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  [1] The little boy is dirty from head to foot because he______in the mud all morning.

  [译文] 这个小孩一身很脏,因为污泥中玩了一上午。

  A. has played   B. is playing

  C. has been playing   D. was playing

  [答案] C。 从is dirty from head to foot和all morning判断应用一直在玩。现在完成时态和现在完成进行时态都是说明动作由过去开始,该动作延续到现在。

  [2] I remember______this used to be a quiet village.

  [译文] 我记得那时,这是个僻静的村庄。

  A. when   B. how

  C. where   D. what

  [答案] A。 when引导宾语从句,表示""。village已有quiet修饰,不能再用how引导从句,C

  [3] Anne looks______in red while green clothes are nice ______Helen.

  [译文] Anne穿着红色的衣服很美,然而Helen穿着绿色的衣服很不错。

  A. good; on   B. well; in

  C. good; at   D. well; for

  [答案] A。 D不合题意。

  [4] I advised that he ______to the hospital at once, but he insisted that he quite well then.

  [译文] 我建议把他立即送到医院去,可他坚持说他觉得很好。

  A. be sent; was feeling   B. was sent; felt

  C. be sent; feel   D. should be sent; should feel

  [答案] A。 taste,sound,feel,look,smell与形容词连用表示某人或某物的一种状态

  [5] All the students went to see ______ with her.

  [译文] 所有同学都去看她出了什么事?

  A. what the matter was   B. what was the matter

  C. what wrong was   D. what was the wrong

  [答案] B。 性质。这五个动词是系动词,故这几个动词没有被动语态形式,只用于一般现在时和一般过去时。

  [6] --You’ve made great progress in your studies of English, haven’t you? --Yes, but much ______.

  [译文] ——英语系上取得的了很大的进步,是吗?  ——是的,但还有很多东西要学。

  A. remains to do   B. is remained to do

  C. remains to be done   D. is remained to be done

  [答案] C。 remain作系动词用,本身不用于被动语态,有时与不定式的被动结构构成合成谓语,意为"尚待"。

  [7] --Why didn’t you tell Ann the truth?  --______ .

  [译文] --为什么你不把真相告诉Ann。  --我告诉过她了呀。

  A. Yes, I was afraid to be scolded by her   B. No, but I wanted to

  C. But I did   D. I always hate telling lies

  [答案] C。 特殊疑问句,答句不能用Yes或No开头。

  [8] Hardly ______ when the bus suddenly pulled away.

  [译文] 他们一到车站,车就开走了。

  A. they had got to the bus stop   B. they got to the bus stop

  C. did they get to the bus stop   D. had they got to the bus stop

  [答案] D。 否定副词hardly放于句首构成倒装句。Hardly+had+主语+done when...did...是固定的句式。选项A

  [9] He is always______fault with other people though he doesn’t do his own work properly.

  [译文] 他一天不认真干自己的工作总是在寻找他人的毛病。

  A. seeking   B. looking

  C. finding   D. putting

  [答案] C。 B应用倒装语序

  [10] --Do you know anyone in Paris?    --No, I’ll make friends once______ .

  [译文] --你在巴黎有熟人吗?  --没有,一旦我在那儿安家会交朋友的。

  A. I’m settled   B. I have settled

  C. I’ll be settled   D. I’m settling

  [答案] A。 seek探寻,look看(不及物动词,不加宾语),find找到,put放。

  [11] --How is_______ going with you?    -- So so.

  [译文] --你近况如何?   --就那样。

  A. everything   B. anything

  C. something   D. nothing

  [答案] A。 everything在这里是"一切"的意思。

  [12] I’m not very good at playing chess. He often _______ me.

  [译文] 我不太擅长下棋。他经常赢我。

  A. beats   B. wins

  C. hits   D. fights

  [答案] A。 在比赛中战胜对手用beat;win指"赢得某项比赛",后接比赛项目的名词。

  [13] He asked several questions_______ the professor who gave us a lecture_______the balance of nature.

  [译文] 他经常向那个教授提问,他给我们讲关于生态平衡的讲座。

  A. with; for   B. from; of

  C. to; about   D. of; on

  [答案] D。 ask表示"提出请求或问题"时,其间接宾语可用of引出。后一空白填on表示书

  [14] This colour TV is very expensive, but not_______.

  [译文] 这个彩电很贵,而且质量也不太好。

  A. so better   B. as better

  C. so well   D. as good

  [答案] D。 so应与形容词原级连用,so good表示质量好,so well只用于表示人身体健康状况时,well是形容词。如:I am feeling well.其他句式中well是副词

  [15] More than_______ of the workers_______from Paris.

  [译文] 超过百分之十的工人来自巴黎。

  A. ten percents; is   B. ten percent; are

  C. three times; was   D. percents ten; comes

  [答案] B。 百分数+of+可数名词,谓语动词用复数形式;百分数+不可数名词,谓语动词应用单数第三人称形式。

  [16] It worried her a bit that her hair_______ grey.

  [译文] 她的头发变白了使得她有点着急。

  A. was turning   B. has turned

  C. turns   D. will turn

  [答案] A。 从句的时态应该和主句的时态保持一致。

  [17] _______ she did was right. So everyone always believed(in)her.

  [译文] 无论她做什么都是对的。所以大家都信任她。

  A. What   B. Whatever

  C. How   D. When

  [答案] B。 主句中差主语,同时从句中差宾语;当what和whatever同时出现应首选whoever。

  [18] Mrs.Green wants to buy that kind of cloth because she_______ that the cloth_______very well.

  [译文] 格林太太想买那种布料,因为她被告知那种布料耐洗。

  A. has been told; washes   B. has told; washes

  C. has been told; is washed   D. is told; is washed

  [答案] A。 wash well好洗,容易洗。表示某物体状态的动词是不及物动词。一些及物动词也可充当不及物动词表示某一种状态,在动词后常用well好,easily break易碎,wear long耐穿。

  [19] He was determined that his children_______ to the best school available.

  [译文] 他决心让他的孩子上尽可能好的学校。

  A. should go   B. went

  C. ought to go   D. would go

  [答案] A。 be determined引出从句用should do sth.。require,order,demand,recommend和be determined从句中,谓语动词用should do形式做谓语,或省去should,只用动词原形做

  [20] _______ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present.

  [译文] 他在会上所说的话使在场的人都感到惊讶。

  A. What   B. That

  C. The fact   D. The matter

  [答案] A。 主句中差主语,同时从句中差宾语用引导what主语从句



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