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  In 2007, Americans read less frequently and more poorly than they had in the previous ten years, according to analysis by the National Endowment for the Arts.

  While a follow­up study in 2009 reported an encouraging rise in the number of adults reading any novels, poetry, or plays in a 12­month period, it offered no encouraging news on comprehension and made no apologies for how the bar hadn't only been lowered but dropped.

  I want to believe we high school English teachers are the thin blue line checking this trend. But I can't help considering the possibility we may be contributing to it.

  I've often thought that the modern classroom's entire reason for being is to translate individual (个人的) learning experience into social consensus (共识) or application. Otherwise, we'd simply let our students loose in well­stocked libraries and bookstores.

  Most individual experiences in reading work this way. The choice of a book reflects its availability and the reader's curiosity. I had many reasons for reading the books I did in the last six months: half were recommended (推荐), others were subjects that caught my interest or by authors whose other works I had enjoyed.

  I include my copy of The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart that I rarely go more than two weeks without spending at least 30 quality minutes reading, because really, I couldn't possibly read poetry the same way I read a book.

  Reading a book in the high school classroom is different.

  Even for habitual readers the book isn't likely one they'd pick up on their own. My 9th grade novel list includes To Kill a Mockingbird, The Chocolate War, Of Mice and Men, Night, The House on Mango Street, and Romeo and Juliet, a very standard list for 9th graders across the country. None of these books are by Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, Suzanne Collins, or Rick Riordan, names you may be unfamiliar with, but mention them to teens who read or high school librarians and they can bring you up to speed. Also, tests, quizzes, and activities put deadlines on readers.

  Considering how wide the differences between reading on one's own and reading in a class are, I'm interested in how educators might take some aspects from the former to let high school students read just to read.


  1.What concerns the author?

  A.The dropping number of American readers.

  B.The quality of American high school teachers.

  C.The attitude of American adults towards reading.

  D.The upsetting comprehension levels of Americans.

  解析:选D 细节理解题。根据第二段中的“it offered no encouraging news on comprehension and made no apologies for how the bar hadn't only been lowered but dropped”可知,虽然最近一年来,美国读书的人多了,但是美国人的阅读理解能力却直线下滑。

  2.What did the author think of reading according to his own experience?

  A.It should be done at libraries.

  B.It should be guided by teachers.

  C.It is a unique personal experience.

  D.It is better to spend over 30 minutes on it.

  解析:选C 细节理解题。根据第五段开头的“Most individual experiences in reading work this way.”和作者对自己阅读经历的描述可知,作者认为读书更多的应该是一种个人经历。

  3.The names like Stephanie Meyer are mentioned to show ________.

  A.the novel list is limited

  B.they are popular with librarians

  C.their works don't appeal to teens

  D.they are familiar names in literature

  解析:选A 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中的“but mention them to teens who read or high school librarians and they can bring you up to speed. Also, tests, quizzes, and activities put deadlines on readers”可知,作者认为学校推荐给学生的书单远远不够,应该让学生读一些其他作家的书,这样有利于他们阅读能力的提高。

  4.What is the author's suggestion?

  A.Letting kids read alone.

  B.Encouraging kids to read.

  C.Exciting kids' interest in novels.

  D.Reconsidering high school education.

  解析:选A 推理判断题。作者在文中对比了自己的读书经历和学校里学生的读书现状,并在最后一段中表达了自己的看法:let high school students read just to read。由此可知,他希望老师们不要过多干涉学生的读书过程,应该给学生多一些选择的自由。


  Sleepwalking is most common during the preteen years and may affect 15 percent of children. It tends to run in families. For example, a child is 10 times more likely to sleepwalk if a first­degree __1__ such as a parent or a sibling (兄弟姐妹) also sleepwalks. And it's most likely to __2__ early in the night, within a few hours of falling asleep. Most __3__ outgrow (摆脱) their sleepwalking by the late teen years. Here are some ways to __4__ this nighttime behavior.

  Sound an alarm. __5__ is an obvious concern in this situation, so if you don't have an alarm system in your house to help __6__ your child inside, you may want to use an individual door alarm. Place a gate in the doorway to your child's __7__. This will keep the sleepwalker in the room, or he may make enough __8__ trying to move the gate that you'll catch your child in the act. Make sure you have safety locks on all doors and windows __9__ outside, so your child can't leave the house while sleepwalking.

  __10__ your child back to bed. __11__ encourage him to go to sleep. __12__ sleepwalkers are in the deepest stage of sleep, they will be confused if woken. In addition, __13__ the sleepwalkers may disrupt (中断) their sleep, which in turn may cause their daytime __14__. So if your child is sleepwalking, it's __15__ to just tell him to go back to bed, or gently lead him to his room.

  Reduce stress. Most often, sleepwalking is the result of emotional __16__. When a second child is born, the older child may be __17__ of losing his parents' love. Talk with your child about __18__ in his life. If you find your child's sleepwalking might be __19__ by some stress in his life, try to __20__ it. Get the help of a mental (精神的) health expert if he needs it.






