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  1. What do you think is the most common mistakes that parents make in the process of raising kids?

  Well, from my perspective, it is totally a mistake for parents to be arbitrary when dealing things with their children. They don’t listen to their children’s any opinions and always regard themselves right because they are older and have more experience than their kids. However, children who can’t express themselves freely will gradually become submissive and faint-hearted. In addition, as children are always neglected by their most intimate parents, they will feel no respects from the wiseacres and lose their sense of security and furthermore, the relationship among children and parents will be very tense.

  2. What do you think about smart phones to students? Here are three benefits of smart phones to students, which do you think is good to students?

  1)taking photos 2)listen to music 3)recording courses

  In my opinion, recording lectures is definitely the most useful and only useful function for students among these three options; To begin with, there are a great number of lectures and courses for students to learn in the campus, and students cannot understand everything fully if they just listen once, so it is necessary to record and play back so that students won’t feel stressful if they miss certain points in the class; On the other hand, the functions of listening to music or taking photos can be distracting to students and wouldn’t be helpful to their study, while I believe the major task for students in the campus is to learn.

  3. How do you usually reward yourself after hard work?

  Traveling. It’s a good way to get refreshed and relaxed especially when I feel stressed out after a long period of exhausting work. For example, in the end of each semester, I pay a visit to some new places like some northern cities in China with my classmates after each final exam, which greatly help us get rid of the tiredness and strengthen the friendship among us. We also expand our horizon by travelling to some places new and meeting people with different backgrounds. We have a better understanding of customs, cultures and local people living there.

  4. Things keep changing. Describe one thing you think you would never do ten years ago.

  Honestly speaking, the thing I think I would never do ten years ago is to study in America for my further education. Ten years ago, when I was a child, I dreamed to study in one of the top schools in my country, especially the universities in Beijing, since it’s generally believed that being in one of the top schools in China means that I can find a decent job after graduation. However, ten years later, now I chose to study in American for my university education because I think the education in America is the most developed in the world and I hope to broaden my horizons and experience the other culture rather than just stay at home.

  5. Which one do you think is the most important in protecting the environment? 1) government 2) organization 3) individual efforts

  I think that government is the most important. First, government has legislative power, which means they can make environmental laws and regulations to reduce pollution. Policy like the odd-even plate number restriction has been really effective in reducing emissions on the street. Second, government is financially capable in spending money on the development of the public transportation system. If there were sufficient subway or bus lines in the city, with low fee and a comfortable sitting environment, who would bother to take a taxi or drive a car?

  6. When you take a trip, do you prefer to just look around, or do you prefer to take pictures and keep a journal?

  I prefer to take pictures and keep a journal. Often, I’m having such fun and everything happens so fast, it kind of becomes a blur. I would hate to forget the funny old bookstore I spontaneously visited for five minutes. Taking photos helps me keep the events organized and the memories clear. What also helps is keeping a travel journal. At the end of each day of my trip, I like to jot down quick notes about the moments of my day. That way, I remember everything. It makes the events read like a story. Years later, the fun details of my trip will still be crystal clear.

  7. Your friend is considering getting a new pet. What kind of animal would you suggest and why?

  Well, I would suggest my friend raise a dog for the following two reasons. First of all, raising a dog, you would have a companion and would not feel lonely. Dogs love spending time with their masters. They play with you or just snuggle on the couch while you are watching TV. You will feel happy to have your loyal partner around you at all times. Second, raising a dog motivates you to do more exercises. Walks in the park, hiking in the woods are the things dogs love to do with their owners. It greatly promotes your health since you are doing exercise outdoor while you are walking your dogs.

  8. Which of the following three would you choose to do in summer vacation? Working as a librarian, painter in an art center, or life guard in the natatorium?

  Personally, I would like to work as a librarian at the front desk. First of all, I enjoy the quietness and peace in the library, and when I am not busy I can read books and have access to other kinds of materials in the library. By doing this, I can use my time more productively. Additionally, I like to help others directly, and I get a sense of accomplishment when I can help others to find the book they need. I am very quick with alphabetical order and numbers, so I will be very efficient as a librarian.

  9. Some professors prefer to give regular quizzes. Some prefer to give surprising quizzes. Please talk about the advantages and/or disadvantages of surprising quizzes. Please use details and examples to explain why.

