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  1. insurance保险

  Police investigating a £10 million car insurance fiddle arrested 16 people yesterday. 调查涉及1,000万英镑的汽车保险诈骗案的警察昨天逮捕了16人。

  2. contract合约

  That contract proved to be a millstone around his neck. 那个合同结果成了他的一个负担。

  3. verbal agreement 口头协议

  I wrote a memorandum to confirm our verbal agreement. 我写了份备忘录以确认我们的口头协议.

  4. repay 偿还

  5. interest利息

  Hopes of an early cut in interest rates bolstered confidence. 利率有望早日下调,从而增强了人们的信心。

  6. merchant 商人

  The ride was smooth until they got into the merchant ship's wake. 航行一直很顺利,直到他们碰上了商船的尾流。

  7. merchandise商品

  8. purchase采购

  9. retail零售

  10. debt 债务

  11. establishment公司(机构)

  12. commercial商业的(商业广告)

  There has always been a difference between community radio and commercial radio. 社区广播电台和商业广播电台一直是有区别的。

  13. infomercial电视广告

  14. advertising广告

  15. marketing营销

  16. marketing strategy市场营销策略

  17. target marketing 目标营销

  Personalization, one - to - one marketing, target marketing – whatever you call it, the concept is not new. 个性化营销 、 一对一营销 、 目标营销——无论你怎么称呼它, 这都不再是一个新概念了.

  18. monopoly垄断

  Had he succeeded, he would have acquired a monopoly. 要是他当时成功了,他就会取得垄断地位。

  19. trust托拉斯(一种垄断组织)

  20. manufacture 制造

  The date of manufacture of the jewellery has not been authenticated. 这些珠宝的制造日期尚未经证实.

  21. powerplant 发电厂

  22. mill 工厂

  The mill was started up with scab labor. 罢工期间有人坚持上工,使得工厂重新开始运转。

  23. company/firm/corporation 公司

  24. lawfirm 律师事务所

  25. label 标签

  26. cost-effective 性价比高的

  The government said it wanted to overhaul the employment training scheme to make it cost effective. 政府表示希望彻底改革就业培训计划以实现低成本高效益。

  27. consumer/client/customer 顾客、客户

  28. cost 成本

  29. profit利润

  30. profitable有利可图的

  31. revenue收益

  A government's revenue and expenditure should be balanced. 政府的财政收入和支出要平衡.

  32. increment(名)增长

  Each increment of knowledge tells us more of our world. 知识的点滴增长都会增进我们对世界的认知。

  33. financial财务的

  34. currency货币

  .Inflation has turned the rouble into a toytown currency. 通货膨胀使得卢布变成了毫无价值的货币。

  35. circulation流通

  The supply of money in circulation was drastically reduced overnight. 流通领域的货币供应量一夜骤减。

  36. banking银行业务

  37. broker经纪人

  He was a high-earning broker with money to burn. 他是高收入的经纪人,有花不完的钱。

  38. fund 资金

  39. grant津贴

  She won a grant to develop her own business. 她赢得了一笔拨款,用以扩展自己的企业。

  40. subsidize(动)补助

  Many universities subsidize research and publications. 许多大学资助研究和出版.

  41. value价值

  42. valuable有价值的

  43. invaluable无价的,非常有价值的

  44. valueless一文不值的

  45. loss损失

  46. supply and demand 供求

  47. supply chain供应链

  48. supplier 供应商

  49. fluctuation 浮动

  The erratic fluctuation of market prices is in consequence of unstable economy. 经济波动致使市场物价忽起忽落。

  50. recession 衰退

  The economy remains deep in recession with few signs of a pick-up. 经济仍深陷衰退之中,几乎没有好转的迹象。

  51. depression 萧条

  52. crisis危机

  The government is taking emergency action to deal with a housing crisis. 政府正采取紧急措施解决住房危机。

  53. PR(public relation)公共关系

  54. survey 调查

  55. poll 投票

  56. surplus 剩余

  Japan is in the enviable position of having a budget surplus. 日本的预算盈余令人羡慕。

  57. productivity生产力

  Wages were rising faster than productivity and this was eating into profits. 工资的涨幅高过了生产率增长的速度,从而消耗了利润所得。

  58. shipment 运输

  59. distribution 分布

  The cocaine was ready for distribution. 那些可卡因已经准备好进行分销了。

  60. franchise 特许经营

  61. budget 预算

  The Budget does expose the lies ministers were telling a year ago. 预算案无疑揭穿了部长们一年前所说的谎话。

  62. NGO( non-government organization) 非政府组织

  63. NPO(non-profit organization) 非营利组织

  64. charity慈善

  65. privatize 私有化;privatization

  66. nationalize(动)国有化;nationalization

  67. localize(动)本地化;localization

  68. state-owned 国有的

  Non-state firms gradually elbow aside the inefficient state-owned ones. 非国有企业逐渐挤掉了效率低下的国有企业。

  69. R&D (research and development) 研发

  It is the end product of exhaustive research and development. 这是全面研发后的最终成品。

  70. accounting 会计

  71. merge 并购

  Many companies merge and few demerge. 有很多公司合并,而分立的却很少。



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