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  [1] The research is so designed that once ______ nothing can be done to change it.

  [译文] 这个研究一旦开始什么都不能使它改变。

  A. begins   B. having begun

  C. beginning   D. begun

  [答案] D。 once begun是once引导的条件状语从句的省略形式。= Once it is begun

  [2] One way to understand thousands of new words is to gain _____ good knowledge of basic word formation.

  [译文] 认识数千词汇的一个办法是掌握构词法。

  A. /   B. the

  C. a   D. one

  [答案] C。 have / gain a knowledge of 是一个固定搭配,"掌握"的意思。

  [3] Luckily, the bullet narrow missed the captain ______ an inch.

  [译文] 真幸运,子弹差一英寸就击中上尉了。

  A. by   B. at

  C. to   D. from

  [答案] A。 by an inch 相隔一英寸。固定表达法。

  [4] I feel it is your husband who _____ for the spoiled child.

  [译文] 我认为是你的丈夫该为这个被溺爱的孩子而受到责备。

  A. is to blame   B. is going to blame

  C. is to be blamed   D. should blame

  [答案] A。 责备,抱怨某人,用主动形式不用被动。Sb. is to blame for sth.

  [5] Mrs. Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera, ________?

  [译文] 布莱克太太不相信她的儿子能够设计数码相机,是吧?

  A. is he   B. isn’t he

  C. doesn’t she   D. does she

  [答案] D。 复合句的反意疑问句的附加疑问部分一般说来与主句一致。

  [6] We thought of selling this old furniture, but we’ve decided to _____ it. It might be valuable.

  [译文] 我们原想卖掉旧家具,但我们决定保留着也许他们有价值呢。

  A. hold on to   B. keep up with

  C. turn to   D. look after

  [答案] A。 hold on to保留;keep up with保持联系;turn to求助于;look after照料。

  [7] There is a feeling _____ me______ we’ll never know what a UFO is --- not ever.

  [译文] 我有一种感觉,我们会弄清楚什么是UFO,不会很久的。

  A. in; that   B. on; which

  C. for; for which   D. by; what

  [答案] A。 在某人身上介词用in;此句中有一个同位语从句。

  [8] Perseverance is a kind of quality--- and that is _____ it takes to do anything well.

  [译文] 毅力是一种素质。那是将什么都能做好的素质。

  A. what   B. that

  C. which   D. why

  [答案] A。 此句是it take sth. to do sth.句型。perseverance做take的宾语。

  [9] He was about to tell me the secret_____ someone patted him on the shoulder.

  [译文] 正当他打算把这个秘密告诉我的时候,有人拍他的肩膀。

  A. as   B. until

  C. while   D. when

  [答案] D。 在主句是be about to do sth.的情况下,从句用when引导。

  [10] _____ to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one’s skin.

  [译文] 暴露在阳光下太久将对一个人的皮肤有害。

  A. Exposed   B. having exposed

  C. Being exposed   D. After being exposed

  [答案] C。 动名词短语做主语,用系表结构表示状态。

  [11] _____ she was afraid at that time, she would say no to the plan.

  [译文] 要不是当时她害怕,他会不同那个计划的。

  A. But for   B. If

  C. But that   D. When

  [答案] C。 but that "要不是",引导一个从句。

  [12] --What’s the matter? You really look down. -- _______. --Well, better luck next time.

  [译文] --怎么啦? 你看起来情绪低落。-- ________. 喔,下次好运!

  A. Why, I always look up to you   B. I failed an important test

  C. I have a bad cold   D. Me? I never look down upon anybody

  [答案] B。 look down意为"情绪低落",下句"望你下一次走好运"与"考试不及格"相吻合。

  [13] So loudly_______ that everyone of the class could hear him.

  [译文] 他大声地讲话,让每个人都能听得见。

  A. did he speak   B. did he spoke

  C. spoke he   D. he spoke

  [答案] A。 "So+形容词","So+副词"放于句首时,构成倒装句,句中要加助动词。

  [14] --May I have a talk with one of your sports reporters? --Sorry, but all of them are out to______the main events of the day.

  [译文] --我可以和你们的体育记者谈一谈吗? --对不去,都出去采访去了。

  A. get   B. find

  C. cover   D. search

  [答案] C。 get the information得到信息,find找到,cover the events采访事件,search the house搜查这所房子。

  [15] --Did you write to Mary last month? --No, but I’ll_______her over Christmas Day.

  [译文] --你上个月没给玛丽写信呀? --是的,但在圣诞节期间我要去见她。

  A. be seen   B. be seeing

  C. have seen   D. have been seeing

  [答案] B。 将来进行时will/shall be doing sth.。可用于表达预计即将发生或势必要发生的动作,在一般情况下可和一般将来时换用,用将来进行时则显得更加委婉。

  [16] --What do you think of the Prime Minister’s address to the nation? --I like________of what he said.

  [译文] --你认为总理的讲话如何?    --大部分我都喜欢。

  A. more   B. many

  C. few   D. much

  [答案] D。 address(讲话)是整体名词,表示整体的一大部分不可数,该用much代替。

  [17] Dark glasses are sometimes worn to ________the eyes from strong sunlight.

  [译文] 有时戴墨镜是为了保护眼睛不受到阳光的伤害。

  A. prevent   B. care

  C. defend   D. protect

  [答案] D。 protect...from意为"保护……不受伤害";prevent...from意为"阻止……发生"。

  [18] Hillen used to be very shy, but she has grown________it now.

  [译文] Hillen 过去很害羞,但随着年龄增大而改掉了。

  A. without   B. over

  C. away   D. out of

  [答案] D。 grow out of在此表示"因年岁增大而改掉"的意思。

  [19] My command of Chinese is not________yours.

  [译文] 我对汉语的掌握还不如你的一半好。

  A. as half as   B. so half good as

  C. good as half as   D. half so good as

  [答案] D。 表示倍数的词应放在so+形容词+as或as+形容词+as结构的前面,so+形容词+as用于否定句。

  [20] Miss Smith is a friend of________.

  [译文] 史密斯小姐玛丽妈妈的一位朋友。

  A. Mary’s mother’s   B. Mary’s mother

  C. Mary mother’s   D. mother’s of Mary

  [答案] A。 a friend of Mary’s mother’s玛丽妈妈的一位朋友,在of后要加名词所有格,应注意英语这种双重所属的用法。



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