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  (1) Do you like working in a team or on your own?(why?)


  I like working in a team, as the proverb goes:” Two heads are better than one.” In a team, I can learn from my fellow workers, get help from them when I’m under pressure. And the most important thing is : I can learn to communicate with all sorts of people.

  (2) How important is the central leadership of a team?


  It’s very important. You need someone with managerial skills to lead within the team: he is able to see the big picture of the work going on , to engage others, coordinate interpersonal relationship and organize resources effectively.

  (3) Do you prefer to work in small teams or big teams?(why)


  I prefer to work in a big team. You see, when you work with more people, you get a chance to listen to different points of view, to learn to see things in different perspectives. It’s also more challenging as you have to coordinate with more people,

  (4) Is it necessary for a team to have regular meetings?


  Yes, I think it’s absolutely necessary. Regular meetings can enable team members to keep track of work progress and it’s a means of considering information and making collective decisions.

  PART TWO: Mini-presentation

  What’s important when…?

  Evaluating the success of teamwork 衡量团队成功与否需要考虑哪些要点?

  l Mutual trust 相互信任

  l Full co-operation 通力合作

  Mutual trust is the first secret of successful teamwork. When members share a trusting relationship, they will feel free to express their views, understand each other’s capabilities and limitations, and communicate with each other timely. This helps to bring out the potentials, experience and creativity of the individual and create good work environment.

  Full co-operation among team members has a direct impact on the success or failure of the team. When team members develop a strong awareness of cooperation, they would make collective efforts to achieve the common objectives and ensure a higher level of quality and workmanship.

  On top of that, timely communication and decision making will also help to improve work efficiency.




  PART THREE: Discussion


  Your company is offering a brief training programme on team building for line managers. You have been asked to help plan the programme. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

  l what issues should the programme focus on

  l what kind of activities should be included



  l 该培训课程应集中在哪些问题上

  l 应包含哪些活动

  A: Well, I think it’s a good idea that our company is planning to offer a training programme on team building for all line managers.

  B:Yes. We need to work out the focus of this programme.

  A: In my opinion, we should , first of all, focus on issues like how to form an effective team and how to improve communication within the team. These are the most important things we need to consider when holding a training programme.

  B: Yes, I quite agree with you. Understanding these issues is the pre-requisite of successful team-building. Besides that, how to nurture team dynamics should be another focus of our training programme, I mean, analyse and encourage the dynamics that drive team success and minimize the factors that inhibit the healthy functioning of the team.

  A: Yes, only when all team members are motivated, and they give good performance in work.

  B: So we can include in our programme, the activities that help to promote team spirit, activities that help develop employee motivation and improve communication.

  A: Well, we can provide team building games, and outdoor activities that liven up the training sessions.

  B: I’m quite with you here. We can organize outdoor adventures like rafting, sailing and rock climbing. These events serve to increase personal awareness of abilities and complementary skills in your teammates.

  A: it’s a very good idea. These exciting activities not only encourage team participation, problem soving and revitalize morale, they also add some fun and variation to our programme.

  B: And in fulfilling their potentials, everyone in the team learns to understand other people’s capacities and learns to appreciate the impact of their traits on team dynamics.

  A: Yes, mutual understanding and mutual trust are indispensable to effective team building.









  A: 这是个好主意。这些激动人心的活动不仅可以鼓励队员、解决问题和重振士气。也可以为我们的课程增加乐趣和使其多样化。



  (1) What are the characteristics of a good team?


  Characteristics like mutual trust, co-operation, commitment, openness of expression among team members are essential to a good team. Besides, a team should also be clear about the common goals they aim to attain.

  (2) What might be the disadvantages of working in a team environment?


  Sometimes, team membership requires you to give up some individuality in order for the team to function as a whole. Sometimes you feel your own contribution to the team cannot be measured, so you work less than you would individually.

  (3) Would you like to take part in a programme for developing teamwork?(Why)


  Yes, of course. It offers me opportunities to develop better interpersonal communication skills, and these are essential in my business career.

  (4) How might a company measure the success of a training programme?


  To evaluate the impact of a training programme, we can see if the training has helped to address the issues in the work, to see if there’s any improvement in the work performance of the staff and if it encourages creative innovation and teamwork.

  (5) Do you think a company will always benefit from staff training?(Why?/Why not?)


  I think a company can benefit much from staff training. Through training, employees will have a better understanding of their work objectives, have greater commitment in their work, and acquire practical working skills.



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