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  第 1 题:单选题:

  Since the shipment consists of seasonable goods, it is important that it is ________as soon as possible.

  A deleted

  B demanded

  C delivered

  D detached

  第 2 题:单选题:

  Primitive superstitions that feed racism should be ________ through education.

  A ignored

  B exalted

  C eradicated

  D canceled

  第 3 题:单选题:

  Only hotel guests have the________of using the private beach.

  A occasion

  B possibility

  C privilege

  D allowance

  第 4 题:单选题:

  Regarding insurance, the ________is for 110% of the invoice value of the goods that a manufacturer wants to export.

  A amount

  B cover

  C insurance

  D premium

  第 5 题:单选题:

  Now a single cell phone is able to store a large ________of information about an individual life.

  A deal

  B number

  C amount

  D account

  第 6 题:单选题:

  Home to magnates and gangsters, refugees and artists, the city was, in its________, a metropolis that exhibited all the hues of the human character.

  A prime

  B primary

  C privacy

  D probation

  第 7 题:单选题:

  A larger brain makes man________to animals.

  A better

  B superior

  C excelled

  D outstanding

  第 8 题:单选题:

  He was always finding________with his daughter''s friends.

  A blame

  B error

  C mistake

  D fault

  第 9 题:单选题:

  Mark Anthony''s eulogy of Caesar at his funeral is memorably recorded in a play by Shakespeare.

  A prayer

  B praise

  C biography

  D denunciation

  第 10 题:单选题:

  Many of the electric and electronic products we purchase and consume today are what some industrial experts call " homogeneous toys".

  A identical

  B homosexual

  C unrelated

  D distinguishable

  第 11 题:单选题:

  The artist spent years on his monumental painting, which covered the whole roof of the church, the biggest in the country.

  A archaic

  B sentimental

  C outstanding

  D entire

  第 12 题:单选题:

  Construction of the gigantic office building in this city was for years intermittent .

  A stopping and starting at intervals

  B something that will happen soon

  C being watched with keen interest

  D anything that comes and goes

  第 13 题:单选题:

  The ancient Jewish people regarded themselves as the salt of the earth , the chosen few by God to rule the world.

  A outcast

  B elite

  C nomad

  D disciple

  第 14 题:单选题:

  When a hurricane is about to occur , the National Weather Bureau issues a warning.

  A adjacent

  B gigantic

  C perilous

  D imminent

  第 15 题:单选题:

  Attempts have been made for nearly three decades to increase the amount of precipitation from clouds by seeding them with salt or silver iodide.

  A Devices

  B Hypotheses

  C Efforts

  D Suggestions

  第 16 题:单选题:

  In Nathaniel Hawthorne''s The Scarlet Letter, Reverend Dimmesdale succumbed to Hester''s charms.

  A appealed to

  B conversed about

  C cared nothing for

  D yielded to

  第 17 题:单选题:

  Relaxation therapy teaches one not to fret over small problems.

  A worry about

  B get involved in

  C get angry about

  D look for

  第 18 题:单选题:

  One of the effective ways to lessen environmental pollution is the reservation and protection of more swamps .

  A vast thick corals

  B pockets of wet land

  C warm volcanoes

  D millions of bees and wasps

  第 19 题:单选题:

  Justices of the peace have jurisdiction over the trials of some civil suits and of criminal cases involving minor offenses.

  A superiority

  B authority

  C guidance

  D obedience

  第 20 题:单选题:

  As a conductor, Leonard Bernstein is famous for his intensely vigorous and exuberant style.

  A extreme

  B enthusiastic

  C prosperous

  D nervous

  第 21 题:单选题:

  Several theories of evolution had historically preceded that of Charles Darwin, although he expounded upon the stages of development.

  A found fault with

  B explained in detail

  C outlined briefly

  D offered in published form

  第 22 题:单选题:

  One out of five bridges in the United States is outmoded .

  A narrow

  B obsolete

  C illegal

  D concrete

  第 23 题:单选题:

  This reflects the priority being attached to economic over political activity, partly caused by a growing reluctance to enter a calling blighted by relentless publicity that all too often ends in destroying careers and reputations.

  A powerfulness

  B unwillingness

  C renaissance

  D apologeticness

  第 24 题:单选题:

  Construction is expanding all over China, no doubt many materials will be needed at a very big amount in future.

  A China, no doubt many materials will be needed for a very big amount

  B China, no doubt many materials will be needed in a very big amount

  C China; no doubt many materials will be needed in large amounts

  D China; no doubt many materials will be needed for large amounts

  第 25 题:单选题:

  The senior senator has in the past three terms both experienced the sweet taste of success and the bitterness of defeat in his legislation fights with his opponents.

  A both experiences

  B experiences both

  C experience both

  D experienced both

  第 26 题:单选题:

  If they spend some time on Chinese history, they will be more able to predict China''s future.

  A more

  B able

  C better

  D better able

  第 27 题:单选题:

  Our company has been made one of the largest manufacturers in the field of chemical industry.

  A become, in

  B made, in field of

  C became, in the field

  D been made of, in

  第 28 题:单选题:

  I don't doubt how the plan will be well received.

  A that

  B which

  C if

  D whether

  第 29 题:单选题:

  We're not bringing in millions of dollars, says a director of development. "But we want to make sure the demand is there before we act to the project."

  A of

  B off

  C on

  D for

  第 30 题:单选题:

  The explanation given by the manager yesterday was not at all ________ to us.

  A satisfy

  B satisfied

  C satisfactory

  D satisfying

  第 31 题:单选题:

  Only one-fifth of Americans saw oil as the chief reason that the U.S. made a war on Iraq, but 75 percent of the French and of the Russians believed________.

