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  Describe a project or an assignment which is important to you. Explain why it is important. Please include specific details in your answer.



  Describe what your life would be like if you were banned from using your cellphone for a month. Give specific details and examples in your response. "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的事件类话题。


  Describe the famous person you admire most. Explain why you admire this person. Include details and examples to support your response.



  Describe a skill you want to learn. Include reasons and details to support your response.



  As for students, how to get better grades and improve efficiency in the class? Include reasons and details to support your response.



  Describe a piece of news that excited you.Why did it excite you?Please include specific reasons and details in your answer.



  Some countries now take measures to attract a large amount of foreign tourists to their tourism sites. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of attracting a large amount of foreign tourists to tourism sites, give examples to illustrate your points.



  Your community center now offers classes on the weekends for free, which of the following class you will choose to take, give reason to explain your choose. 1) A financial course to help you manage money 2) Car maintenance and repair 3) Review of Latin-American music.



  Describe the person to whom you would like to turn for advice when you have a problem. Explain why you would like to turn to this person for advice? Please include details in your answer.


  2)参考回答思路:1. 比如说你求助的这个人一定可以给你有效的帮助,可以是长辈,可以是朋友;2.细节可以从生活经验、人生经历,心态,学识以及是否有乐于助人的性格等角度出发,结合自己的经历来说。"

  Describe one important thing you learnt in your childhood. Please include reasons and details to support your response.




  Between the following two places where would you choose to live?1.Big and new place but far from your workplace or university; 2.Small and old place but near your workplace or university. "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的生活方式类话题

  2)建议答题思路:比如选择2;理由一:it's convenient to go to school or work;理由二:small and old place could also be warm and cozy."

  Some college students prefer to attend classes regularly because they believe that only in the class atmosphere can they focus on the reading. Others, however, believe that the best reading can only be done outside the classroom. Which reading method do you think is better and why? "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的学习类话题

  2)建议思路:learning and reading in the school library.(outside the classroom)

  理由1:A quiet environment to read

  理由2:It's easy to find the study materials you need in the library."

  When facing difficult situations, some people prefer to get advice from older like parents and teachers. Others prefer to get advice from friends of the same age. Which do you prefer and why? Give specific details and examples to explain your answer. "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的生活方式类话题

  2)建议答题思路:比如选择get advice from the older;理由一:they are more experienced and mature. 理由二:they could even offer more than advice to solve your problem."

  When you plan to go onvacation with your friends, will you go to a place you've never been to, or go to a cheap place? "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的生活方式类话题

  2)建议答题思路:比如选择go to a place you have never been to;理由一:experience and explore a new place;理由二:excitement and happiness matters most in terms of a vacation, not money."

  Do you like to stay with a lot of friends or just a small group of friends? "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的生活方式类话题

  2)建议答题思路:比如选择a small group of friends;理由一:quality matters not the number about true friends, especially for those with similar interests;理由二:it's hard to get a consensus when there are too many people because everyone has his or her likes and dislikes. "

  Which do you prefer? working with technolgy or working without much technology? "1)本题属于TOEFL口语常考的工作类话题

  2)建议答题思路:比如选择working with technolgy;理由一:Technology is the main trend in this era;理由二:learn something new from a modern work style."

  If there is misunderstanding between you and your friend, do you prefer to solve the problem in public places or private places like home?


  2)建议答题思路:比如选择solve the problem in private places;理由一:express themselves more freely;理由二:We have to consider each other's feelings and reactions when communicating about the misunderstanding. So a private place is a second-to-none choice."

  Which do you prefer? Watch a movie silently or chatting with others?


  2)建议答题思路:比如选择Watching a movie silently;理由一:one of the best ways to relax oneself;理由二:learn to think independently and plan personal life by viewing others'stories."

  Do you prefer high-paid jobs or those that suit your personality.Please explain your preference with specific reasons.


  2)建议答题思路:比如选择jobs that suit your personality;理由一:only jobs that suit your personality could bring you happiness and satisfaction, which can't be measured by money ;理由二:the jobs that make you happy and satisfied certainly bring you excellent performance as well as the money."

  Some students prefer to study for very long time but only once during a week. Others prefer to study for several short times during a week. Which way do you prefer and why? Please use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


  2)建议答题思路:比如选择study for very long time but only once during a week;理由一:more consecutive and systematic;理由二:more efficiently concentrated on learning and save much time."



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