  解析:选A 由下文中的“such as a parent or a sibling”可知,如果一级“亲属(relative)”像父母或兄弟姐妹梦游,那么这个孩子也很有可能会梦游。

  2.A.end B.change

  C.occur D.show

  解析:选C 由该空后的“early in the night, within a few hours of falling asleep”可知,梦游最有可能“发生(occur)”在前半夜,入睡后的前几个小时。

  3.A.families B.children

  C.students D.boys

  解析:选B 由上文中的“during the preteen years”和“affect 15 percent of children”可知,大多数“儿童(children)”在进入青春期后梦游症会自行消失。

  4.A.get through B.look into

  C.give up D.deal with

  解析:选D 由下文中的“Sound an alarm”,“________ your child back to bed”以及“Reduce stress.”可知,下文是“应对(deal with)”这种夜间行为的三个方法。

  5.A.Health B.Safety

  C.Strength D.Effect

  解析:选B 由下文的描述可知,在这种情况下,“安全(Safety)”是一个明显的问题。

  6.A.hide B.keep

  C.put D.leave

  解析:选B 由下文中的“This will keep the sleepwalker in the room”和“so your child can't leave the house while sleepwalking”可知,此处指报警系统有助于“保持(keep)”孩子待在室内。

  7.A.area B.classroom

  C.bedroom D.space

  解析:选C 由该空后的“This will keep the sleepwalker in the room”可知,在孩子的“卧室(bedroom)”门口放置栅栏门。

  8.A.noise B.pain

  C.movement D.progress

  解析:选A 由下文的描述可知,梦游的人在移动栅栏门的时候会弄出“噪音(noise)”。

  9.A.leading B.pointing

  C.facing D.closing

  解析:选A 由下文中的“so your child can't leave the house while sleepwalking”可知,确保所有“通往(leading)”外面的门和窗都有安全锁。

  10.A.Order B.Push

  C.Guide D.Drive

  解析:选C 由下文中的“lead him to his room”可知,此处指把你的孩子“领(Guide)”回床上。

  11.A.Strongly B.Quickly

  C.Calmly D.Gently

  解析:选D 由下文的描述可知,此处指“轻声地(Gently)”鼓励他去睡觉。

  12.A.Though B.Unless

  C.Because D.Before

  解析:选C 由该段的描述可知,“因为(Because)”梦游者在深睡眠阶段,如果把他们叫醒,他们会感到很困惑。

  13.A.teaching B.waking

  C.watching D.directing

  解析:选B 由文中的描述可知,“唤醒(waking)”梦游的人会扰乱他们的睡眠,这样又会导致他们白天“困倦(tiredness)”。

  14.A.sickness B.sadness

  C.loneliness D.tiredness

  解析:选D 参见上题解析。

  15.A.wrong B.useless

  C.easiest D.best

  解析:选D 由文中的描述可知,如果你的孩子正在梦游,“最好(best)”是告诉他回到床上,或者轻轻地把他领回到卧室。

  16.A.mistakes B.reasons

  C.problems D.choices

  解析:选C 由上文中的stress以及下文的描述可知,大多数情况下,梦游是情绪“问题(problems)”导致的结果。

  17.A.bored B.guilty

  C.aware D.afraid

  解析:选D 由该空后的“losing his parents' love”可知,大一点的孩子“害怕(afraid)”失去父母的爱。

  18.A.difficulties B.lessons

  C.chances D.memories

  解析:选A 由文中的描述可知,家长应该和孩子谈论他生活中的“困难(difficulties)”。

  19.A.followed B.increased

  C.removed D.caused

  解析:选D 如果你发现孩子的梦游是他生活中的压力“导致(caused)”的,努力去“解决(address)”它。

  20.A.decide B.address

  C.stand D.understand

  解析:选B 参见上题解析。


  At university I play a Dutch sport __1__ (call) korfball. This is a team sport with eight people on each team, four boys and four girls. It's the only __2__ (true) mixed sport with both genders on the court at __3__ same time. The aim is to shoot the ball into the hoop, which is like a netball or basketball hoop, only __4__ (high) than that! All players get a chance __5__ (attack) and defend during the game and it's very fast­paced.

  When I __6__ (start) korfball, I wasn't very good at it. I could throw and catch but I was not very fast on my feet. Shooting was also difficult for me because I'd played netball in school and was used __7__ a shorter post. Moreover, you often have to shoot on the move in korfball, and I found __8__ hard to balance and shoot straight while running backwards away from my defender!

  However, I really enjoyed the sport and made friends in the club, so I attended __9__ (train) twice a week, every week. Two years later I am in the first team for my university and have played in many matches and tournaments, even scoring some __10__ (goal) for my team! This just shows that hard work pays off — if you train hard, you can succeed.


  1.called 考查非谓语动词。call与sport之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故填called。

  2.truly 考查副词。设空处修饰形容词mixed,故填副词truly(真正地)。

  3.the 考查冠词。at the same time意为“同时”。

  4.higher 考查形容词比较级。由than可知,设空处应用比较级,故填higher。

  5.to attack 考查非谓语动词。chance后常跟动词不定式作定语,故填to attack。

  6.started 考查动词时态。由主句时态可知,设空处表示的动作发生在过去,故填started。

  7.to 考查介词。be used to ...意为“习惯于……”。

  8.it 考查代词。设空处作形式宾语,真正的宾语是to balance and shoot straight ... my defender,故填it。

  9.training 考查名词。设空处作宾语,表示“训练”,故填training。

  10.goals 考查名词复数。goal在此意为“得分”,是可数名词,且由some可知,应用复数,故填goals。