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  1. Sometimes people behave impolitely in public. Describe a behavior you find inconsiderate, explain why.

  In my opinion, discussion during the movie is really annoying and impolite. Coz the cinema is a public space, and the process of watching a movie is private, we need a quiet environment to get totally involved in the plots; any discussion will be extremely unwelcome and disturbing. Like last week, I went to the theatre to watch the newly released blockbuster, Warcraft. Two girls sitting beside me were constantly making noises, talking, eating popcorn and even giggling, other audiences including me were extremely offended, we tried to stop them but failed. Eventually, they were forced to leave, but our precious watching experience was totally ruined!

  2. Choose one of the following natural environments and explain why you would like to live there most: mountain, forest, desert, prairie, seashore or somewhere else? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  If I were to choose, I would choose living by the seashore. One reason is that I can get closer to nature. There are many species of plants and animals, some of them are exotic and quite fascinating. I can walk on the sand, enjoy the breathtaking view and listen to the sound of seagulls. Life on the seashore is much fun and colorful because there are also many activities I can engage in such as surfing, playing volleyball and so on.

  3. Police officers, transportation workers or building designers, which do you think is the most important to a city? Please use specific reasons and details to support your opinion.

  As far as I am concerned, I would probably say police officers are the most significant to a city. There are two reasons for it. First of all, police officers are trying their very best to protect people from getting harmed physically and financially. According to a survey, Chinese police officers are one of the best in the world. They are able to solve crime cases efficiently. In addition, people will feel safe under the protection of police officers. For example, because of police officers, there is no need for people to worry about being robbed when carrying much money with them.

  4. Your countries now take measures to attract a large amount of foreign tourists to their tourism sites. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of attracting a large amount of foreign tourists to tourism sites, give examples to illustrate your points.

  The advantages of these measures are very obvious. The more tourists attracted, the more tickets sold and the more revenues made. Governments can use this money to repair and maintain these tourism sites. Having more people visit these sites is also good for a country’s public image. There are some shortcomings as well. Some of the famous tourism sites in China suffer from a heavy load of visitors. It’s a shame that some people carve their names in trees and buildings. These marks are ugly and they last forever.

  5. Describe a day that you enjoyed the most or was the most special to you. Include reasons and details to support your response.

  Well, the most important day for me is the college graduating ceremony last summer. Because that's the last day I spent at school and after that, I would say goodbye to all my student life. I still remember that in this ceremony, a lot of professors and students gave speeches and we received the diplomas individually and after that we went out and took pictures with classmates and professors around the campus. The last day is serious. I remember I spent at school and after that I would be on a new page so I felt really excited about it.

  6. Which of the following do you think is the most difficult and challenging for university students?

  1) Being far away from families

  2) Finding time to relax

  3) Making new friends

  Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  As I am prepared to go to study in a foreign country, I can imagine that making new friends there must be the most challenging one. First, as a non-native speaker, I cannot communicate with the native speakers very well. As a result, I may stay indoors without contact with the locals. To immerse myself in the local environment, I need to learn how to speak the language so that I can trade ideas with the local people and make new friends with them. Second, I might also feel uncomfortable to speak with people from different countries. I may find it hard to express myself and difficult to swap ideas with other people partly due to my personality. So I need to become open and feel free to talk to the locals. And thus I can make new friends and feel no longer lonely.

  7. Describe one family member who has different characteristics from other members.

  My Aunt Vivian is crazy about jazz music. She’s always going to jazz shows and concerts around the city. Whenever I visit her house, there are trumpets blaring from the speakers of her stereo. It’s funny because nobody else in our family cares much for jazz. Not me, not my parents, not even Aunt Vivian’s husband. It sounds just like noise to us, honestly. But we try to learn when she talks about it! She’s such an animated person, too. She’ll talk so fast, explaining what the different instruments are doing, that I can barely understand her sometimes. But I admire her knowledge and her dedication to jazz. She could probably teach a class on it if she wanted.

  8. Nowadays many people move to cities to work and study. What advantages does moving to cities bring to people?

  There are numerous benefits one can get by working and studying in a big city. For example, people are likely to get better education, medical treatment, and even social welfare. Apart from that, a big city is multicultural and full of dynamics. There are people from all over the country and even from around the globe. Getting a chance to experience different languages, customs and cultures will benefit the kids a lot when they grow up and it will make them a better and well-rounded person. Furthermore, fresh graduate can land their dream jobs much easily than in a small city, where the job opportunities are relatively scarce.

  9. Describe a time that disappointed you, what happened and what’s your response?

  Well, I would like to say last summer. Lily, one of my best friends, was supposed to pick me up at New York airport but she failed to come because she had no other choice but to finish her paper, or she may fail in her final grade. At first, I felt disappointed because it was the first time to come to this mega city and I am quite unfamiliar with the whole situation. Most importantly, Lily broke her promise. However, I showed my understanding to her, and comfort her by saying I might be able to call a taxi to reach her campus.

  10. Which of the following groups would you like to join?

  1) Campus newspaper

  2) Hiking club

  3) Dorm improvement committee

  Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  Without doubt, I would like to join hiking club. There are several reasons for it. First and most important one is I am a big fan of nature. It offers a great opportunity for me to get close to nature, enjoying the sunshine, breathing fresh air as well as listening to birds’ singing. Besides, in this club, I am able to make some friends who have much in common with me. It will be great to go hiking with some people regularly. You won’t feel bored while hiking. You could also encourage each other when having difficulty going to the top. Furthermore, hiking is beneficial to my health. It could also give me a sense of achievement after I reach the top of a mountain.



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