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  1. Describe one of the most popular websites in your country? Explain why it is popular with detailed examples.

  Well, one of the most popular websites in my country is called BAIDU.COM due to the following reasons. Firstly, many people including me have been accustomed to surfing its page to search for some information we need. As everybody knows, baidu.com is a famous and effective searching website on which we can find thousands of replies to certain questions. Additionally, most of us tend to use this website to read recent news, as it is very convenient. Last but not the least, the simple and clean design of its major page is an other reason why people enjoy using it.

  2. Which one do you think is the most important in protecting the environment? Give specific explanation in your response.

  1. government 2. organization 3. individual efforts

  I think that especially in China, government is the most important in protecting the environment. First, government has legislative power. They can make environmental laws and regulations to reduce pollution. Policies like the odd-even plate number restriction and draw lots to get car purchase permission in BJ, have been really effective in reducing car numbers and emissions on the street. Plus, government is financially capable in spending money on the development of the public transportation system. Let us imagine, if there were sufficient subway or bus lines in the city, who would bother to take a taxi or drive a car?

  3. Your university plans to ask each student to do 40 hours of community service per year. What your opinion on it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this programme? Use examples and details to support your idea.

  I think doing community service can help students gain a strong sense of belonging to the community and get a sense of achievement. I would like to talk about my personal experience, last year, I taught math in a poverty stricken area for a month, the experience makes me feel that I am needed by the community and I have something to offer back to society. It gives my life a sense of purpose. Besides 40 hours per year could be divided into around 3 hours per month, which is a reasonable time period for students well-rounded development.

  4. Which of kind of method will you use to solve the misunderstanding between you and your friend? Use examples and details to support your idea.

  I should say, there are two possible ways for me to solve the misunderstanding. First of all, when the conflict comes out, try to communicate with your friends as soon as possible. If we don’t try on other’s shoes, we would see the problem only by our limited perspective. For instance, once I quarreled with my roommates because she occupied the toilet for half an hour and I had the badly call. Then she realized my anger but without any reply. We didn’t talk to each other for two days. Indeed, it is in the class group discussion when we talked openly. At that time did I realize she had a serious stomach at that day! So, if you don’t want to be in embarrassment with people around you, I think the immediate communication is quite necessary.

  5. Recall an argument that you have ever had with others and describe the details of the conflict. Give specific explanation in your response.

  I can recall my argument over animal testing with my debate partner JoJo. Primarily, with the emphasis of equality and animal right, we start to acknowledge the use of animals for economic purposes. Not only we are not entitled to abuse any right of any species, still there's quite a bunch of effective alternatives. However, my partner holds a completely opposite opinion. She considers the sacrifice of animals is for the huge benefit. Animal testing ensures the safety of cosmetics and enables a large number of patients to live a healthier life, thus rendering this fair enough. Either way, the debate over these topics truly proves the unfathomable progress of the society.

  6. Which of the following functions of smart phones is most beneficial to students? Give your specific explanation in your response.

  1) taking photos

  2) listening to the music

  3) recording lectures.

  Well, I think listening to music can benefit students the most. The first reason is that students are under heavy academic pressure. For instance, we have to take classes for 8 hours a day and spend another 8 hours doing homework, so we are desperate for relaxation and listening to music during class breaks can certainly help us to forget all our worries. Besides, music is magical, offering us a lot of inspiration. Every time when I am stuck in math, a short period of immersion in piano tunes can help to calm down and crack the problem.

  7. If you were a teacher of a tutor group and you were going to take students to a study trip, where would you take them to? Give specific explanation in your response.

  1) Science museum

  2) Local farm

  3) Theatre

  If I were the teacher, I would like to take the students to the science museum. Because going to visit science museum can help the students to learn more about the science, particularly in a very direct way. It is quite different from the way they learn by book. Visiting the science museum is also able to inspire the students' motivation in studying the things they are watching or touching. And it will help students understand the knowledge better and make them interested in studying the field deeply. So it's a great supplement to what they have learnt in class. This is why I would take them to the science museum.

  8. Describe a change that happened in your country, and how it has affected people’s life. Please explain your answer in details.

  The more and more convenient communication strikes me most. WeChat almost has covered every corner in our life, and then community works increases significantly. I once volunteered to take good care of some elderly people in the nursing house together with people from a WeChat group. We cleaned the room, did the bed, after that we sat with them listening to their interesting life stories. Through this kind of activity because it enhanced my personal skills and make more friends. Only after the development of social media, can we have such chances to gather together to do community works.

