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  Section A

  Q1: Who did Addison raise money for?

  答案:B) Her little brother.

  Q2: How did Addison raise money?

  答案:C) By selling lemonade and pictures.

  Q3: What was France's purpose of constructing the Wattway?

  答案:C) Providing clean energy to five million people.

  Q4: What is special about the solar panels used in the Wattway?

  答案:B) They can be laid right on top of existing highways.

  Q5: What has made it difficult to survey lions in remote parts in Sudan and Ethiopia?

  A) Endless fighting in the region.

  Q6: What was the main purpose of the research?

  答案:D) To find evidence of the existence of the "lost lions".

  Q7: What did the researchers find in the National Park?

  答案:B) Lions' tracks.

  Section B


  Q8. What is the woman looking forward to?

  答案:A) Her 'lucky birthday'.

  Q9. What did the woman's parents do on her sister's lucky birthday?

  答案:A) throw her a surprise party

  Q10. What is the woman eager to find out about?

  答案:B) The trip her husband has planned.

  Q11. What does the man say at the end of the conversation?

  答案: C) He is eager to learn how the couple's holiday turns out.


  Q12: What does the man say about good negotiators?

  答案:A) They are sensitive to the dynamics of a negotiation.

  Q13: What does the man say may be the most important thing to a successful negotiator?

  答案:B) They know when to stop.

  Q14: How is a good negotiator different from a poor one?

  答案: C) They learn quickly.

  Q15: What is the first stage of negotiation according to the man?

  答案:D) Get to know the other side.

  Section C


  Q16: What do some people want to know about space exploration?

  答案: D) How space research benefits people on Earth.

  Q17: What did scientists do for the space shuttle missions?

  答案:B) They developed objects for astronauts to use in outer space.

  Q18: What does the speaker say about Quartz crystal clocks and watches?

  答案:A) They are extremely accurate.


  Q19: Why does the speaker say she would like to go back and live in the 18th century America?

  答案:C) It marked the beginning of something new.

  Q20: What does the speaker say about the Puritans?

  答案 A) They believed working for goals.

  21.What would the speaker like doing if she could go back to the past?

  答案:D) Doing needlework by the fire.


  22. What does the speaker advise you to do first if you are lost in the woods?

  答案:C) Sit down and try to calm yourself

  23. What will happen if you follow an unknown stream in the woods?

  答案: B)You may expose yourself to unexpected dangers.

  24. What do many experts think is the wisest thing to do if you are lost in the woods?

  答案:D)Walk uphill.

  25. What should you do before you go into the woods?

  答案:A) Inform somebody of your plan.




  The picture illustrates the importance of speaking ability. Nowadays, people usually pay more attention to their speaking ability, believing that better speaking means better communication. There is some truth in this statement, the ability to speak well is an important factor for successful communication.

  For my perspectives, effective communication should be carefully planned. Firstly, speak slowly and briefly so as to make others understand completely. Secondly, we need to express ourselves in all sincerity and with warmth. Thirdly, we should focus on what other says and appreciate his opinions. Meanwhile, we also need to give positive feedback by nodding or smiling while listening.

  In conclusion, learning to speak well seems like making a great building. We can tell that people with strong ability in speaking enjoy more opportunities to promote and express oneself, and people who lack of such capability would fail to achieve that.



  The picture illustrates the importance of writing ability. When observing the world from a personal perspective, it is deducible that the ability of writing is playing an important role and hence becomes a great concern of society. However, how we can develop this ability is the problem that literally everyone needs to face.

  The first approach to develop our writing is to read more widely. This is because the enlargement of our knowledge pool can enrich our understanding at those fields. The second useful method of improving our writing is by learning from others’ writing techniques and then practicing them by ourselves. Last but not least, it can be beneficial for us to communicate with classmates who write well. This communication can be reached by exchanging essays. Ask one of them for his or her suggestions in order to capture your mistakes and shortcomings.

  In a word, society should focus on educating people with their writing ability as long as the attention has been drawn. Only in this way can our world continue to prosper in the future.


  范文: As is described in the picture, the teacher istelling her student that it is through reading thatpeople install new software, namely newknowledge, into their brains. I approve of suchstatement because reading is of greatsignificance in our life.

  First and foremost, reading is the basic way inwhich we acquire knowledge of the world.Although we can obtain new information throughvarious means, for example, watching TV, westill gain most knowledge directly or indirectly bymeans of reading. Secondly, books are thestepping stones to human progress. Being therecord of human experience, books open a worldof knowledge and wisdom for us. Throughreading we can grasp abundant knowledge andstep forward. In addition, reading is also animportant way of recreation. From reading wecan get pleasure and relaxation. When we areengrossed in reading, we enter a world of ourownleaving all the troubles behind

  To sum up, reading is a necessity for our life.Young people should focus more on reading, nomatter when or where.