  When it comes to advantages of surprise test, the most obvious one is that it can show the real learning situation of students. Through this way, professors can know how much students really absorb and how well they learn. If a student performs well in surprise tests, it means she pays effort to review regularly and he deserves to get a higher score in final grade. Plus, professors can also adjust their classes based on students’ performance. But it does have some disadvantages. Some students, they just need more time to digest what they have learned. Others may be shocked and feel nervous, which will also influence their results. So it may not be fair enough to all students.

  10. Your friend often feels nervous when speaking in front of a large group of people. What suggestions would you give to your friend to overcome this fear?

  I would give my friend the following suggestions. First, relax your body before going on the stage. Easing the tension from your body can help steady your voice and relax your mind. Activities like stretching your arms or legs, or even simple things like chewing a gum a little bit can help to reduce tension in the body. Second, I would recommend my friend to watch a comedy on the morning of the day before the speech. Laughing will take your mind off your nervousness. For example, my favorite comedy is “The Big Bang Theory”, and I often watch it when I get nervous. It worked every time!

  11. Your friend wants to learn cooking. What suggestions can you give him?

  If my friend wants to learn cooking, I would suggest that he start by using recipes then later experiment with simple substitutions. First, it is essential to develop a good understanding of how cooking works. The best way to do that is with proven recipes. My friend should follow them exactly to make delicious food. After my friend has used many recipes, he will know what ingredients are used in certain types of food. Then he can be creative. Therefore, I would tell my friend to start learning to cook by using recipes and later making simple changes to those recipes.

  12. Some people prefer to make friends with people who are of the same age. Other people prefer to make friends with people who are of different ages. Which one do you prefer? And Why?

  I think it is better to make friends with people who are different ages than make friends only with people who are the same age. Older people have seen changes in the world that I have not. It is interesting to hear about events that I read about in history books. Friends of other generations make the past real. We can also use our friends' experiences to help solve problems. Older people can teach me about things that I have not yet undergone, and in turn, I can teach younger people. If friends are the same age, we have less diversity to draw upon when facing new experiences. Therefore, I think that it is best to have friends who are not the same age.

  13. The government has a limited budget. Which of the following do you think is the most important field to invest that money in?

  If the government has a limited budget, I think it should invest the money in education, because that creates a solid foundation for all other fields to build upon. It is essential to have a population that is able to read, write, and do mathematics. Without those skills, people cannot solve even basic problems like calculating the amount of material they need to build something or read the label on a package. It is also impossible for a country to advance without an educated population. Fields such as health care and space exploration will crumble because people will not have the skills to do research and invent new things.

  14. Nowadays robots are widely used in the society. What are the benefits and risks of this?

  We know that robots have a great importance in our lives. However, as a coin has 2 sides, robots also have benefits and risks. Robots can replace human to take some dangerous jobs. For example, if an earthquake happened, a kind of snake-like shape robot could enter the ruins to find people who are still alive. In this situation, sending people to search survivals are too dangerous. On the other hand, using robots would increase the unemployment rate. Because if robots do more work, there would be less jobs for people. So we should rationally look at robots.

  15. If you were to do a project, which of the following would you choose? 1)A recycle program 2)Teaching children about vegetable growing 3)Teaching children about healthy eating

  The three projects are all interesting, but if I were asked to pick up one, I would say, teaching children about vegetable growing. Because it can teach children to treasure food. When I was a child, my teacher led us to a farm nearby our school. The farm workers taught us how to put the seeds into the soil, and how to water the seeds. After we tried, the workers told us that we all did wrong. Because we compacted the soil and put too much water. It's really hard to control. Since then, I know I shouldn't waste any food.

  16. Which of the following do you think is the most important for a good work environment? 1) good colleagues 2) flexible time 3) good leader?

  The three aspects are all important for a good work environment, but if I were asked which is the most important element, I would say, the flexible time. Because it can make me be free of traffic problems. For example, my company doesn’t carry out the flexible time, so I have to go to office at 8 o'clock. One day, I went to the bus station, and there were so many people. I took 30 minutes to wait for a bus, and even worse, I met a traffic jam. When I arrived, it was already 10 o'clock. The peaking time is quite horrible in Beijing, and you can actually feel your dignity flowing away.