  9. Now many people like to shop online. Please analyze the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Use examples and details to support your idea.

  On the one hand, shopping online is a very convenient. The next moment just after a click of the button, your order will be delivered right at your door. It is also easy to compare the prices offered by different on-line stores, as the price of items is written in every website. However, the most noteworthy disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot try the product in person. You can only check the pictures or videos of a product without trying it out yourself, and after placing the order, you might find they are of low quality. Even though you are allowed to return it, it will cost you lots of time.

  10. Describe a person whom you’d like to often talk with (this person could be one of your close friends, family members or teachers). Explain why you’d like to talk with this person and what you’d like to talk about.

  The person I really enjoy talking with is my brother Jason. First of all, he is a very humorous person who can tell many jokes to cheer me up when I feel down. I really admire his optimistic character and I am trying to look at everything from the positive side, just like my brother. Also, he often tells me about his travel stories, including his short stay in Southeast Asia and long summer vacation in Miami. I really enjoy the time I spent with my brother Jason.

  11. Should students be required to evaluate their professors at the end of the semester?

  Some people say that it is unfair for professors to be evaluated by their students, because students tend to only write negative things in their evaluations. But I believe that professor evaluations are important. First of all, sometimes when students give a negative evaluation, it is because the professor really deserves a negative evaluation. I once had a teacher, who was absolutely terrible at teaching and helping understand the class material. By the end of the semester, I stopped going to class and just taught myself the material. What a waste of my tuition money. I also think that evaluations can be useful to professors. The best professor I ever had was so good at her job because she always improved her classes based on these evaluations from the students.

  12. Which of the following statements do you agree with? Some believe that TV programs have positive influence on modern society. Others, however, think

  that the influence of TV programs is negative. Please give specific reasons for your opinion.

  As far as I am concerned, television has more positive effects towards the modern society than its negative sides. First, from the news broadcasting in the television, we can know what is happening in the outside world even without stepping out our living room with television in it. And second, watching television with family members after supper is a good way to relax after a hard day’s work. What’s more, its visual effect makes people feel less stressed and has a great influence on the way people think and talk.

  13. Which of the following three do you think is most important to you in your daily life?

  A. Cell phone


  C. On-line course

  Personally speaking, I think that the smartphone has the greatest impact on students’ life. First, it helps us to learn much more efficiently; smart phones are kind of indispensable, like very time when I come across a new word or terminology, I always take out my phone to look it up from e-dictionary or get connected online to search for its background information; second, it helps us to unwind in a better way, like after long classes, we always take out our phones to listen to some music or watch some interesting video clips to have fun and blow off steam, so when we get back to study, we could have much higher efficiency.

  14. Which one of the following do you think the university should reward?

  1)Volunteer service

  2) Athletic achievement

  3) Academic performance

  I would go with the outstanding academic performance. First, it’s a positive message to send out to all university students. My best friend in college spent the majority of his spare time studying. As a reward, the university cut back his tuition fee and granted him a 5000-yuan scholarship every semester. Other students all feel more motivated to study because of the reward now. Plus, students get to use the reward to help them further their education. My roommate uses her scholarships to pay for the application fee of her master’s program.

  15. Do you think college students should choose their majors soon as they are admitted, or should they choose majors in their second or third year in college?

  I think I will choose the latter. First, when young people graduate from high school, what they’ve got is only basic knowledge in whatever fields. Few of them know what their real interests and strong suits are. With one to two year in college however, they get to have the general idea of what higher education means. Besides, aside from the classes and instructors, they get to know sophomores, juniors and seniors in college. With real conversation and contact, they will know whether they are being too ideal or too cautious choosing their academic fields or future careers.

  16. Which one of the following jobs deserves a higher salary? Policeman, teacher or nurses?

  Personally speaking, I think policemen should get paid more money than the others for two reasons. Firstly, policemen face higher risks when at work. Police officers today are confronted with all sorts of problems, from petty theft to horrifying homicides. When we read newspapers or watch TV today, we can see police officers get hurt or even get killed in a lot of extreme cases. So it's only fair and naturally policemen get paid more. Plus, policemen usually work much harder. My neighbor used to be a policeman before he retired. It seemed like he was always at work. That's why I think policemen deserve a higher salary.

  17. If you can have a part-time job at the university, what position would you choose: a lab assistant, a campus tour guide, or a library assistant? Why?

