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  1.持某观点: claim ( contend, deem, reckon, assert, share the belief that )

  2.支持某观点: advocate (maintain vote for side with be in favor of )

  3.反对某观点: contradict (criticize be against cast doubts on )

  4.合理的:justified ( sensible feasible convincing, persuasive, rational,

  practicable, logical, wise, sagacious, viable, preferable, advisable,

  appropriate, hold water bear much analysis)

  5.好处: advantage (benefit, merit, positive side, upside, boon, pros)

  6.弊端: disadvantage( defect, demerit, negative side, downside, flaw,

  drawback, bane, cons)

  7.肯定:undoubtedly (indeed undeniably there is no denying that)

  8.不确定:be likely to ( potentially presumably)

  9.重要的:essential (significant, vital, crucial, critical, fundamental,


  10.有益的:beneficial (conducive instrumental )

  11.有害的:detrimental (harmful virulent)

  12.有争议的:controversial (disputable, contentious)

  13.普遍的:widespread ( prevalent, universal)

  14.显著地:considerably (significantly, remarkably, dramatically,

  tremendously, substantially)

  15. 明显的:evident (apparent, manifest)

  16. 增强:enhance (strengthen,boost)

  17. 减少:decline (descend, collapse, relieve)

  18. 大约:approximately(nearly, around, estimated, roughly)

  19. 趋势: trend(tendency, inclination)

  20. 预见: predict (expect, project)

  21. 带来 bring about (result in, lead to)

  22. 产生,引起 create (spark ; yield;; give rise to)

  23. 建立 establish (found, institute)

  24. 要求 call for (request,demand)

  25. 去除 eliminate(remove, eradicate)

  26. 探讨 explore (examine, identify)

  27. 表明,描绘 indicate (depict, portray, illustrate)

  28. 满足…需求 meet the need of ( satisfy the requirement of, cater for the

  demand of)

  29. 足够 adequate (enough; sufficient)

  30. 解决 tackle ( resolve, address)

  31. 意识 awareness(consciousness)

  32. 控制 curb ( regulate, censor)

  33. 解释:account for ( be responsible for, be attributed to)

  34. 投资 finance (invest in, subsidize)

  35. 缓解 relieve ( ease, alleviate)

  36. 压力 stress ( pressure, strain)

  37. 遵循 observe (follow, conform to)

  38. 继承 inherit (hand down,carry forward)

  39. 培养 cultivate (train, foster)

  40. 促进 promote ( contribute to, upgrade)

  41. 适应 adapt to (adjust to, acclimate to)

  42. 提供 provide (render, afford)

  43. 替代 replace (substitute, take the place of)

  44. 保护 preserve (protect,safeguard)

  45. 证据 evidence (proof)

  46. 赢得 gain (acquire, attain)

  47. 国外的 foreign( alien, exotic)

  48. 重视 attach importance to (emphasis, highlight)

  49. 发展 advance (development, progress)

  50. 倾向于 tend to ( be inclined to , be apt to)

  51. 吸引 attract (allure, tempt)

  52. 专注的 be absorbed in(be immersed in, devote oneself to)

  53. 目的是 aim at ( The purpose is )

  54. 实现 achieve (fulfill, implement)

  55. 危害 endanger ( threaten; jeopardize)

  56. 损害 undermine (impair, damage)

  57. 阻碍 hinder (obstruct, impede)

  58. 禁止 forbid (ban, prohibit)

  59. 责备 blame( denounce, criticize)

  60. 污染 pollute (contaminate, stain)

  61. 腐蚀 erode(wear away, corrode)

  62. 欺骗 deceive (cheat, defraud)

  63. 冲突 conflict ( shock, tension)

  64. 驱使 prompt (spur, incite)

  65.贪婪的 acquisitive(money-oriented,materialistic)

  66.自私的 self-centered (selfish, inconsiderate)

  67.体谅的 considerate (understanding, sympathetic)

  68.冷漠的 indifferent (apathetic, aloof)

  69.奢侈的 wasteful (luxurious, extravagant)

  70.残忍的 inhumane(brutal, barbaric)

  71.绝望的 hopeless(despairing, desperate)

  72.过分的 excessive (extravagant, exorbitant)

  73.激烈的 intense (fierce, vigorous)

  74.严厉的 stringent (rigorous, rigid)

  75.与…相关 be related to( be associated with, be linked to)

  76.难以置信的 unbelievable(incredulous, virtual)

  77.惊人的 extraordinary (marvelous, spectacular)

  78.有抱负的 ambitious(aggressive, aspirant)

  79.固有的 inherent(nature, innate)

  80.稳定的 steady (stable, constant)

  81.恶化 worsen (aggravate, deteriorate)

  82.夸大 exaggerate ( overstate)

  83.限制 restrain (constrain, confine)

  84.拆除 tear down(knock down, pull down)

  85.加速 accelerate (speed up, precipitate)

  86.占优势 predominate (dominate)

  87.分辨 distinguish (differentiate, discern)

  88.抵消 counteract (offset, cancel out)

  89.开展 launch (conduct, carry out)

  90.承担 assume (shoulder, accept)

  91.颁布, 制定 enact (enforce, promulgate, map out )

  92.影响 influence(impact,pervade)

  93.差异 difference (distinction, gap)

  94.交流 communicate(exchange, associate)

  95.接触 have access to (make contact with, keep in touch with)

  96.优先 give priority to (put…into first place)

  97.节约 economize ( conserve, cherish)

  98.面临 be faced with (be confronted with)

  99.措施 measure (step, action)

  100.注意 beware ( prevent, guard against)




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