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  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The place people choose to live has more effect on happiness than the job people choose.



  Becoming an adult is fraught with many difficult decisions, such as choosing a career and where to live. Stresses come with every job. If where you live does not help you escape the stresses of work, then you will never be happy, no matter how good a job you have.



  I have a cousin in California who has a terrible job at a hotel. She could move back to the East Coast and maybe find a better job, but she says she would not dream of it; she loves the Californian weather and lifestyle too much. She told me that even though work is terrible sometimes, whenever she has a bad day she just goes for a walk on the beach and then feels better. There will always be something stressful or unpleasant about your job. My cousin lives by the philosophy that the quality of life does not have to depend on your job. As long as you live a full and adventurous life after hours work hours, you can be happy. In order to accomplish living life completely, I believe location is very important.



  Even if you love you job, there are still plenty of hours in the week where you are not at the office. I have a friend who loves the outdoors. He has a great job in Denver, Colorado working at a geological institute. He loves his job, but the main reason he chose to move to Denver was to be able to spend his weekends mountain climbing. You can be happy with your job, but living in a place where you can find happiness outside of work is the best way to find contentment in life.



  Granted, sometimes you must move to a place you do not like, because you want to keep a job you like. Sometimes people are transferred by their companies to less than ideal locations. Companies know that it is often difficult to convince employees to take a position in a remote or far away location, so they offer employees incentives to move to these areas. Many people use these incentives of extra pay and other amenities as a means of motivation. Oftentimes these assignments are temporary and the employees return at the first chance they get. Maybe they are not depressed to work in these locations, but they certainly aren’t the happiest they could be.



  No matter how satisfied you are with your job, if you are not in a good location, you will not be as happy as you can be.





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