enough food for everyone living in it.

  In New York City, urban farmers have come up with many different ways to grow their own produce, even though there isn't a lot of room.For example, Brooklyn Grange is a farming operation that has two rooftop vegetable farms in New York City.All together, the farms are made up of 2.5 acres of rooftop space.This makes Brooklyn Grange one of the largest rooftop farming operations in the world.

  Brooklyn Grange grows all kinds of things.The farming company sells its vegetables to local residents and restaurants.And because the farms are on rooftops, they are specially adapted to their urban location.They use available space that is not needed for anything else.As more urban farmers find ways to grow food in cities, urban residents will be better able to get fresher materials for their meals.


  1.Which of the following is Ms.Sullivan's opinion according to the text?

  A.The number of people living in cities is increasing slowly.

  B.Urban residents still rely on food grown in rural areas completely.

  C.Urban agriculture has a history as long as cities.

  D.Urban agriculture can provide huge income.

  解析:选C 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句“According to Ms.Sullivan, ‘Urban agriculture has existed since cities have, across the world.’”可知,Sullivan女士认为都市农业拥有与城市一样长的历史,故选C。

  2.What does the underlined word “they” in Paragraph 3 refer to?


  B.City residents.

  C.Rural residents.


  解析:选B 代词指代题。根据第三段前两句可知,住在城市里的人的数量在增长,想要在城市里从事园艺的人的数量也在增长,并结合该段Sullivan所说的话可推断they指的是“城市居民”,故选B。

  3.What can we learn about Brooklyn Grange in New York City from the text?

  A.It has large farming areas.

  B.It can only grow single products.

  C.It produces enough food for citizens.

  D.It makes use of rooftop space to grow vegetables.

  解析:选D 细节理解题。根据第四段第二句“For example, Brooklyn Grange is a farming operation that has two rooftop vegetable farms in New York City.”可知,Brooklyn Grange利用屋顶上的空间种植蔬菜,故选D。

  4.What may be the best title for the text?

  A.Farms in Cities

  B.Future Food System

  C.Food Grown in Cities

  D.Agriculture of New York City

  解析:选A 标题归纳题。纵观全文可知,文章主要讲述城市里的都市农场,城市居民利用有限的空间,充分利用屋顶,花园和室内种植蔬菜、水果、谷物和药草,并饲养动物。文章就是围绕城市农场这一中心展开的,因此A项作为标题最合适。


  On June 23, 1970, I had just left the Army after completing my one­year duty in Vietnam. I was on __1__returning home in Texas. I had been warned about the __2__of our fellow countrymen. There was no __3__ welcome for us when we came home from that unpopular war.

  I sat, in uniform, in a window seat,__4__eye contact with my fellow passengers. No one was sitting next to me, which added to my __5__. A little girl suddenly appeared in the passage. She __6__ and, without saying a word,__7__handed me a magazine. I accepted her __8__, her quiet “welcome home.” All I could say was, “Thank you.” Her small gesture of __9__was the first I had experienced in a long time.

  I always believe in the connection between __10__ when they reach out to one another.

  That girl __11__ has no memory of what happened years ago. She might have been told to do that by her mother. It doesn't __12__ why she gave me the magazine. The __13__ thing is what she did.

  Since then, I have followed her example and tried in different ways for different people, to do the __14__ for them. Like me on that plane ride long ago, they will __15__ know why a stranger gave a hand. But I absolutely know that my __16__ since then are all because of that little girl. Her kindness of offering a magazine to a __17__, scared and lonely soldier has been __18__ throughout my life. I have to believe that my small __19__ have the same effect on others. And to that little girl, now a __20__, I would like to say again: thank you.






  解析:选C 根据常识可知从越南回到美国的Texas应该会坐飞机(plane)。下文“on that plane”亦是提示。





  解析:选C 根据下句“when we came home from that unpopular war”可知,“我”曾被警告过我们同胞的不友好(unfriendliness)。





  解析:选A 根据“when we came home from that unpopular war”可知,家乡(hometown)不欢迎我们。





  解析:选D 根据上文的背景可知,“我”穿着制服,坐在靠窗的座位上,避免(avoid)目光和其他乘客接触。

  5.A.pride B.loneliness

  C.anger D.excitement

  解析:选B 没人坐在作者身边,更加增加了作者的孤独(loneliness)。下文“lonely soldier”亦是提示。

  6.A.smiled B.listened

  C.turned D.bent

  解析:选A 一个小女孩突然出现在通道,她微笑(smiled)着,一句话也没说,递给“我”一本杂志。

  7.A.naturally B.proudly

  C.shyly D.worriedly

  解析:选C 根据上文她微笑着,一句话也没说可知,女孩是有些害羞地(shyly)递给“我”一本杂志。

  8.A.offer B.donation

  C.accompany D.contact

  解析:选A 作者接受小女孩的杂志,和女孩小声说的“欢迎回家”。小女孩是主动递给作者杂志的,故选offer符合语境。donation“捐赠”;accompany“陪伴”;contact“联系,接触”。