  A to

  B so

  C go

  D do

  第 32 题:单选题:

  This is________work. It calls for a good eye and a steady hand.

  A precise

  B precision

  C exact

  D exactness

  第 33 题:单选题:

  They''re the best team I''ve seen thus far, says ________men''s basketball coach Larry Brown.

  A American's

  B US

  C the USA

  D United State of America

  第 34 题:单选题:

  He was facing charges on forgery in a court of law but he hired a good attorney to

  A get off

  B get through

  C get by

  D get away

  第 35 题:单选题:

  ________ pollution control measures are expensive, many local governments hesitate to adopt them.

  A Although

  B However

  C Because

  D Moreover

  第 36 题:单选题:

  Over a very large number of trials, the probability of an event ________is equal to the probability that it will not occur.

  A occurring

  B occurred

  C occurs

  D occur

  第 37 题:单选题:

  The countries that are being blamed for the extra greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are the rich and developed countries. On a different________, the developing countries feel they will suffer the most of it.

  A nod

  B note

  C norm

  D notion

  第 38 题:单选题:

  We cannot see any possibility of business ________your price is on the high side of the prevailing market trend.

  A which

  B since

  C that

  D though

  第 39 题:单选题:

  Being both spoiled and lazy, he________everyone else for his lack of success.

  A accused

  B charged

  C criticized

  D blamed

  第 40 题:单选题:

  Americans who consider themselves ________ in the traditional sense do not usually hesitate to heap criticism in domestic matters over what they believe is oppressive or wasteful.

  A pedestrian

  B penchant

  C patriarch

  D patriotic

  第 41 题:单选题:

  Kingdom of Wonders, ________ in 1995 in Fremont, Calif., became an industry legend for two toys: a talking bear and a ray-gun game.

  A find

  B found

  C founded

  D founding

  第 42 题:单选题:

  When insects feed on decaying plant material in a compost pile, they help turn it into useful garden soil.

  A available

  B organic

  C distasteful

  D decomposing

  第 43 题:单选题:

  When a hurricane is about to occur , the National Weather Bureau issues a warning.

  A adjacent

  B gigantic

  C perilous

  D imminent

  第 44 题:单选题:

  The graduate committee must be in full accord in their approval of a dissertation.

  A indecisive

  B sullen

  C vocal

  D unanimous

  第 45 题:单选题:

  The thief was apprehended, but his accomplice had disappeared.

  A people who saw him

  B the person who helped him

  C guns and knives

  D stolen goods

  第 46 题:单选题:

  Researchers have discovered that dolphins are able to mimic human speech.

  A import

  B imitate

  C impair

  D humor

  第 47 题:单选题:

  For a long time in that vast region, this law was in abeyance .

  A active use

  B doubt

  C discussion

  D disuse

  第 48 题:单选题:

  One of the things we have to do to prevent a pandemic is to make sure people understand and know what they can do to minimize the commotion .

  A command

  B collusion

  C turmoil

  D tutelage

  第 49 题:单选题:

  Daylight saving time was instituted to increase productivity.

  A reorganized

  B started

  C encouraged

  D taught

  第 50 题:单选题:

  Water makes up some 70 percentage points of the body, and drinking enough water — either tap water or expensive mineral water — will ensure that the body is properly lubricated and flushed.

  A per-cent

  B per capita

  C percent

  D percentage

  第 51 题:单选题:

  Our programs come second to theirs.

  A come second after

  B are second only to

  C are first except for

  D are first place from

  第 52 题:单选题:

  The affluent middle class created by the Asian boom now take up over from exports as the main engine of growth.

  A take over from exports

  B take from exports

  C take exports

  D takes exports

  第 53 题:单选题:

  The belief is the legendary lost continent of Atlantis may someday be found.

  A It is believed that

  B It is believing that

  C The belief that

  D That belief is

  第 54 题:单选题:

  Life insurance, before available only to young, healthy persons , can now be obtained for old people, and even for pets.

  A before young, healthy persons available only,

  B available only to young, healthy persons before,

  C available only to persons young, but more healthy,

  D before young and healthy persons only available to,

  第 55 题:单选题:

  We''re not bringing in millions of dollars, says a director of development. "But we want to make sure the demand is there before we act to the project."

  A of

  B off

  C on

  D for

  第 56 题:单选题:

  It is a market which sales value might be more than 10 billion yuan.

  A a market with a sales value that might be

  B a market which might be sales value

  C a market with sale value might be

  D market with sales might be a value

  第 57 题:单选题:

  As an English major student , I think business English is more practical than other fields.

  A a English student / field

  B a English major student / regions

  C an English major / courses

  D an English student major /sciences

  第 58 题:单选题:

  No one appreciated his work during his lifetime, but________it is clear that he was a great artist.

  A in the aftermath

  B by the time

  C in retrospect

  D in this eventuality

  第 59 题:单选题:

  Americans who consider themselves ________in the traditional sense do not usually hesitate to heap criticism in domestic matters over what they believe is oppressive or wasteful.

  A pedestrian

  B penchant

  C patriotic

  D patriarch

  第 60 题:单选题:

  This silk has gone right ________ and we have not sold a single piece of it for weeks.

  A out of fad

  B out of pattern

  C out of custom

  D out of fashion


  1-5 CCDCC

  6-10 ABDBA

  11-15 CABDC

  16-20 DABBB

  21-25 BBBCD

  26-30 DAACC

  31-35 BBBAC

  36-40 ABBDD

  41-45 CDDDB

  46-50 BDCBC

  51-55 BDABC




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