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  Achilles' heel原意为阿基里斯的脚踵,引申为致命弱点

  例: However, an Achilles' heel can usually be found that allows the headhunter to persuade them that they arc, in fact, wanting to change.但是,猎头公司总有办法找到他 们的致命弱点,并利用来说服他们,使他们相信自己实际上是有改变现状的想法。

  acid test决定性的考验

  例:The Ucid test is whether or not somebody will actually buy the product.决定性的考 验在于是否确实有人会买这种产品。


  例;This is Cussons' newly acquired factory in Poland,这是卡森公司在波兰新收购的 工厂。

  acquisition 收购

  例: The accelerated rate of globalisation has left companies desperately seeking overseas acquisitions in order to remain competitive.不断加的全球化迫使各公司千方百计收 购海外公司,以保持竞争力.

  across-the-board 全面,全体

  例 1: They have decided to increase prices by 4% across-the-btxird .他们决定全面提高 价格4%o

  例 2: To save money, identify current problems, and make the old company more efficient ,the new president ordered an acrrwx-thb(xird examinalinn of expenditures and operational procedures in every department.为节省开支,发现问题,提高公司的效率, 新总裁要求对每个部门的开支和运营程序进行全面审査。

  action figure (仿真)玩具人,活动人

  activewear 运动服

  例: Lauren has been making adivewear and basics like jeans and leather jackets for almost a quarter of a century,劳伦公司制作运动服以及牛仔裤、皮夹克之类的普通服装 已近25年了。


  例: The main activities of the company are manufacturing computer components and direct retaiimg 2 consumers.该公司主要经营项目为生产电脑部件并直接销售给顾客。

  act of God 不可抗力,天灾,亦作force majeurc

  例 1: Private householders or businessmen insure against burglary, loss or damage by van- dalismcr "必 私人房主或企业主通常投保盗窃险,及人为毁坏或天灾造成


  例2: The insurance policy dues not cover acts of God.这份保险单承保范围不包括天灾c


  例:These are the actuals for last year's turnover-这些是去年的实际菅业额°

  actuary精算师(受雇于保险公司或退休基金公司,根据死亡率和意外事故、火灾、 盗窃等的可能性,估计保险风险和费用)

  例: Actuaries spend their time working out whether or not an accideni will happen and how much it will性t if it &乡,精算师研究和评估发生意外事故的可能性及可能造成的损失。


  例 1: Adaptation may need to be made in branding, labeling, find packaging of the prod- ucl.必须对产品在品牌、商标和包装上都重新打造,以适应本土市场。

  例 2: Potential risk refers to the level of adaptation required tc enter foreign markets, 这 里的潜在风险指的是进入外国市场的本土化要求程度。

  added value增加值,增值

  例: An import am aspect of marketing goods like CD players and televisions is possible added -value, such as free videos or CDs.推销像CD播放机和电视机这样的商品很重要 的一点也许是使其增值,比如免费赠送录像带或CD片等。

  addition (某一产品系列中的)新增产品

  例:The KR 700 is the latest addition to our range of fax machines. KR700 是我公司传 其机系列中的最祈产品。

  Additional Benefit Funding 附加福利基金(专款)

  例: You will be able to use as much as you like of your Add让ionul Benefit Funding to 'buy' benefits.员工可以任意使用附加福利基金“购买”自己喜欢的福利项目。

  add-on附加装置(可以是硬件或软件,目的为改进或增加功能),附加部分,亦作涧&in 例 1 : It's better to use a (wiputer with an add-on /in .你最好使用有附加装置的电脑。

  例 2: Various add-ons /ins can be purchased to increase the output of the machine,可 以 购置不同附加配件来增加这台机器的产量。

  address 1满足(需求)

  例:Every effort is mack tc address custcsmer needs.努力满足用户需求 o

  address 2作正式讲话,发表演说.向……汇报

  例:1 he media relations manager acldr炒ed shareholders prior to the company * s merger with a Swedish company-媒体关系部经理在公司与一家瑞典公司兼并之前向股东发表 讲话。

  address 3处理,解决

  例:In an attcmpi to address this problem, major banks are about to offer slart-up packages to assist new businesses,为了解决这个问题,几家大银行计划提供全套支持新兴 公司的信息包.以协助新开办的企业G

  address book 通讯簿

  例:Make sure you have everybody's name in yejur address book ・切记在通讯簿里记下 所有人的名字.