  Personally speaking, I’d like to be a library assistant. There’re a couple of reasons. First of all, being a library assistant would enable me to be exposed to a sea of books. As we all know, libraries are the main study resources for students and there’re novels, encyclopedias and all kinds of reference books thus I could have more chances to read more if I was a library assistant. In addition, I adore the peaceful environment in the library so I could enjoy the peace and let off my steam if I worked there. Every time I visit the library in my school, the environment there will help me concentrate better.

  18. Which of the following three occupations do you prefer to be?

  1) An actor or actress

  2) A computer programmer

  3) A business owner

  Please use specific reasons and details to support your opinion.

  As for me, I would definitely like to be a business owner. First, it would be an exciting challenge for me to be in charge of a company and make most profit from it. I always dream to be a founder of a company and have the capability to manage it, just like my father who runs successfully a company for construction materials. What’s more, once I am succeed, I can be a good manager and make my company as a life-long enterprise from generation to generation. This benefit can’t be provided by neither actress nor computer programmer.

  19. Which of the following do you think the school should invest to improve student life: 1) Technology 2) Sports facilities 3) Research. Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  As far as I am concerned, schools are supposed to invest into sports facilities so that students could enjoy their life more at school. There are several reasons for it. First of all, with more sports facilities, more students could have access to various sports at the same. They don’t have to waste time waiting any more. It is definitely a great way for students to make friends when participating in team sports. Besides, most students in China are suffering from their study. It is not only beneficial to their health, but also it is a great way for them to release their pressure with the use of sports facilities.

  20. In every culture there are some customs or traditions from the past that young people no longer follow. Describe a custom or tradition which formed in the past but you wish it is still popular today. Give specific reasons why you wish it still popular.

  In my point of view, putting up the Spring Festival scrolls to welcome the Chinese New Year should be a popular tradition that young people still ought to follow. As we all know, on Spring Festival’s eve, Chinese people paste red couplets on their gates to enhance the warm traditional festival atmosphere. The poems on the couplets are usually written by calligraphers who use Chinese traditional writing brush and dip it into ink. The red Spring Festival Couplets symbolize good fortune, good health and good luck in the new coming year. So, it’s really an extremely important custom for Chinese people to inherit.


  1. All people should be required to stop working and retire by age 65. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give specific explanation in your response.

  I think it depends. For those 65-year-olds who are in good health condition and are passionate about their careers, their willingness to work should be respected and encouraged since they are still aggressive and highly productive. The compulsory policy requiring them to retire is both stupid and a great waste of valuable human resources. But for those 65-year-olds who are less energetic, yearning for retirement long before or just want to enjoy their declining years at home, their wishes should be taken into consideration as well.

  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Friends can maintain friendship even if they have disagreements. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give specific explanation in your response.

  I agree that friendships can be maintained in the presence of disagreement. True friends should not only support each other, but also challenge each other. When we disagree with our friends on something, as long as it’s not about strict moral principles, we open our minds to different ways of thinking. For example, last week I had an argument with a good friend about playing video games. I didn’t like video games at all, but he gave me a few good reasons why video games are good for our brains and stuff. I still don’t like video games, but I get what he was saying and stop judging gamers. Plus, true friendships only become stronger in the face of challenges, so not only can we maintain our friendship in times of disagreement but we also improve it.

  3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is never too late for an old people to receive high education and to get a university degree. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

  From my perspective, I totally agree with the statement that people are never too late to receive university education to get a degree. I have two reasons for holding my opinion. First of all, from university we can learn a lot. Besides the knowledge from the textbooks, we also learn skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. With knowledge and skills, we can survive in today's fierce job market and get a satisfying job after graduation. What's more, we can meet new people who are important human resources for us to have a better career. We can cooperate with each other so to succeed in the future. Those classmates we met in college can become our future human resources for many years. So, all in all, I agree with this statement.

  4. Some people prefer to listen to music while they are studying or working. Others prefer to stay in a quiet place while they are studying or working. Which way do you prefer and why? Include reasons and examples to support your response.

  I preferred listening to music while I was studying or practicing some easier subjects such as geography or English. I found I could concentrate much better when I was listening to music. It also helped me relax and not go to sleep. But that was only when I was doing these subjects. If I were doing some difficult subjects like economics and mathematics while listening to music, I easily get distracted and my concentration would definitely be on the song, which would play over and over again long after the music has actually stopped playing, which is really distracting. So it really depends on what I am studying.

  5. Some people like participating in performance like theatrical or musical show. Others prefer to be in audience watching those plays. Which one do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your answer.