  17. Talk about a recent event or celebration you went to. Do you think that everyone who went there had a good time?

  I attended my mom's birthday 2 weeks ago. Everyone had a good time. Because we hadn't seen each other for a long time. I study away from my home, and my parents often travel on business. So it's really hard for us to see each other. But on my mom 's birthday, we got together at home, celebrating for my mom. Usually, we sat around the table and I told them about my life in the university. It couldn't be better that I can share my happiness with them. I'm sure everyone had an enjoyable time.

  18. Children need to learn to cooperate and get along with others when they grow up. Please give examples of how adults can help them acquire those skills.

  I think a good way to teach children to cooperate is to set the rules together. This does not signify that a parent needs to comply with the demands of their children. Kids need an opportunity to tell their parents what they think and feel about the rules and regulations they are inclined to set. When this happens, kids are more likely to comply with the rules. I truly believe that when a child is asked what he or she feels about the rules or limits, the child feels that he has some sense of control of what is going on. When the child feels that he has some sense of control in a situation, the child is more willing to cooperate and comply.

  19. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of letting students evaluate their professor at the end of the semester.

  I can’t agree more with the statement that students should evaluate their professor at the end of the semester. First of all, such evaluation can help the professors reflect on their work. Considering the diverse characteristics of students and the changing education backgrounds, in order to cater to all the students, the professor is supposed to update their teaching style regularly. The evaluation from the students provides the professor with the opportunity to examine whether their teaching methodology is suitable for most of the students. Like is there some knowledge to be put much more emphasis or to be omitted? Afterwards, the professor can definitely improve.

  20. Do you prefer to prepare something a lot of time before deadline or wait until the last minute before deadline? Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  I would try to start a project as early as possible. Because an early-start leaves us sufficient time and energy to improve and revise, so the quality of the project could be better guaranteed; an early start also allows us to follow a systematic plan and enjoy an unhurried schedule. Actually, I used to procrastinate a lot, and a lousy time management only leads to bad consequence. I remember I was once invited to attend a high-level school presentation contest. So many things were distracting me at the time and I waited until the night before the deadline to start writing my speech, and the result was a nightmare. My mind went blank automatically when I was on the stage, which was totally embarrassing.


  1. With the new technologies, we now have electric books and internet. Someone thinks that someday the library will totally disappear. What is your opinion?

  I think it is absolutely necessary to have libraries. Firstly, although it is true that electronic books have become increasingly popular, some people still keep the habit of reading paper books. They may find it is easier for them to concentrate or make marks when they are reading. Thus, the library remains a crucial part in readers’ life, since it can provide a huge range of choices for book worms. Besides, the library is not only a place for people to read books, but also to do other activities. For example, students always choose to study in the library. Other people may stay in the library, just to enjoy the quiet atmosphere and to find their inner peace.

  2. Do you agree with the following statement? School should be responsible to teach students moral values. State your opinion and explain why.

  From my point of view, I do believe it is crucial for schools to have moral value lessons, such as teaching students to be honest. There are two reasons. Firstly, these classes are beneficial to the society. The essence of education is never solely academic study. As a matter of fact, the most significant part is teaching students how to be a moral person. Only this way, a student can grow up to be a useful man to the whole society. Besides, young adults are usually very vulnerable and easily affected by bad influences. Schools have the responsibility to teach them right and wrong and help them to live a meaningful life ever since.

  3. Some people prefer to make detailed plans for the future. Others prefer to concentrate on present things and don't make any plans at all. Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your answer.

  I like to make plans for the future. I want to have the sense that there's something on the horizon, whether it's a class I'm going to take or some location 1 want to travel to. Even if 1 don't have enough money for a vacation right now, just doing the research about place like France makes the idea of visiting it seems exciting. Don't get me wrong. I love living in the moment, but plans are very important, too. They can provide a certain structure and hope, something to look forward to and feel good about.

  4. Do you like to decorate your room with objects like paintings and pictures or leave the wall blank and simple?

  In my opinion, leaving the wall blank and simple is more suited to me, the reasons are as follows. To begin with, it is simple and clean. To me, when considering decorating a room, being luxurious or complex is the least favorable option, because that will make it less appealing to me. While a simple and clean decoration is definitely more inviting and relaxing. Moreover, I can use the empty space in a functional way. For example, I can put on whiteboard to write things on and use it as a daily reminder, or I can simply set up a bookcase for storing things such as books and daily necessities.

