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  application money认购新股款项

  例:application money must be returned with the application form.认购新股款项必须


  appointed 1 任命的

  例 1: Measures are t&kgn to ensure that newly- appoi n ted members of staff are integrated effectively into existing teams.公司采取了各种措施,保证新任命的员工融入现有的员 工队伍。

  appointed 2布置陈设的,装饰的

  例 1: This office is well appointed with all the latest devices.这间办公室里競新设 应俱全。

  例 2: This is a superbly /modeslly appointed restaurant.这是一家陈设素华 /朴素的饭 店。


  例;There has been a new ap pain intent to the board.董事会新任命了 一名成员 c


  例:annual appraisal interviews年度能力评估面试

  appreciation 增值,升值

  例: For investors, innovation has translated into strong eamir^s growth and stock price appreciation .对于投资者来说,创新已转换为强劲的收益增长和股价增值c

  approach to dialogue 谈话方式

  例:Different languages have their own approach to dialogue.不同语言有各自不同的谈 话方式。

  arrival notice到货通知(由承运人发给收货人)

  例:We have not yet received the carrier's arrival notice ,我们尚未接到运输公司的到 货通知。

  articles (在法律事务所)培训期,律师实习

  例:She's doing her articles with a firm in London・她正在伦敦一家法律事务所接受培 训。

  A share A股股票(持有者没有投票权的普通股票)

  例:But the A shares, off limits to foreign investors, were still among the best perfonn-

  e” .但仅对国内投资者发行的A股股票,仍表现上佳。

  Asian crises of the late 1990s 90年代末的亚洲金融危机

  例: As Asian crises of the late 1990s illustrated, U.S. firms entering international business transactions need to be cautious of foreign governments.正如 90 年代末爆发的亚洲 金融危机所显示侶,参与国际商业交易的美国公司需要对外国政府持谨慎态度。

  as is按现状出售,概不保证,亦作as seen

  例:The goods are to be sold as赤这些商品按现状出售。

  asking price索要价,要价

  例:Always negotiate, never pay the full asking price .每次都要讨价还价,千万别照付 全价。

  asleep at the switch玩忽职守,坐失良机

  例:InstTest rates dropped significantly for a month before climbing back to higher levels, but our finance manager was asleep at the switch and failed to renegotiate our loans- 利 率 在重新升至较高水平之前曾在一个月内大幅下降,但是财务经理沅忽职守,没能抓住 机会重新协商贷款条件。

  as of 自 起,等于as from

  彳列:I would like to inform you that as of September 6, 2001, the new name for our com- pany will be %湖w・g 2001年9月6日起,本公司将更名为"日升”,特此通知。

  as per按照,依据

  例: The client requested that wc send our report to him on a computer disc, so we wrote a short note to him saying "as per your request, we arc sending you our report on disc,” ^nd enclosed it with the disc.客户要求我们将报告存在电脑磁盘里寄给他,因此我们 附了张便签,上面写着:“应您的要求,我们将报告存储在磁盘上寄给您了

  aspirational group带领性消费群体,领导住消费群体

  例;One emulates certain reference groups ( aspirational groups ) whereas one is actually a member of other Rroiips_个体会效仿某个參照性消费群体(带领性消费群体)行为, 尽管该个体实际上并非这一群体的一分子。

  as seen看货买卖,现场交易(货物按买者所见现状岀售,卖方不保证质域),亦作as is 例:1£ you buy at a car auction you take the vehicle as seen .在汽车拍卖会买汽车是一种看货买卖。

  assembly line 装配线

  例 1: He first worked on the shop floor on the assembly line .他先是在工厂的装配线,上 工作。

  例2: I hope that all the training pre^rams they run for the staff on the assembly line might have begun to have an effect.希望那些为工作在装配线上的员工提供的专业焙 训,如今已经开始发挥作月C

  assembly point 集合地点

  例:By law, tht assembly point in case of fire must be clearly marked.根据法律,发生 火灾时的集合地点必须有明确的标志。

  assignment 1 任务

  例:She was given a very difficult assignment.她被分派一项非當艰巨的任务◊

  assignment 2 (财产、权益的)转让

  例:increase or assignment of registered capital 注册资本的增加或转让。


  例: The cost of establishing a patent, copyright, or trademark is treated as an asset on the balance sheet.专利、版权或商标的设立成本在资产负债表上属于资产一类。

  assistant general manager总经理助理.副总经理

  例:The assistant general nuinager will bo responsible for everything when the boss is away.总经理不在时,由总经理助理负责全盘事务。

  assistant personnel officer 人事助理

  例: Thank you for sending me the Job Description fur the post of Assistant Personnel Of- Jicer .感谢您寄来的有关人事助理一职的工作说明。


  例:If necessary. we would like lo inviYe one of your associates to join us. 要时我们将 遗请你的一名同事一起参加我们的这项研究工作,



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