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  1. 在广袤无垠的中华大地上,有着无数绚丽多姿的自然景观,五千年的灿烂文化把这如诗如画的江山打扮的分外妖娆。

  The boundless expanse of the Chinese territory is dotted with innumerable sights of gorgeous and varied natural scenery .five thousand years of splendid chinese civilization have contributed to the extraordinary enchanting beauty of this poetic and picturesque land .

  2. 全国各地的名胜古迹都是游客向往的地方,如古城西安的兵马俑、首都北京的长城和故宫、南方桂林的山水。

  Places of historic interest and scenic beauty across China have become tourist destinations ,such as the terra-cotta soldiers and horses in the ancient city Xian ,the Great Wall and the Imperial Palace in China ‘s capital Beijing and the beautiful landscape of Guilin in the South to name just a few .

  3. 今天我们向各位介绍号称我国五岳之首的泰山。

  Today ,I would like to introduce Mount Tai ,crowned as the most famous of China ‘s five great mountains ,namely ,Mount tai in East China ,Mount Heng

  (the Hengshan Mountain )in South China ,Mount Hua(the Huashan Mountain ) in West China ,Mount Heng(the Hengashan Mountain ) in North China and Mount Song(the Songshan Mountain ) in Central China .

  4. 这五岳的特点各不相同,吸引游客的是泰山的雄伟、衡山的秀丽、华山的险峻、恒山的幽静,以及嵩山的武功。

  These five great mountains are known for different characteristics .people visit Monut Tai for its majesty ,Mount Heng in South China for its elegance ,Mount Hua for its precipitousness ,Mount Heng in North China for its seclusion ,and Mount Song for its Chinese martial arts ,of course .

  5. 泰山地处我国山东省的中部,延绵200多公里,其巅峰位于泰安市北面,海拔1545米。

  Mount tai is situated in Central Shandong Province ,stretching over 200 kilometers .North of this city of tai ‘an stands Mount Tai ‘s hightest peak ,rising to 1545 meters above sea level .

  6. 泰山雄伟壮观,峻拔突兀,最高峰玉皇顶为峡谷和险峰所环绕。

  This mountain impresses visitors with its majestic and precipitous appeal ,its summit yuhuangding overlooking the surrounding valleys and perilous peaks .

  7. 登临泰山需走九曲十八盘的路程,沿途可饱览绚丽风光,观赏不同风格的古建筑。

  To reach Mount Tai’s summit ,we will follow the zigzag and tortious paths ,along which we will feast our eyes on the charming scenery and appreciate the ancient ahrchitectural works of various styles .

  8. 一阶石梯,直通南天门。

  Soon ,we will trudge along a staircase that leads to the Heavenly Southern Gate .

  9. 登上日观峰,举目远眺,只见山外有山,景外有景,无限风光,摄人心魄。

  When we reach the riguan peak and look around in the distance ,we will find ourselves carried away in involuntary ,admiration by the overpowering endless vistas of mountains beyond mountains and scenery beyond scenery .

  10. 泰山将自然景观与文化景观完美地融为一体,山上有无以计数的奇石、清瀑、古松、石桥、庙宇、亭阁、古塔、殿堂。

  Mount tai is a perfect example of the kind of mountain resort that embodies natural scenery and cultural heritage ,boasting numerous grotesque rock formation ,age-oldpine trees ,stone bridges ,temples ,pavilions ,pagodas ,halls .

  11. 名胜古迹数不胜数,尤其是历代文人雅士墨客所留下的1300多出石刻碑文,令游客目不暇接,叹为观止。

  And in particular ,tourists will invariantly marvel at the vast number of stone inscriptions left in more than 1300 places by famous ancient writers ,scholars and calligraphers of various Dynasties .

  12. 泰山的每个季节都有独特的魅力。春天,绿茵茵的山坡上,争奇斗艳的花朵到处可见。夏天,泰山的雷暴雨堪称奇观。秋天,枫树叶满山遍野,蔚蓝色的河水川流不息。冬天,雪盖群峰松披露,景观雅致悲壮,别有一番情趣。

  Each season here has its beauty :bright flowers in full bloom covering the green slopes in spring ,spectacular summer thunderstorms which are rarely seen elsewhere ,blue rivers running across the mountains overlaid with red maple leaves in fall ,and snow-capped mountains and frostes pine trees in winter that stage a quiet solemn spectacle of particular interest .

  13. 喜遇艳阳天但遇天阴时,极目远眺,重峦叠嶂,尽收眼帘。但遇天阴时,环顾四周,苍茫大地,尽入云海。

  On a clear day one can see the peaks rising one another.when the sky is overcast ,the horizon disappears into a sea of clouds .

  14. 泰山的日出与日落,闻名遐迩。

  Moutnt Tai is most famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset .

  15. 壮观的自然风景以及不可计数的历史名胜,激发了古代文人墨客,为之舞文弄墨,创作了无数经典佳作。泰山历来是画家骚客所钟情的聚集地。

  Its landscope and numerous historical sites have inspired many great classics of ancient writers ,scholars and calligraphers .Mount Tai has long been the preferred gathering place of artists and poets .

  16. 早在殷商时期,我们华夏祖先便已确立了东、南、西、北、中五个方位。太阳初升的东方代表了冬去春来、万物繁衍昌盛的景象。

  Dating back to Yin and Shang periods (1766-1122BC),our Chinese ancestors established the five directions of north ,south ,east ,west and center .the east ,where the sun rises ,represents life’s fertility with the end of winter and coming of spring .

  17. 位于中国东部的泰山一直被视为吉祥之地。古代帝王择泰山登临,供以祭品,祭祀天地,为国家的繁荣与祥和而祈祷。

  Mount Tai ,located in east China ,has been regarded as a propitious place .Ancient emperors prayed for the country’s prosperity and peace by offering sacrifices to Heaven and Earth on Mount Tai .

  18. 据历史记载,西周(公元前1122年---公元前771年)前有72位君主登临泰山祭祀。此后,中国历史上第一位皇帝秦始皇,以及汉、唐、宋、清等朝代的皇帝,都亲自登临泰山祭祀。

  According to historical records ,prior to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1122-771BC),72 monarchs climbed the mountain to perform sacrifices .they were then followed by Qinshihuang ,China ‘s first emperor ,and the emperors of Han ,Tang ,Song and Qing Dynasties .

  19. 现代世界也认识到泰山的旅游价值和文化价值,早在1987年,联合国教科文组织世界遗产委员会便将泰山列入联合国“世界自然与文化双遗产名录”之中。

  The modern world has also recognized the tourist and cultural values of Mount Tai.In1987,the world Heritage Commission under United Nations Educational ,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) placed it on the Un list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites .

  20. 泰山热忱欢迎世界各地游客来此观光。

  Mount Tai wormly welcomes visitors from all over the world .



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