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  1,这是发票和找头,请收好. Here's the receipt and change, keep it, please.

  2,好的,我一定尽快给您做好. All right , I'll have it for you as soon as possible.

  3,隆中是我们襄樊的名胜古迹. LongZhong is a place of historical interest in our XF.

  4,好的,我去拿来. Ok, I'll get it for you.

  5,我们这有清茶,菊花茶,八宝茶. We have green tea, chrysanthemurn tea eight treasures tea.

  6,先生,傣式烤牛肉很不错,我建议您们点一个. Sir, Roast beef in "Thailand" style is very good. I suggest you to order one.

  7,请问土豆做咸泥,烤的还是煮的? Is the potato roast or boiled?

  1,先生,有什么需要我帮忙的吗? What can I do for you, sir?

  9,先生,请问您是找人吗? Are you come to see anyone, sir?

  10,小姐,请问您们的酒吧在哪里? Where are your bar, lady?

  11,哦,在大堂,我带您去好吗? Oh At the lobby, Shall I show you to go?

  12,先生,请问是用餐吗? Will you have dinner, sir?

  13,这瓶酒多少钱? 4 How much is this bottle?

  14,这瓶葡萄酒每瓶 98 元. The wine is 98 yuan a bottle.

  15,不要了,谢谢. No thanks. 86,对不起,请再重复一遍. I beg your pardon?

  17,服务员,您会讲英语吗? Can you speak English, waiter?

  18,会一点点. Yes, a little.

  19,我可以签单吗? May I sign the bill?

  20,哦,很抱歉,请付现款. Oh I'm sorry, cash only please.

  21,我们有葡萄酒,白酒,啤酒和各式软饮料. We have got port, white wine beer and different kinds of soft beverages.

  22,请问您想喝点什么. 1 What would you like to drink, please.

  23,请问需要加冰块吗? Do you need any ice-blocks, please?

  24,请问需要冷饮还是热饮. Would you like to have a cold-drinks or hot drinks?

  25,请用茶. Have a cup of tea, please! 26,请用香巾. Have a piece of napkin, please!

  27,我们的菜式有广东风味,北京风味,四川风味,您喜欢哪一种? We provide Cantonese BeiJing Sichuan food which style do you like.

  28,祝您午餐(晚餐)愉快! Please enjoy your lunch (dinner)!

  29,打拢了,请问现在可以上菜吗? I'm sorry to disturb you. Shall I bring in your food

  30,对不起,我能把这个盘子撤走吗? I'm sorry, Can I take this plate away?

  31,对不起,我把它换成小盘子好吗? I'm sorry, May I have it changed the small plate?

  32,您想试一下本地的特色吗? Would you like to try local speciality?

  33,请问您喝什么茶? What kinds of tea would you like to drink?

  34,您先来杯啤酒好吗? Would you like to start with a glass of beer?

  35,如果您感时间的话,我给您安排一些快餐好吗? If you're hurry I'll arrange some fast foods for you-Can I arrange a snack for you if time is pressing for you.

  36,对不起,这个品种刚刚售完. I'm sorry, the variety is just out of stood(there aren't any left)

  37,对不起,您是否介意与那位先生同坐一桌? I'm sorry, would you mind sitting the table with that gentleman.

  38,对不起,现在已经客满了. I'm sorry the restaurant is full now.

  39,对不起,现在已经没有厅房了. I'm sorry the banqueting hall is full now. 2

  40,如果您不介意,坐在那边角落里好吗? Would you mind sitting over there in the corner.

  41,如果您愿意,可以先到大堂休息一下,一有空位我马上通告您. You may have a rest in the lounge if you like.

  42,我们的早餐券包括一碗稀饭,二笼包子,一碟小菜. Our breakfast coupon includes a bowl of rice gruel two portions of steamed stuffed buns and a plate of dish.

  43,很抱歉,我们立即采取措施,使您满意. I'm sorry we'll take measures at once Be satisfied you.

  44,先生您喜欢用筷子还是刀叉. Would you like to use chopsticks or knife and forks, sir?

  45,服务员我想买单. Waiter I want to pay my bill.

  46,请给我一杯可乐. Please give me a can of coca-cola.

  47,请问卫生间在哪里? Where is the toilet?

  48,先生(女士)这是您的帐单吗? Here is your bill, sir(lady)?

  49,一共是 128 元,请问您付现金还是信用卡? The total amount is 128 yuan, Do you pay the bill by cash , o credit card?

  50,我们这儿不收小费,但是我仍很感谢您. We don't accept tips But I'm very grateful to you.

  51,请稍等,我马上来收拾. Just a moment, please I'm clear it right away.

  52,小姐,我想订一个明晚的厅房. Miss I want to reserve a banqueting hall for tomorrow evening.

  53,请问需要大厅房还是小厅房? Do you need a big banqueting hall or small one?

  54,服务员,您们的早餐都有什么? Waiter , what has your breakfast got?

  55,我们的早餐主要供应粤式早茶. Our breakfast supply Cantonese early morning cup of tea.

  56,先生请问您的牛肉要几份熟的? How would you like your beef? Rare, medium or well-done, sir? 57,先生您的菜已经上齐了. Your dish is all here, sir.

  58,还要点水果和甜品吗? Would you like fruit and dessert, else?

  59,对不起,我到厨房给您催一下. Sorry, I tell the cooker to hurry.

  60,哦!很抱歉这个菜的烹饪时间较长. Oh, very sorry, It takes quite some time for this dish to prepare.

  61,小姐,我想要一个二人的餐桌. 3 Lady I want to reserve a table for two.

  62,请问需要主食吗? Do you need any staple food?

  63,请问您对今天的菜肴有何意见? What do your opinion of today's order?

  64,对不起,我们这没有生力啤酒. Sorry, we haven't San Miguel beer.

  65,您试一下百威啤酒好吗? Would you like to try Budweiser beer?

  66,当然可以. Of course. 67,谢谢您提出的宝贵意见. Thanks for your precious opinions.

  68,我们将努力改进. We'll try our best to improve.

  69,对不起,那是整瓶卖的. Sorry, It's sold by the bottle.

  70,请问您对菜肴有什么特殊要求吗? Anything special you'd like to have on the menu?



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