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  1、[概括大意]Radar is now a familiar tool. Like many others it was an unexpected discovery. It was first observed by two researchers, who were studying sound communication. They were sending signals from a station on one side of a river in Washington D to a vehicle across the river. They discovered that their signals were stopped by passing ships. They recognized the importance of this discovery at once.

  The main idea of this paragraph is__________.

  A、Study of Radar

  B、Radar is now a familiar tool

  C、Radar Working Principles

  D、Radar was Discovered by Chance


  答案解析:unexpected,“没有预见到的”,等于答案D中的by chance“偶然间的”。这道题用到了同义词替换这一解题方法。

  2、[填句补文]It‘s now socially acceptable, even fashionable, to live alone. As people get better jobs and become financially independent, it becomes possible for them to maintain a one-person household. ________. However, people who do get married are marrying at a later age and divorcing more often.

  A、There‘s more pressure to get married nowadays.

  B、The growing number of women with good jobs has done much to increase the number of people living alone.

  C、It seems that many grown-ups today are realizing that childhood dream.

  D、More and more Americans are living alone.



  3、[概括大意]The best evidence of the theory can be found in what the more fortunate West has experienced in its road to modern civilization. Their experience is also applicable to China. Chinese permanent prosperity depends on young ambitious generations who are guaranteed excellent education and are conscious of the responsibility they will have shouldered for the future.

  The main idea of this paragraph is__________.

  A、Youth are the hope of a nations prosperity.

  B、A nations prosperity cannot be made possible without ambitious young elite.

  C、The prosperity a nation expects to enjoy is not possible without educational development.

  D、Education plays a very important part in enhancing national quality of Chinese citizens.



  4、[填句补文] Although the researchers have only just made the technical details of the microscope public, it is already on sale. It is currently the size of a refrigerator and takes several minutes to scan a circuit, but Xiao and Schrag are working ________.

  A、to take tiny chips we require

  B、to making chips any smaller

  C、to shrink it to the size of a desktop computer and cut the scanning time to 30 seconds

  D、of conducting electricity



  He would _______ that all the classified data should be kept safe when in office.






  答案解析:本题考查动词意义区分。【译文】他保证在办公室里的所有机密数据处于安全状态。【详细解答】A 使确信,使有信心;B 确保(某事)发生,担保;C 为……投保,给……保险;D 安全的,没有危险的

  5、[阅读理解]Gyorgy Buzsaki of Rutgers University and his colleagues analyzed the brain waves of sleeping rats and mice. Specifically, they examined the electrical activity emanating from the somatosensory neocortex(an area that processes sensory information)and the hippocampus, which is a center for learning and memory. The scientists found that oscillations in brain waves from the two regions appear to be intertwined. So-called sleep spindles(bursts of activity from the neocortex)were followed tens of milliseconds later by beats in the hippocampus known as ripples. The team posits that this interplay between the two brain regions is a key step in memory consolidation. A second study, also published online this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, links age-associated memory decline to high glucose levels.

  What is the result of the experiment with rats and mice carried out at Rutgers University

  A、The electrical activity is emanating from the somatosensory neocortex.

  B、Oscillations in brain waves are from hippocampus.

  C、Somatosensory neocortex and hippocampus work together in memory consolidation.

  D、Somatosensory neocortex plays it primary role in memory consolidation.


  答案解析:答案选C。本段告诉我们,科学家分析了老鼠的脑电波,尤其是从somatosensory neocortex和hippocampus两个区域发出的脑电波。该段是后两句指出,这两个大脑区域的活动是互相作用的。本段并没有说 somatosensory neocortex或 hippocampus起主导作用。

  6、[概括大意]They always complained(抱怨) more or less justly, that their parents are out of touch with modern ways. They also blamed that their parents always have a final say. And the young felt that their parents do not trust their children to deal with crises. Besides, they dissatisfied too much murmurs of their parents about certain problems and the lack of sense of humor in dealing with the problems, at least in parents-children relationships.

  The main idea of this paragraph is__________.

  A、The criticisms to their parents can be kept out of the young people‘s mind in following ways.

  B、It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents at times and to blame them for most of the misunderstanding between them.

  C、There are so many criticism to their parents among the young people.

  D、Young people have gotten enough reasons to criticize their parents.


  答案解析:本题段落中的各句列举了年轻人都抱怨其父母些什么,谈的是what are the criticisms?的问题因此选择C。

  7、[阅读理解]The other side of a state legal apparatus is a state military apparatus. While the one protects the individual from violence, the other sacrifices the individual to violence in the interests of the state. In war the state affirms supreme power over the individuals within its own borders. War is not simply a trial by combat to settle disputes between states; it is the moment when the state makes its most powerful demands upon its people for their commitment, allegiance, and supreme sacrifice.

  The word “allegiance” is closest in meaning to ______.






  答案解析:解本题可用同类词关系进行判断。在“allegiance”前后的两个词分别是commitment和 sacrifice,应能判断出这三个词相对于国家而言是同一类词,再利用排除法,不难选出正确答案A。

  8、[填句补文]The author says that interpersonal relations should be taught as a required course in every school, along with reading, writing, and mathematics. ________. That is at least as important as how much we know.

  A、Much of what has been said about strangers also applies to relationships with family members and friends.

  B、He keeps looking over the other person‘s shoulder, as if hoping to find someone more interesting in another part of the room.

  C、Every time you meet someone in a social situation, give him your undivided attention for four minutes.

  D、In his opinion, success in life depends mainly on how we get along with other people.



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