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  (1) What kind of job would you most like to have?


  The lind of job that allows flexible work time and involves challenge. I’m the type of person who works to live. Flexible work hours allow me to balance my life and work. And a job without challenge will be tedious. I can’t stand it.

  (2) What are the main products made in your home town?


  They are electronic products and sports wear.

  (3) How important do you think suitable packaging is for products?


  Suitable packaging can easily catch customers’ eyes out of a wide variey of products on supermarket shelves, and persuade customers to make their mind to buy a product.

  (4) What attracts you to buy particular products?


  I’m usually attracted by prices of the products.

  (5) What type of business in general do you think will be most successful in the future?


  They are high-tech business, banks and insurance companies.


  Task Sheet One

  A. What is important when…?

  Advertising a product or service 给产品或服务做广告时,应注意哪些要点?

  l Appropriate media 恰当的媒体

  l Competition 竞争


  When advertiseing a product or service, it is important to select appropriate media. There are broadcast meida such as television, radio and there are printing media such as newspapers, magazines and direct mails. When selecting appropriate media, the company should consider the range of audiences each medium reaches and the costs of each medium and then choose one medium or media which can best accomplish the communication objectives of informing, persuading, and reminding potential customers of the product or service.

  Competition is an important factor in deciding whether to advertise a product or service. When a company faces sharp competition, it may decide to advertise its products or services because advertising can improve brand awareness. Generally speaking, customers tend to buy products they have heard before or seen on television.

  In addition, it is also important to decide what is the target market of the product or service. The advertisement the company uses should match the size, geographic distribution and demographic characteristics of the target market.




  B. What is important when…?

  Preparing to attend a conference 出差开会前需做哪些准备?

  l Information about the speakers 有关发言人的信息

  l Planning the journey 计划行程

  When preparing to attend a conference, it is important to get the information about the speakers beforehand. It may help you to know better about the purpose and content of the conference by getting information about their areas of specialization and expertise as well as the topics they are going to talk about. In this way, you can make more of the conference. It can also give you the opportunity to network with some of them before, during, and after the event.

  Careful planning of the journey is also important. A well-planned itinerary can help you manage your time in an efficient way. This may include deciding date of travel, choosing the right means of transport, advanced booking of accommodation for deals and discounts to reduce costs, etc.

  Another important thing is to delegate essential tasks. This ensures that important work is not interrupted when you are away and things go on normally to avoid any delay.




  B. What is important when…?

  Setting targets 设立目标时需注意哪些要点?

  l Staff morale 员工士气

  l Planning 规划

  When setting targets, it’s important to consider staff morale. An unsupported target is doomed to be a failure. The fulfillment and success of a target depends on all staff. Just as the Chinese saying goes,” The fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it”. Staff morale undoubtedly produces positive motivation.

  Besides staff morale, planning should be taken into consideration too. Just as a powerful company develops from a small business, targets should be planned from the small one to the big one, from the easy to the tough, since many a little makes a mickle.

  Furthermore targets should be set according to such realities of the company as financial state, current operation, technology level, talents availability, etc., since they determine whether a target is reasonable or not and are crucial to the feasibility and success of a target set.




  Task Sheet Two

  A. What is important when…?

  Managing staff 管理员工需要注意哪些要点?

  l Motivation 激励

  l Experience 经验

  When managing staff, it’s important to consider motivation. Motivated employees are crucial to a company’s success, just like the importance of lube to the smooth operation of a machine. Figuring out how to motivate the staff can turn all employees into higher performers, thus contributing to the overy all growth of the company.

  Besides motivation, experience plays an important role in managing staff. Experience will show you how to tailor your communication style to fit employees’ individual needs, how to keep staff motivated and productive, how to make employees feel valued and promising and so on.

  In addition to motivation and experience, personal quality should not be neglected. As a successful manager, he/she needs to be honest and upright, fair and square, eloquent and powerful, amiable and considerate.




  B What is important when…?

  Attracting investment 吸引投资时需考虑哪些要点?

  l Strategic planning 战略规划

  l Public relations 公共关系

  Strategic planning is a must when attracting investment. By careful strategic planning, the company can have a clear idea if the investment is needed or not and how it can benefit the company. This can help decide the scale and structure of investment so as to achieve the maximum of benefits at the minimum of cost.

  Public relations can have a great role to play in attracting investment. By putting the company’s business insights into more easily understandable terms and communicating positive and accurate information concerning preferential conditions, channels and good returns for the investment, public relations can promote the company image to capture investors’ interest.

  Investment environment is also important. Whether infrastructure and management are good or not will attract or reject investment.






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