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  1. You should keep calm during your _______ test. Do not be nervous.

  A. oral B.platform C.rude D.shield

  2. Our guide gave us a detailed _______ of this painting but we still do not understand.

  A. authority B.interpretation C.instruction D.institution

  3. Our _______ is London. But the plane took us to Paris.

  A. departure B.donkey C.destination D.discount

  4. Generally speaking, there is always a generation _______ in every country.

  A. gap B.break C.globe D.equality

  5. Careful planning and hard work will _______ our final success.

  A. enclose B.ensure C.discharge D.deny

  6. He _______ to his roommate for being so rude yesterday.

  A. worried B.doubted C.apologized D.dissolved

  7. When you take a picture, you should _______ carefully to get a sharp picture.

  A. focus B.object C.preserve D.fix

  8. The Chinese food in the United States is usually _______ for American people.

  A. exchanged B.altered C.modified D.cooked

  9. There are _______ approaches to English teaching. But not all of them are equally efficient for our Chinese students.

  A. double B.joint C.orginate D.diverse

  10. He has a bad impression of his _______ in the office.

  A. colleagues B.bullets C.barbers D.audience

  11. His eyes _______ with rage but he did not dare to say anything.

  A. flashed B.wicked C.voted D.protested

  12. The list is arranged according to the _______ professions of the audience.

  A. respective B.responsible C.resource D.resolution

  13. This is our _______. So you can do what you need to do here.

  A. substance B.schedule C.notice D.noun

  14. That rich man has been dead for a long time but his ________ is still not known to the public.

  A. sausage B.shelf C.portion D.will

  15.I could have _______ such a situation but I didn’t.

  A. forecast B.overcome C.shed D.urged

  16.I prefer a _______ typewriter to an automatic one.

  A. mechanic B.manual C.merchant D.mental

  17.If you want to stop for a moment, just press the ‘_______’ button on your tape recorder.

  A. toilet B.thumb C.violin D.pause

  20.I have _______ three terrible English examinations this week.

  A. observed B.operated C.undergone D.suffered

  21.This is a purely _______ problem, not a political one.

  A. additional B.advantage C.announce D.academic

  22.The _______ TOEFL score for entering this program is 600.

  A. less B.sandy C.stain D.minimum

  23.The best example of a paradox is the proverb ‘More _______, less speed’.

  A. haste B.range C.possession D.purse

  24.This company provides a very good _______ service for its products.

  A. maintenance B.merit C.philosophy D.pigeon

  25.There is more _______ in meat than in vegetables.

  A. dam B.protein C.cash D.bloody

  26.Do not _______ in the exam. This will do you no good.

  A. coin B.disaster C.cheat D.resort

  27.Because of the boring _______, we need to take a vacation every year.

  A. routine B.surgery C.rifle D.sake

  28.We need to _______ the purpose of the experiment again.

  A. clarify B.cheek C.claim D.clap

  29.I _______ great success for my study in this university.

  A. disgust B.proceed C.pioneer D.anticipate

  30.From the _______ from this examination, we know it is too easy for the students.

  A. feedback B.frost C.outline D.overlook

  31.He drove very fast to _______ that red car.

  A. scatter B.overtake C.site D.sponsor

  32.Slides are sometimes called ________ film.

  A. whistle B.vigorous C.robot D.transparent

  33.Professor Smith _______the most important part in his paper.

  A. omitted B.disputed C.designed D.chased

  34.This knife is made of steel _______ and it can be used for a long time.

  A. mixed B.alloy C.champion D.grasp

  35.The theory of _______ was developed by Darwin and is now understood by nearly everybody in the world.

  A. determination B.distribution C.discipline D.evolution

  36.Mr. Green has recently been _______ to director of the president’s office.

  A. pushed B.purchased C.promoted D.promised

  37.We don’t think that his _______ ability has been well developed.

  A. possible B.potential C.underneath D.vital

  38.Our _______ talks promise a good future for our cooperation.

  A. interior B.insurance C.initial D.invisible

  39.The _______ can help people to see very small objects.

  A. metropolitan B.microphone C.microscope D.microwave

  40.Physically we feel comfortable. But _______, we suffer a lot.

  A. psychologically B.moderately C.naturally D.precisely

  41.Mary has a _______ view of our future. But nobody believes what she said.

  A. portable B.primary C.possession D.positive

  42.Nobody knows his _______ for helping us.

  A. motive B.motion C.mood D.moral

  43.Both sides agree to establish a _______ zone between the south and north.

  A. midst B.mild C.mention D.neutral

  44.This is a _______ moment for our research. We should be careful.

  A. critical B.belt C.conscience D.copper

  45.This textbook is for the _______ students, not for the beginners.

  A. observation B.transportation C.advanced D.transfer

  46.When I read the newspaper, I always read the _______ first.

  A. headlines B.headquarters C.heaven D.horizon

  47.They _______ our house at $10,000.

  A. count B.vanish C.weave D.assess

  48.When he studied at college, Jack was supported by a _______.

  A. treatment B.assistance C.scholarship D.protein

  49.Even as _______, he made several wonderful inventions.

  A.a stock B.a representative C.an undergraduate D.a gulf

  50.An emergency _______ is very important in case of fire.

  A. exit B.deposit C.discharge D.elaborate


  1.A 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.D 10.A 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.A 16.B 17.D 18.D 19.A 20.C 21.D 22.D 23.A 24.A 25.B 26.C 27.A 28.A 29.D 30.A 31.B 32.D 33.A 34.B 35.D 36.C 37.B 38.C 39.C 40.A 41.D 42.A 43.D 44.A 45.C 46.A 47.D 48.C 49.C 50.A



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