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  1. 不麻痹、不厌战、不松劲 to remain vigilant and never slacken our efforts

  2. 统筹推进疫情防控和脱贫攻坚 to coordinate epidemic control with poverty alleviation

  3. 实行封闭式管控 to exercise management by sealing off entities

  4. 网格化管理 digital management for a matrix of urban communities

  5. 《新冠肺炎疫情心理疏导工作方案》 Work Plan on Psychological Counseling for People

  Affected by COVID-19

  6. 休舱 to close temporary treatment centers

  7. 武汉市以外地区解除离鄂通道管控 Areas in Hubei, with the exception of Wuhan City, lifted

  outbound transport restrictions.

  8. 武汉“解封” to lift the lockdown in Wuhan

  9. 临床前研究 preclinical research

  10. 疫苗临床试验和上市使用 clinical trial and application of vaccines

  11. 有效性和安全性研究 safety and efficacy studies

  12. 机场处置专区 processing area for inbound passengers at the airport

  13. 境外进京人员 travelers arriving in Beijing from overseas

  14. 出入境防疫 epidemic prevention at borders

  15. 暂时停止外国人持目前有效来华签证和居留许可证入境 to temporarily suspend the

  entry into China of foreign nationals holding valid visas or residence permits


  16. 打好新冠肺炎疫情防控全球阻击战 to fight an all-out global war against COVID-19

  17. 打造人类卫生健康共同体 to build a global community of health

  18. 各国应该联手加大宏观政策对冲力度。Countries need to leverage and coordinate their

  macro policies to counteract the negative impact.

  19. 减免关税、取消壁垒、畅通贸易 to cut tariffs, remove barriers, and facilitate the flow of


  20. 健康丝绸之路 Silk Road of Health

  21. 建立新冠肺炎疫情防控网上知识中心,向所有国家开放 to set up an online COVID-19

  knowledge center that is open to all countries

  22. 尽力阻止疫情跨境传播 to minimize cross-border spread

  23. 开 展 国 际 联 防 联 控 to make a collective response for control and treatment at the

  international level

  24. 区域公共卫生应急联络机制 regional emergency liaison mechanisms

  25. 全球公共卫生高级别会议 high-level meeting on international public health security

  26. 全球公共卫生治理 global public health governance

  27. 推广全  面系统有效的防控指南 to promote control and treatment protocols that are

  comprehensive, systematic and effective

  28. 有序安全的国际人员流动 orderly and safe flow of people between countries

  29. 暂缓或减少留学人员等双向流动 to postpone or reduce the two-way flow of overseas



  30. 道不远人,人无异国。(援助韩国,源自新罗旅唐学者崔致远)

  Great distance cannot separate us;

  We all live in a united world.

  31. 尼莲正东流,西树几春秋。(援助印度,源自玄奘)

  By the Holy Lotus River

  Where pure gold flows east.

  Looking back to the western shore

  At Buddha’s sacred grove for many thousands of autumns.

  32. 青山一道,共担风雨。(援助日本,源自王昌龄)

  Like the mountain range stretches before you and me,

  Let us share common trials and hardships together.

  33. 身若伏波,与子同海,若为落木,与子同枝,若为兰草,与子同室。(援助意大利,源


  We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.

  34. 团结定能胜利。(援助法国,源自雨果)

  United we shall overcome.

  35. 团结就是力量。(援助比利时,源自其民族格言)

  Unity is strength.

  36. 亚当子孙皆兄弟,兄弟犹如手足亲。(援助伊朗,源自古波斯诗人萨迪)

  The sons of Adam are limbs of one, having been created of one essence.


  37. 产教融合 to integrate the resources of enterprises with vocational schools and universities

  38. 复工人员专列 special train for returning workers

  39. 全国居民消费价格指数 CPI (consumer price index)

  40. 人均可支配收入 per capita disposable income

  41. 数字化健康证明 digital health certificate

  42. 外地滞留在鄂人员安全有序返乡 People stranded in Hubei return home in a safe and

  orderly manner.

  43. 务工人员安全返岗 Migrant workers return to their posts in security.

  44. 线上职业技能培训 online vocational training

  45. 预约进站 to make reservations at subway stations

  46. 云选会 cloud job fair

  47. 候餐区 waiting area

  48. 取餐区 serving area

  49. 结账区 cashier desk

  50. 分餐制 serving of individual dishes

  51. 公筷公勺 serving chopsticks and spoons

  52. 禁止面对面就餐 Diners are not allowed to sit face to face.

  53. 停止接待群体性聚餐 Group meals are not allowed.

  54. 推广分时段就餐 to allow consumers to dine at staggered times

  55. 外卖服务 takeout services

  56. 一客一用一消毒 disinfection after each serving

  57. 一米线 one meter spacing in line (to wait in line at an interval of 1 meter)


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