  Personally, I prefer to participate in the performance. Compared with being an audience, being an actress in the show gives me more senses of achievement. And during the rehearsal, I can learn many useful things, such as teamwork, hardworking, persistence, and skills about how to deal with interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, I am an outgoing person and I am willing to show myself in public. So performing a theatrical or musical show not only allows me to do what I really want, but also gives me a chance to demonstrate myself.

  6. Do you prefer to prepare something a lot of time before deadline or wait until the last minute before deadline? Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  I would try to start a project as early as possible. Because an early-start leaves us sufficient time and energy to improve and revise, so the quality of the project could be better guaranteed; an early start also allows us to follow a systematic plan and enjoy an unhurried schedule. Actually, I used to procrastinate a lot, and a lousy time management only leads to bad consequence. I remember I was once invited to attend a high-level school presentation contest. So many things were distracting me at the time and I waited until the night before the deadline to start writing my speech, and the result was a nightmare. My mind went blank automatically when I was on the stage, which was totally embarrassing.

  7. Which do you prefer when you were a child, playing indoors or outdoors? Please give specific reasons and details to support your choice.

  I prefer to play outdoors when I was a child. Actually the place I enjoyed going to when I was a child was a park near my home. It was really beautiful, especially in good weather, inside it, you could find a lot of trees, flowers, beautiful little birds, a big lake with crystal clean water, the scenery was gorgeous. I could play all kinds of games with my friends there, like we could play hide and seek, fly kite, ride roller coaster, etc. But if I stayed indoors, that would be quite boring and miserable, because I am the only child, my parents are busy working all the time, so the last thing I want to do is stay indoors alone

  8. What would you like to do with your extra money? Spend it on objects (like books, clothes) or on experiences (like having holidays or going to concerts)? Please give specific reasons and details to support your choice.

  Personally, I would choose to spend money on vacation instead of outfits. First of all, I am the kind of person who likes new and exciting things and exploration. When travelling, I will have chances to talk to locals and get to know their culture, customs and way of living. By interacting with them I can broaden my horizons and have new perspectives on things. Eventually, traveling around makes me a well-rounded person. Additionally, it is not worth the money to buy new outfits since nobody judges you by the clothes you wear and frankly, even the most fashionable outfits will be out of date in just a few months.

  9. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The deciding factor of a student being successful is intelligence. Use details and examples to support your opinion.

  I strongly oppose the statement. Although intelligence is quite important, it cannot be considered as the deciding factor. It is more about the natural talents. I think that highly motivated quality is the determining factor of a successful student. If a student is highly motivated, he or she will have strong ambition and set goals for the future, which is a prerequisite for success. With this in mind, they will drive themselves towards the goals. What’s more, highly motivated students tend to participate more in the social activities. They can cultivate strong social skills like communication and group work, which play a very important role in their future career and the path to success.

  10. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today know more about world events than their parents did before. Use details and examples to support your opinion.

  I strongly agree that young people today know more about the world events than their parents did in the past. As we all know, nowadays, young people live in a time where high-tech products and information are easily accessible like smart phones and computers which can have much quicker access to world information. We can read world news whenever and wherever or share the global events with so many foreign friends whom we met in the internet. However, in the past, our parents’ access to media and information was limited due to the lack of technology and government restrictions. They mainly depended on newspaper and television for world news. Both were slow in reporting the latest events. Therefore, I believe people today have a better grasp of information worldwide.

  11. Some students like to choose university with a high reputation but no scholarship, others prefer to choose a university with scholarship but less reputable. Which one do you like to choose?

  Well, personally, I would prefer to study in a less well-known university with a scholarship. To begin with, the university tuition can be really expensive, and getting scholarship can help me to relieve my financial pressure. Consequently, I can concentrate on my study. Additionally, most of the time, one needs to be research assistant or teaching assistant upon receiving the scholarship. These teaching and research experience will be very helpful for my future, like when I plan to apply for a graduate school and even future jobs, and I will get a better to achieve my dreams in the future.

  12. Describe a good study habit you have that is different from other students. Explain how this habit helped you. Please include reasons and details to support your response.

  I believe a good habit I have is to search information on the Internet whenever I have questions about my study. To start with, there’re many academic studying materials located only in other cities or countries, being unconnected with the real books, I can download their electronic versions. In this way, not only can I enjoy the studying materials, but can save lots of money and time as well. What’s more, whenever I’m confused with the mathematic problems, I can go to the Math’s BBS to participate in the discussion with students form different educational background to absorb more knowledge. All in all, searching the information on the Internet is a good study habit I have.

