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  1.Mary regretted (  )to John's birthday party last Sunday.

  A.not going

  B.not to go

  C.not having been going

  D.not to be going

  【答案】A。本题考查动名词用法。regret后面要跟动名词作宾语,regret(not)doing sth.

  2.The famous novel is said (  )into Chinese.

  A.to have translated

  B.to be translate

  C.to have been translated

  D.to translate


  3.It (  )me as an uphill battle, simply because it is an awkward and time-consuming process.

  A. appears

  B. occurs

  C. strikes

  D. hits

  【答案】C。单词用法。A和B都是不及物动词,如:it occurs to sb.(that)想起,想到,如:It had never occurred to him that he might be falling in love with her.他从未想过会爱上她。hit敲打,打击;strike给…留下印象,感动,固定搭配:it strikes sb.that给某人留下…印象,想起。

  4.I believe you have (  )some important points in the report.

  A.left alone

  B.left behind

  C.left off

  D.left out

  【答案】D。短语辨析。leave alone让…独自呆着;leave behind不带,忘了带;leave off停止,中断,如:It’s time to leave off worlk.该下班了。Leave out忽略,遗漏,如:But hang on a minute…Do you think I might have left anything out?请稍等会儿,你认为我遗漏了什么吗?

  5.The fisherman, (  )poor, could not buy another boat.





  【答案】C,本题考查分词短语作原因状语的用法。因为The man is poor.是主动关系,所以用现在分词。

  6.Three people, (  ), were injured in the accident.

  A.including a child

  B.include a child

  C.included a child

  D.includes a child


  7.They discussed the problem three or four times, but could come to no (  ).

  A. end

  B. conclusion

  C. result


  【答案】B。come to conclusion得出结论,为固定搭配。come to no conclusion未得出结论。

  8.Every year when the flu is (  )I'm bound to get sick.

  A.getting around

  B.coming around

  C.hanging around

  D.going around

  【答案】D。短语辨析。get around走动,游览;come around苏醒,复原;hang around闲荡,闲呆着;go around流传;如:If one child gets flu,it seems to go around the entire school within a week.如果一个学生得了流感,那么一周内这个学校的学生都有可能被感染。

  9.Her suggestion that everybody (  )was not appreciated.

  A.sing a song

  B.sang a song

  C.sung a song

  D.singing a song


  10.The experiment, (  )will soon be announced, was done by my colleagues.

  A.whose results

  B.the results on which

  C.at which the results

  D.of whose results

  【答案】A。本题考查定语从句。关系代词whose在从句中作results的定语,相当于of which。

  11.The new English dictionary I bought yesterday (  )me almost twenty yuan.

  A. spent

  B. paid

  C. cost

  D. took

  【答案】C。同义词辨析。spend花费(时间、金钱等),主语是人,如:They spent the whole day playing computer games.他们一整天都在玩电脑游戏。pay付款,有利,值得,如:Can I pay by cheque?我可以用支票付吗?cost(使)花费,主语为物,如:The watch cost me RMB 3,000.这表花了我3,000元人民币。take花费(时间、金钱等),主语为物,如:It took US five hours to repair the car.修车花了我们5个小时。

  12.What he is (  )is neither money nor fame, but the satisfaction of seeing his students grow up as builders of socialism.

  A.in pursuit of

  B.looking after

  C.trying to do


  【答案】A。本题考查近义词组辨析。in pursuit of“追求,追逐”;look after“照顾,照料”;try to do“尽力做”;advocate“提倡,鼓吹”。

  13.There is an old saying which goes, "Never (  )until tomorrow what you can do today."

  A.put aside

  B.put up

  C.put off

  D.put away

  【答案】C。4本题考查动词搭配。put off“推迟,拖延”;put aside“节省(钱、时间),撇开,置之不理”;put up“举起,张贴”;put away“储存(钱);储存…备用”。

  14.He has (  )the army for ten years and is now an officer.

  A.gone into

  B.joined in

  C.been in

  D.come into

  【答案】C。本题考查动词短语和动词延续性。尽管join in the army也可表示“参军”,但它表示参军的动作,是短暂性的,不可以和一段时间连用。要与一段时间连用,就要采用“be+形容词或副词或介词短语”的形式。再如leave是短暂性动词,和一段时间连用要换成“be away”。

  15.She is such a (  )person, always asking how I'm feeling.

  A. considerable

  B. considering

  C. considered

  D. considerate


  16.It is said that he (  )a murder.

  A. committed

  B. conducted

  C. executed

  D. emitted

  【答案】A。本题考查动词辨析。commit“犯(错误、罪);做(坏事);犯(法)”,如commit a murder“杀人”,commit a crime“犯罪”;conduct“引导;实施;表现;为人”;execute“执行,实行,完成,处死”;emit“发出,发射”。

  17.Not a single word (  )all morning.

  A.did he say

  B.he said

  C.said he

  D.does he say


  18. (  )he will come or not is unknown.

  A. If

  B. Whether



  【答案】B。本题考查连词的用法。引导主语从句并和or not连用的是whether。

  19.Only residents here enjoy the (  )of using this parking lot.

  A. privilege

  B. possibility

  C. favor

  D. right


  20.Only 11 people (  )the shipwreck.

  A.survived after

  B.survived through

  C.were survived


  【答案】D。本题考查动词搭配。survive sth.“经历…后依然活着,幸存,经受得住”,是及物动词,所以后面无需跟介词。

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