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  成人中等职业技术教育 adult secondary vocational and technical education

  成人中等专科学校 secondary specialized (technical) school for adults

  橙色预警 orange alert (The National Meteorological Center issued an orange alert, saying snow and sleet will sweep across central, eastern and southern regions from Friday night through Saturday. 中央气象台发布暴雪橙色预警,预计周五晚到周六我国中部、东部、南部地区将有新一轮强降雪。)

  城市规划 city's landscaping plan; urban planning

  城市合作银行 urban cooperative bank

  城市基础设施建设 the city's infrastructure construction

  城市建设 urban construction

  城市景观 townscape

  城市经济学 urban economics

  城市居民自治 self-governance by urban residents

  城市居民最低生活保障 subsistence allowances for the urban poor

  城市恐惧症 urbiphobia

  城市垃圾 city refuse

  城市绿地 urban open space; urban green land

  城市绿化 urban landscaping

  城市美容师 urban environmental worker

  城市生活无着的流浪乞讨人员的救助管理办法 Measures for Assisting Vagrants and Beggars with No Means of Support in Cities

  城市运动会 municipal athletics meet

  成事在天,谋事在人 The planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven; Man proposes, God disposes

  成套引进 package import

  成为国际共识 become a consensus of the international community

  乘务员 vehicular attendant; conductor

  城乡低收入居民 low-income residents in both town and country

  城乡电网改造 projects for upgrading urban and rural power grids

  城乡特殊困难群众 urban and rural residents with special difficulties

  成药 patent medicine

  成药 patent medicine

  城镇职工医疗保险制度改革 medical insurance for urban workers

  城镇职工基本医疗保险制度 basic medical insurance system for urban working people

  城镇住房公积金  urban housing provident fund

  承办单位 organizer

  承包 contract with

  成份指数 component index

  成吉思汗 Genghis Khan

  成名歌曲 break-out song, break-out single

  承前启后,继往开来 inherit the past and forge ahead into the future

  成人高考 the national higher education exams for self-taught adults

  成人用品店 adult shop

  成人中等专科学校 secondary specialized /technical school for adults

  城市低保对象 urban residents entitled to basic living allowances

  城市固定资产投资 urban fixed-asset investment

  城市规划 city's landscaping plan; urban planning

  城市和国有企业厂办大集体 collectively owned factories operated by state-owned enterprises and cities

  城市户口 permanent urban residence certificate

  城市流浪乞讨人员 urban vagrants and beggars

  城市中年雅皮士 muppie (一批中年专业人士,附庸风雅,矫揉造作cutesification,崇尚竟品至上boutiqueification,攀比银行存款bankification等摆阔作风,由middle-aged urban yuppie缩合而成)

  城乡结合部 rural-urban fringe zone

  城乡信用社 credit cooperatives in both urban and rural areas

  承销商 underwriter

  诚信企业 high-integrity enterprise; enterprise of integrity

  成组技术 group technology

  车牌号 license plate number

  车险 auto insurance

  吃饱穿暖 eat their fill and dress warmly; have enough to eat and wear; have adequate food and clothing

  持币待购 wait to buy with cash in hand

  赤潮 red tide (which appear on the ocean)

  吃饭财政 payroll finance; mouth-feeding budget-----a large proportion of the budget has been earmarked for paying salaries of government functionaries

  吃干醋 be jealous ; be green with envy

  吃皇粮 receive salaries, subsidies, or other supported from the government

  吃劳保 live on labor insurance allowance

  吃老本 live on one's own fat; bask in one's past glory; rest on one's laurels, eat on one's own principals, live off one's past gains or achievements

  痴迷者 addict

  吃偏饭 enjoy special privilege

  赤贫人口 people living in absolute poverty; destitute population

  持平 hold the line

  吃闲饭 stay idle

  吃香 be very popular; be most welcome; be in great demand

  吃小亏占大便宜 lose a little but gain much; take small losses for the sake of big gains

  持续、稳定、协调发展 sustained, stable and coordinated development

  吃大锅饭 "egalitarian practice of ""everybody eating from the same big pot"" "

  吃豆腐 take advantage of

  充电 recharge one's batteries; update one's knowledge; brush up (on)

  充电电池 rechargeable batteries

  冲动性购买 impulse buying; impulse shopping

  充分调动积极性和创造性 give full play to the initiative and creativity

  充分利用两个市场,两种资源 fully utilize both domestic and international markets and resources

  重复建设 redundant project; duplication of similar projects

  重复生产 duplication of production

  重复引进 introduction of redundant technical facilities; importation of redundant technical facilities

  冲剂 dissolved medicines; instant herbal medicines

  冲击波(电脑病毒) Blaster

  冲浪艇 surfboat

  宠物医院 pet clinic

  宠物专线 pets-only airline (Pet Airways, an American-based airline, plans to begin service on July 14 as the country's first pets-only airline.美国第一家只服务"宠物旅客"的航空公司——宠物航空公司计划于7月14日开始运营。)

  冲销账目 write off accounts

  崇洋媚外 worship things foreign and fawn on foreign countries

  冲账 strike a balance; counter-balance accounts; reverse an entry

  充值卡 rechargeable card

  充值卡 prepaid phone card

  筹备委员会 preparatory committee

  抽调 transfer a portion

  筹划指导委员会 steering committee

  抽检 spot check

  抽奖 lucky draw

  臭老九 stinking ninth category (of class enemies next to landlords, reactionaries and even spies, etc. , a term of abuse by ultra-Leftists for teachers and other educated people in the 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution)

  抽杀成功 hit through

  抽样调查 sample survey

  筹资 raised capital/proceeds

  筹资渠道 fundraising channels

  储备基金 reserve funds

  储币待购 save for purchases

  初步候选人 preliminary candidate

  除草剂 weed killer






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