  9.A.invitation B.sympathy

  C.agreement D.inspiration

  解析:选B 根据上文“No one was sitting next to me”可知,作者长时间没有体会过别人的这份体恤和同情(sympathy)。

  10.A.soldiers B.strangers

  C.families D.girls

  解析:选B 根据上下文可知,作者与这个女孩之间并不认识,是陌生人(stranger)的关系。

  11.A.similarly B.finally

  C.immediately D.undoubtedly

  解析:选D 上文可知,作者参加了一次不得人心的战争,回来的飞机上大家对他都有偏见,这个女孩却对他颇为友好,可见作者认为女孩无疑(undoubtedly)对几年前发生的(关于战争的)事情没有记忆。

  12.A.mean B.operate

  C.matter D.comment

  解析:选C 她给“我”杂志的原因并不重要。it doesn't matter ...意为“……没有关系/不太重要”。

  13.A.memorable B.satisfactory

  C.important D.valuable

  解析:选C 重要的是她所做的,她给了作者一份友善和同情。

  14.A.same B.other

  C.one D.only

  解析:选A 从那时起,“我”以她为榜样,以不同的方式对待不同的人,像那个女孩一样对待他们,do the same这里指的是像女孩一样对身边的人友好。

  15.A.always B.never

  C.happily D.obviously

  解析:选B 就像自己当年在飞机上一样,他们永远不会(never)知道为什么一个陌生人会伸出援助之手。

  16.A.feelings B.ideas

  C.models D.attempts

  解析:选D 但“我”绝对知道,“我”这样努力尝试(attempt)都是因为那个小女孩。

  17.A.busy B.young

  C.excited D.tired

  解析:选D 飞机上作者那时候的情况是一个疲惫(tired)、恐惧和孤独的人。

  18.A.accepted B.spread

  C.honored D.neglected

  解析:选B 根据上文作者也要这样做可知,在作者看来,小女孩对他的这份善举在他的生活中蔓延开来,传播下去,故选spread。

  19.A.actions B.benefits

  C.measures D.sacrifices

  解析:选A 作者相信,自己的小小行为(actions)对别人也有同样的效果。

  20.A.stranger B.wife

  C.mother D.woman

  解析:选D 这么多年过去了,当年的小女孩应该现在是一个女士(woman),作者要对她再说一次谢谢。


  Yu Rong, a Chinese artist, thinks of a new way to introduce __1__ ancient story of Hua Mulan in her picture book. In the book, I Am Hua Mulan, she tells the story by __2__ (combine) paper­cutting with international artistic styles. She places Shaanxi paper­cuts over western­style pencil sketches (素描) __3__ (create) a typical presentation of Chinese elements (元素), which turns out to be a __4__ (success) and impressive breakthrough.

  Hua Mulan, __5__ story has been told by generations in China, is a fighter from the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). As a devoted daughter, she dressed herself as a man to serve in the army __6__ place of her father. Mulan's characteristics, such as courage, kindness and a disinterested attitude toward fame and fortune, made __7__ (she) one of the most respected historical Chinese heroines. Mulan's story has been adapted __8__ ( frequent) in modern media, including TV shows, video games and literature. For example, in 1998, Disney produced a film named Mulan, which __9___ (consider) a great success by critics and the public.

  To better tell the story, Yu Rong takes inspiration from her several __10__ (visit) to sites of ancient battles and Henan Province's Yuju Opera. After years of preparation she finally makes this extraordinary work.


  1.the 考查冠词。此处指关于花木兰的古老故事,表示特指用定冠词,故填the。

  2.combining 考查非谓语动词。介词后应用动名词形式,故填combining。

  3.to create 考查非谓语动词。此处需用动词不定式表示目的,她把陕西剪纸放在西式素描上是为了创造出有典型中国元素的一种画作呈现形式,故填to create。

  4.successful 考查形容词。and连接并列结构,后面是形容词impressive(印象深刻的),空格处需填successful,一起修饰breakthrough。

  5.whose 考查定语从句。花木兰是先行词,在定语从句中做story的定语,故填whose。

  6.in 考查介词。in place of是固定短语,意为“替代”,故填in。

  7.her 考查代词。动词后用代词的宾格,故填her。

  8.frequently 考查副词。修饰动词adapted,应用副词,故填frequently。

  9.was considered 考查动词的时态和语态。which指代a film,与consider之间为被动关系,再结合时间状语“in 1998”可知用一般过去时的被动语态,故填was considered。

  10.visits 考查名词复数。several后应接可数名词复数,故填visits。