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  新闻听力及原文 News Item 1(李玲贤)

  A New Jersey black bear that walks upright on its 2 back legs and has become a social media darling has reemerged and has been captured on video month after its last sighting. The bear named Pedals was spotted in a town of Oakrage, in a video posted to Facebook featuring the bear it appear to be inrelatively good health and was moving quickly. “Pedals apparently hasn’t injured leg or pool that doesn’t allow it to walk comfortably on all fulls.” according to experts. Laurance sportsman of the state for the state department environmental protection said, “Officials expect the bear to make it through next winter. The bear first gained fame after was sported the wondering around neighborhoods and was caught on videos that were posted on social media and showed on national television. Last year, supporters pushed for Pedals to be moved to a shelter. But New Jersey officials have said they won’t allowed the bear to be captured and transferred to the facility. The bear would do better in its natural habitat on the agency would step in if its condition deteriorated they said.

  Q1.What’s the probable reason the bear upright on its back legs?

  Q2. How is the bear first known for the public?

  新闻听力及原文 News Item 2(李玲贤)

  The previous record was 3003 billion miles in 2007 before the economic recession in high gas prices. The traffic increase comes at the same time as gas crisis drop significantly, the current average gas price in US is 1.77$ per gallon. A year ago, it was 2.31$ per, it was often much higher in recent years . A transportation expert told the report the job growth likely plays a part as well, along with some people driving longer distances to and from work. And so all this means more traffic jams on the road. The taxes N&N travel institute found rush hour travellers spent at least 42 on the road last because the traffic delays. Now that is depressing.

  Q3. What new record did the American last year?

  Q4. What is depressing according to the speaker?

  新闻听力及原文News 3(陈恒健)

  A sixty years ‘ old stranger had bought him and his mother’s food to 5.exchange Dranthe’s grocery for his car . What happened next? 6. After a couple of weeks a stranger held hundreds of 90 thousand dollars the white said for the teenager Dranthe and the disabled mother. When John approached me ,he just pulled me heart White said. When I looked for him And what is he asking for He is my hero. 7.Dranthe is my top student with his best to make it his world with no money and very few resources. Why do the they finding side. He went for work and help the mother financially . It’s so right for changing for one life. I find caring for Dranthe. This is his big chance he is making it possible.

  5.What did the teenager Dranthe did to change food?

  6.What did the stranger do for Dranthe?

  7.What do we learn about Dranthe?


  M: That was my 8.last week economic lecture ——the week, here is the weekend again.

  W: What do you up to do tonight? I was just wondering if we try out to new restaurant on the sales street, then go on Victoria for a drink.

  M: 9. Sorry, I’m having home this weekend for my brother’s 18th birthday.

  W:Oh, that’s great.

  M: All of my relatives will be right there as well as my brother’s friend. Of course, listen, Mom will be delightedly seeing you again. 10.She’s always asking us about you.

  W:Yes, I’d love to see her too.

  M:So,please. Do come. It will be great .

  W: But I will not be ready until 5 o’clock. What time are you heading off?

  M: well, I’m going to leave right away. However, I can hang you over for a while , it just means to change my ticket.

  W:But that would be a too much trouble for you.

  M:No,not at all. 11. I will go to station first. If I can get the ticket first for us at 6.30 train. Then you can drive me there. I will call you after it’s done.

  W:Brilliant. Are you absolutely possibly okay? When shall we propose ?

  M: Don’t worry, it’s almost trying our party. And I always say more than Maria.

  W:Look, I will be go, and we will be late So I will meet you at the station at around 6 o‘clock.

  M:Fine,See you later.

  8.What has the man just done?

  9.What is the man going to do this weekend?

  10.What does the man ask the woman to do?

  11.How will they go the man’s home?

  短文听力原文及答案Passage One(徐云峰)

  Most people know Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and the first person to win the twice. However, few people know that she was also the mother of Nobel Prize winner. (16)Irene Currie was born on September 12th, 1893. At the age of ten, Irene’s talents and interests in mathematics were apparent. Irene entered Sorbonne University in October 1914 to prepare for a degree in mathematics and physics. (17)When World One began, she left Sorbonne University to help her mother who is using x-ray facility to help save the lives of wounded soldiers. Irene continued this work by developing x-ray for military hospitals in France and Belgium. After the war, she received a military medal for her work. In 1918, Irene became her mother’s assistant at the Curie Institute. In December 1924, FJ visited the institute and met Marry Curie. Fred became one of her assistant and Irene taught him the techniques required to work with radioactivity. Irene and Fred soon fell in love and got married on October 29th, 1926. Their daughter was born in 1937 and their son in 1932. (18)Like her mother, Irene was awarded for twice, more than her husband. Her producing new radioactive elements. Unfortunately, also like her mother, she developed blood cancer because of her exposure of the radiation. Irene J. Curie died on March 17th, 1954.

  Q16: What does the author say about Marry Curie’s daughter?

  Q17: For what does Irene curie was awarded a military medal?

  Q18: In what way were marry and Irene similar?

  短文听力原文及答案Passage Two(孙月)

  The storm blew the shake west for several days. 19.when the weather cleared, naddod found himself on the coast of a new land. Later,a hiking traveler named it iceland in 982, a waking called Eric right sailed western ,search for the new land.five hundred miles west the he and his man reached the icy rocky mess of the land . they sailed around it until reaching the western side, 20. here, they found some dream areas so the y name the island dream land. Then, In 1001, the hiking makes the most important discovery , the son of Eric named had heard the rumors about the land. he sailed and found it. He and his men landed in three places. They called the first one hallowland, which means lands of flag stone, the hiking them sails south and reached the second landing. They name this place mark land. 21.Eric and his men was the first European to walk on the shores of America, almost five hundred earlier than the Columbia

  19. what do we learn about the hiking?

  20. what does the passage say about the dreamland?

  21. what does the speaker mainly talk about?

  短文听力原文及答案Passage Two(徐云峰)

  Passage Three:

  Where do you think you will be in ten years? It is difficult to know exactly where you will be and where you will be doing. (22)Everyone dreamed about the future. You might imagined the job you will get, when you finish school. You may daydream meeting your lifetime partner or living in a big house by the sea. My dreams, I would have twins, a boy and a girl. We would live in a large two-story house with floors and staircases made of wood. Now at the age of 46, I look back on those dreams and smile. (23)It hasn’t turned out exactly as I imagined, but I would not change what I have now for that imaginary world. (24)In college, I studied international business in plants and law school. In my third year of university, I realized that I didn’t want to become a lawyer. Instead, I chose to become language teacher. I did get married, but had more than two children, we get five. Do I live in the dream house with wood floors? No I don’t, but I love my home and I wouldn’t once live in any other place. (25)I believe that as a young person, it’s important to dream and make plans. However, it’s also important to realize that not all of your plans turned out exactly as you wish. One of the biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is this: be happy with what you have.

  Q22: What does the speaker think everyone tends to do?

  Q23: What does the speaker say he would refuse to do?

  Q24: What does the speaker major in during the first two years of college?

  Q25: What is one of the biggest lesson the speaker has learned in life?



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