  5. Your local community center wants to add some new workshops or programs for children, which of the following do you think would be the most beneficial for children's development?

  1) Arts craft workshop

  2) Technology workshop

  3) Athletic programs

  Among all three workshops and programs, I believe that the art craft workshop will be the most influential for children’s development for two reasons. First, it is usually easier for children to cultivate their talent in art at a younger stage since most children are extremely creative when they are little. Such creativity is critical for learning and appreciating art and could gradually decrease as time goes by. Therefore, it is the best to offer such an opportunity to utilize their advantages. Also, it is important to be able to develop their own taste in art. Art is like a language and with it, children will be able to express and perceive emotions in a different way.

  6. The student is asked to write final project about the famous Historical City Which you're located in. Which one do you choose?

  A. video the famous building

  B. visit the old people

  C. Research and write paper

  Personally speaking, I choose to visit the old people. And I have two reasons. First, old people know local history and cultures. Young people like me have little understanding of the local people, culture and history. Visiting the old will give me a good chance to know how local people live, what their traditions and lifestyles are. Also, old people who have experienced a lot can tell us the unique or specific historical and cultural spots of the city, which we cannot see through TV or on the Internet. Old people are like a bridge between the city and its history. They help others know better about the city. And that’s why I choose to visit the old people.

  7. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Teachers should make their lessons fun.

  I definitely think that teachers should make their lessons fun. The main reason is that if lessons are fun, students will want to learn. When students enjoy their lessons, they are more likely to come to class, talk to their classmates, and do their homework. From my experience as a student, I know this is true. I never used to like studying world history because I always had boring teachers. But a few years ago I had a professor who always delivered creative and fun lessons. I loved studying with him, and so did my classmates, and by the end of the semester we had learned so much.

  8. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Power and money is the symbol of success.

  I disagree with this. Of course, it can be very nice to have power and money. Some people out there have the whole package: power, money, family, good health, and so on. They could definitely be called successful in their life. But to aim for only power and money seems kind of shortsighted. I’ve known too many cold, shallow people who have a good job and are quite wealthy, but shut out others and don’t even seem to enjoy themselves. They become selfish and strange and still oddly unsatisfied. Meanwhile, there are many people who may not be rich, but they make the best out of everything. They find joy in their loved ones and hobbies. When they do have money to spare, they appreciate it. They’re happy, and I think that’s what tru e success is.

  9. Some people like to have a break or get a job during summer vacation. Others think it is better to take a class. Which do you prefer and why?

  I try to take on a part-time job during my summer vacations, if I can. It’s just always helpful to get the work experience and keep myself on some sort of productive schedule. I’m much less likely to take a class during the summer. I’m often so exhausted from all the homework and tests and papers from the school year that I truly need to get away from it for a while. I need to recharge. That way, I can start the new school year with a good attitude, not feeling like I’m going to crash and burn immediately. So my summers are an easy blend of relaxing and working a simple job.

  10. Do you like to be taught by experienced teachers or by new teachers?

  I think in most cases I would like to be taught by a veteran teacher rather than a rookie teacher. Think about visiting a dentist or seeking advice from an attorney, I'm sure many people would prefer the most experienced because they are more likely to possess well-developed skills and hands-on experience to provide what you need. New teachers may be well trained in terms of teaching methodology, but it is only through the real-world application of these theories that teachers reach their full potential, and that takes time. My own experience also proves this.

  11. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement that it is okay for professors to forbid students to record lectures?

  I think the school should allow students to take records of professors’ lectures. The most important reason is that this may help students to master what they have learnt. Sometimes students may not fully get or understand the key points professors have told us. Thus, after class, if having the records, students may listen to the lecture again and again, review and digest the key knowledge stressed in class. However, if without such records, they may not have the chance to review the knowledge or solve their puzzle. When it comes exams, maybe it will be the nightmare! Thus, I think taking records shouldn’t be banned.

  12. Some people believe that the library should be a place for students to have meetings and discussions, while others believe that the library is supposed to be a quiet place where students can focus on their study. Which one do you prefer and why?