  26. E) constructed

  27. O) undertaken

  28. F) consulted

  29. M) range

  30. N) scale

  31. I) eventually

  32 K) necessarily

  33 L) production

  34. A) cheaper

  35 J) height














  46.A. Seneca's thinking is still applicable today


  问题:What are researchers rediscovering through their studies?

  问题题干中的“researchers”和“today”是解题的关键,对应到文中第一段的“Now scientists are bringing this ancient wisdom up-to-date”。选项中“Seneca’s thinking “ 对应到“this ancient wisdom” ,而“still applicable”对应到“bring…up-to-date”,故答案为A

  47.B. It is a teaching tool under development


  问题:What do we learn about “Betty’s Brain”

  根据“Betty’s Brian”定位,定位到第三段,而该段的段首便强调“ But the most cutting-edge tool under development is the “teaching agent” “ ,意味着整段文字要叙述的主要是和“ tool “有关的信息,且选项中的”under development”和原文信息重合,故答案为B

  48 C. It helps them learn their academic subjects better.


  问题:How does teaching others benefit student tutors?

  根据顺序原则,定位区间在第三段中后部分。第三段最后两句话中“ While prepare to teach” ,“explain the information to others” 对应到“teaching others”,而“ organize their knowledge and improve their own understanding” 以及“identify problems in their own thinking ”则对应到选项中的“ learn their academic subjects better” .故答案为C

  49 D. They use various ways to explain the materials.


  问题:Whatdo students do to teach their teachable agents?

  解析:根据顺序原则,定位到第四段。第四段中“ explain the materials in different ways ”恰好与选项中“ use various ways to explain the materials” 为信息的同义改写,故答案为D

  50 B. Their emotional involvement


  问题:What is the key factor that eases student tutors’ learning?

  解析:根据顺序原则,以及“key” 对应到最后一段的第一句话。“key”与“Above all” 为同义改写,故答案应在此句中出现。“ Facilitate learning ” 对应到题干中“ eases student tutors’ learning”, 而“the emotions one experiences”则对应到选项的“Their emotional involvement”。故答案为B


  51.A. They can get ahead only by striving harder.

  52.C. They think it needs further improving.

  53.B. Job stability and flexibility.

  54.D. The balance between work and family.

  55.A. They still this world as one dominated by males



  27 L-replaced

  28 F-efficient

  29 J-professionals

  30 E-decorative


  32 I-photographed

  33 B-approach

  34 K-quality












  46 B Add to their work efficiency.

  47A Earn more money

  48C How long its positive effect lasts.

  49 D Their memories were greatly strengthened.

  50A Find financial support.

  51C They all experienced terrible misfortunes.

  52.B The utmost comfort passengers could enjoy.

  53A It was a mere piece of decoration.

  54D The belief that they could never sink with a double-layer body.

  55.Dshe was retired after her naval service.


  26. M-pollutants

  27. N-restricted

  28. C-consequence

  29. J-innovation

  30. F-detail

  31. K-intended

  32. L-outdoor

  33. B-collaborating

  34. I-inhabitants

  35. E-creating

  46.A.Not all of them are symptoms of dementia.

  47.C.Communication within our brain weakens.

  48.B.Inability to recall details of one’s life experience.

  49.C.Turn to a professional for assistance.

  50.D.Staying active both physically and mentally

  51. B) It was stolen more than once

  52. D) They pressed criminal charges in vain

  53. D) His acknowlegement of helpful from a professional

  54. D) Make it available online

  55. B) Radical changes in archivong practices


  地铁:In recent years, Chinese cities in increasing numbers have started building subways. Expanding subway networks contributes to reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. Subways are safe, rapid and comfortable. An increasing amount of people choose subways as their main means of transportation while going to work or school every single day. At present, it is progressively convenient for passengers to take underground trains in China. In some cities, passengers are able to pay for subway tickets merely by a card or a cellphone. Many local senior citizens can even take a subway with no charge.

  飞机:In the past, it was difficult for most Chinese people to imagine a time when they could travel by plane. At present, however, with the development of economy and the enhancement of living standards, Chinese people in increasing numbers, including many peasants and migrant workers, are able to travel by air. They can reach all big cities by airplane and many cities are preparing to built airfields. Air services have been continuously improved and there are often low cost airlines. In recent years, the number of people who would like to travel by plane during holidays has been growing.

  公交:Buses used to be a major traffic tool for Chinese people when they were getting around. In recent years, traffic problems in cities have been increasingly severe. To encourage more people to take buses when they go out, many cities are making efforts to improve the quality of services on buses. Vehicle facilities have been continuously renewed and the vehicle speed has been dramatically enhanced. However, the bus fair has been kept quite low. At present, many local senior citizens in most cities can take a bus with no charge.



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