  13. Some people like to collect old things such as newspapers. Others throw things away after they have used them. Which do you prefer and why?

  Because I am some kind of nostalgia type, I prefer keeping old things to just throwing them away as rubbish. Many old things are filled with sweet memories which can remind people of their past. Thanks to my mom, I still have many toys I played with when I was a little girl. Secondly, old items may have great value for collection. Take newspapers for example. The one with Chairman Mao’s opening speech on the Founding Ceremony for China in 1949 surely will be a good bargain in an antique market.

  14. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that it is important for young people to learn skills like cooking, sewing and caring for others? Please include reasons and details in your response.

  Personally, I definitely think that young people should learn to do household tasks. First, they can develop many important qualities through learning domestic skills. They will learn how to be a responsible person, and that is a cornerstone for them to become a better person. During this process, they will also get a sense of achievement if they do a lot of housework. Additionally, if they have skills like vacuuming the floor, doing laundry, or even walking the dog and doing stuff like that, they can be more independent when they go to a college far away from home.

  15. Some people like to have a break or get a job during summer vacation. Others think it is better to take a class. Which one do you prefer and why?

  I try to take on a part-time job during my summer vacations, if I can. Sometimes it will only be for one day a week. It’s just always helpful to get the work experience and keep myself on some sort of productive schedule. I’m much less likely to take a class during the summer. I’m often so exhausted from all the homework and tests and papers from the school year that I truly need to get away from it for a while. I need to recharge. That way, I can start the new school year with a good attitude, not feeling like I’m going to crash and burn immediately. So my summers are an easy blend of relaxing and working a simple job. I find that it helps make the rest of the year more productive and fulfilling.

  16. Some people make decisions depending on themselves, while others tend to refer to others for advice. Which do you prefer and why?

  Actually, I prefer to refer to others for advice. First off, I can get advice from seniors, they have richer life experience than young people, including good and bad ones. By learning from their experience, we can avoid previous mistakes. Also, it teaches me to be a humble and modest person so I can hunker down and be successful. Most importantly, everybody needs assurance, or a better way to do things and someone out there is always better than you at something. For example, you can ask advice from a doctor if you have a medical condition, one can ask a professor for advice if you have a hard time to decide which topic to write about for a term paper.

  17. Some people like to take less informative but interesting lectures; others like to take boring but more content rich lectures. Which do you prefer?

  Well, personally I like to attend less informative but interesting lectures. Frankly, most of the lectures on campus are academic oriented and lots of topics are pretty boring, consequently one finds it hard to concentrate for a long time. However, if the lecture is interesting, I am motived to learn more about the topic. If the lecture itself is pretty boring, there will never be a chance for me to focus on the it for a long time. Eventually, even though it is very informative, however, I will not learn anything.

  18. Some people prefer a high-paying job that requires them to travel a lot while others prefer a job that pays less but doesn't require them to travel. Which one do you prefer and why? Please include specific examples and reasons in your response.

  I prefer a high-paying job even though it may require a lot of travelling. I will further explain my choice from two aspects. First, I believe travelling can broaden my horizons. I can go to many different places and experience different lifestyles and I don’t even have to pay for the travel expenses. Second, a high-paying job could improve my living standard. I could spend the money in the way I want to. I could sign up a piano class or travel abroad. I can support my family better and make my parents proud of me.

  19. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Employees should be prohibited to listen to music at work. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  I support the idea that employees should not be allowed to listen to music when they’re doing their work. For one thing, listening to music can be very distracting and the employees cannot concentrate on doing their work and it’s definitely a waste of time. When I’m doing my homework while listening to music I’m easily distracted by the melody of the song and my working efficiency can be much lower. Second, listening to music can influence others in the office as well. Others may do the same thing and that will definitely create a terrible working environment. So I don’t think it’s a good idea for employers to allow their employees to listen to music at work.

  20. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents today put more pressure on their children than parents in the past. Use specific examples and details to support your opinion.

  Parents today definitely put more stress on their kids because of the global economy recent years. Parents have no choice but to begin to equip their kids with all kinds of skills from a very young age. For instance, in my parents’ generation, they didn’t need to be proficient in computers or English and they were able to find a steady job that could support a family. However, when I was little, my mom and dad sent me to English lessons, drawing clubs, tennis team and etc. Everyone in my generation is pushed by their parents to learn more so that they can cope with today’s fast-paced world and won’t be beaten by peer pressure.



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