  I think that libraries should be quiet places where students can focus on their study. If libraries regularly host meetings and discussions, there will be even fewer public places where a person can really concentrate than there are now. Some students have the luxury of quiet rooms in their homes, but many students share bedrooms with siblings or live in apartments filled with outside noise. These students are at a serious disadvantage and should be allowed to study in peace in a library so that they can remain academically competitive with their peers.

  13. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It's never too late to obtain the college degree, no matter how old you are.

  I agree with the statement that it is never too late to obtain a college degree. Even if a person is well into retirement age, there are benefits from obtaining a degree because degrees are not just useful for getting a job. Getting a college degree helps the person remain mentally engaged. Older people face the very real threat of forgetfulness or dementia. Taking courses towards a degree keeps the mind active and challenged. Also, older people often face the problems of isolation and lack of initiative once they retire. Participating in college discussions and projects encourages interaction with other students, so a person striving for a college degree remains socially engaged as well.

  14. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents should discourage children from choosing a career that is less likely to be successful, such as in athletics or in the entertainment industry.

  I disagree with the statement. Instead, I think that parents should encourage their children in the most suitable fields for that child. Every child is different. Although it is true that most children may not be fit for athletics, there are some children who are. Parents of such a child should not automatically discourage the child from a sports career just because it is difficult. It is better to help that child succeed in a more unconventional job that matches his or her skills.

  15. Some people play games for enjoyment. Others play games in order to win. Which do you prefer and why?

  I love playing basketball with my friends, but I play it just for enjoyment. Because it is really exciting. On the weekend, my friends and I usually play three on three on the basketball court. As a point guard, I would organize every attack. When I focus attention on getting points, it feels like there are nothing I cannot do, which makes me feel relax. I really enjoy the moment that the basketball drops into the net. It couldn't be better that I can share the happiness with my friends.

  16. Are the living standards of people today better than the past? Give details and examples to support your response.

  It’d undeniable that the living conditions of people today are better than previous generations. Technology has made that totally possible. For example, probably one the biggest advancements within the past hundred years is the treatment of water and the ability to have clean drinking water for many more places. Whereas previously people used wells and tried to heat and boil water in order to clean it by themselves, now there are water treatment facilities. This helps people avoid diseases and actually live healthier and better lives.

  17. Some people like to buy new and expensive books while others prefer to buy old and cheap ones. Which would you prefer?

  I prefer old, cheap books over new, expensive ones for two reasons. First, I save money, because buyers of a book's first publication usually pay more, because they can be the first to claim they have a copy of the book. Additional advertising, marketing, and publishing costs are included in the price of the first books printed. However, I can sa1e money by waiting a few weeks until the book is available to check out from my public library, or I can borrow it from someone else that has already purchased and read it. Also, I save money if I find the book at a used book store, garage sale, flea market, or EBay. Second, if I wait to purchase a book at a lower cost, I can buy extra ones.

  18. When things at home such as furniture or electrical appliances are broken, some people prefer to have them repaired in a shop, while others prefer to fix them at home. Which do you prefer and why?

  From my perspective, I definitely prefer to have them repaired in a shop, because it can save my time. Once my laptop had a blue screen. Although I spent 2 hours on repairing it, it still didn't work. Then I went to the computer shop o ask for help. A very kind assistant checked the system and told me the problem. After just 20 minutes, my laptop worked properly. If I had known the assistant could fix it so quickly, I wouldn't repair it by myself.

  19. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement that people's personalities will change when they grow older?

  Personally, I am in favor that people's personalities change overtime. This happens because throughout one's lifetime one has lots of experience, including success and failures, as no one grows up in a vacuum. For example, Things that were important to you when you were a kid are not so important when you are older. Like, you might be afraid to be judged and finger pointed when you were a kid, however, as you grow older, you might gain self-confidence gradually and don't care about others' judgment anymore.

  20. Some people like participating in performance like theatrical or musical show. Others prefer to be in audience watching those plays. Which do you prefer?

  Personally, I prefer to participate in the performance. Compared with being an audience, being an actress in the show gives me more senses of achievement. And during the rehearsal, I can learn many useful things, such as teamwork, hardworking, persistence, and skills about how to deal with interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, I am an outgoing person and I am willing to show myself in public. So performing a theatrical or musical show not only allows me to do what I really want, but also gives me a chance to demonstrate myself.



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