  addressing machine通讯地址打印机

  adjoining bedroom (两间毗连的)套间

  administration charges 彳亍政管理费,administration fees

  例:If you're just starting up, many hanks offer special packf^es with no adjuinisttatim dgs (or lhe fiz year.许多银行为新客户提供第一年免收管理费的一揽子优惠条件。

  administrative exoenses 行政管囲费用

  例: The secretary's salary, and expenses incurred in the oHicc arc shown as administrative ejrpemes - 书的工资及诸项办公支出用行政管理费用表示。

  administration fees 行政管理费.亦作 adminisiration charges adult day-care centre 成人日托服务中心

  例: Adult day-care centres, which provide supervision in a group setting for aged or disabled people who live at home, have multiplied tenfold in the past decade.为住在各自家 里的老年人或残疾人提供集体肴护的成人日托服务中心在过去十年中增多了 I。倍。


  例:I asked for an advance on my salary・我要求先预付工资o

  advanced orders 预订货景

  例: The development a£ the game has taken two years but czdiMnced orders are impressive. 开发制作该游戏软件长达两年•但预订货量十分喜人。

  advancement 进步

  例: Businesses established in foreign countries should coniribate to the social ad-oance- ment of those countries.建立在他国的企业应该为那些国素的社会进步做出贡献。

  advance publicity 前期宣传

  例: The product has sold well considering it was not given much advance publicity. 鉴于 前期宣传不够,核产品的销路已算不错。

  advance reservation clerk (酒店)客房预订接待员

  advantageous 有利的

  例: Applicants with a background in engineering or processing would be highly advanta- 照心.有从事工程或加工业背景的求职者优先寿虑.

  adversarial relationship长期敌对关系,长期关系紧张

  例: Top managemen 1 called on the company's division heads ic start ncting like members of the same team rather than displaying an adversarial relationship, 最高管理层要求公 司部门负责人开始像同一个团队的戒员那样友好相处,而不要表现出敌对状态。

  advertising agency 广吿公司

  例;You need io employ an advertising agency to create a product image-创立产 品形象 需雇用广吿公司。

  advertising business 广告业

  例:Dentsu is in the advertising business .目本电通公司经营广告业务。

  advertising campaign 广告宣传活动

  例 1: If one advertises excessively, the advertising campaign could suffer from wearout.


  例 2: The automobile company created a massive advertising campaign to increase inter- efit in its new electric cars.这家汽车公司发动了 一次大规模的广告宣传活动,以提高 公众对于其新型电动汽车的兴趣。

  advertising consultancy business 广告咨询公司

  例: He now plans to set up his own adxxrtisin^ consultancy business.他计划 自 己开办 -家广告咨询公司e

  advertising selection 广告甄选(法)

  例: Advertising selection , which is piaci邱 an advertisement in newspaper or magazine, is most suitable for those vacancies which do not require particularly high levels of spe- cislised knowledge.通过在报刊上登广告进行招聘甄选的方法,虽适合对专业知识水 平没有太高旻求的职位。

  advice note通知单(供货商给收货人,列明货物性质、数景、运输日期及方式等) 例:We have received an advice note for the goods we ordered.我们已接到所订货物的 通知单。

  advid自荐录像带(拟考大学或求职的人将自己的专长或优点录制在录像带上供学 校或聘用单位考虑录取或录用)

  advisory board咨询委员会

  例: You will benefit from establishing an advi^yry board of experienced business people who can guide you through the growth process.在企业成长过程中,成立一个由经验丰 密的企业家组成的咨询委员会对其进行指导,将使公司受益无穷。

  advisory service 咨询服务

  例:The bank provides a financial advisory service for all its clients-这家银行为所有客 户提供金融咨询服务。

  aero (车辆等)流线型的

  例: We lowered the front end for more visibility, and softened the lines for a more aero look.我们降低车头使视野更清晰,将轮廓变柔和以强化其流线垂外观。

  affiliation 1联营公司

  例:We have a number of affit in tions throughout the country.我们在全国各地有多家联营公司。



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