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  The study of law has been recognized for centuries as a basic intellectual discipline in European universities. However, only in recent years has it become a feature of undergraduate programs in Canadian universities. Traditionally legal learning has been viewed in such institutions the special preserve of lawyers, rather than a necessary part of the intellectual equipment of an educated person. Happily, the older and more continental view of legal education is establishing itself in a number of Canadian universities some have even begun to offer undergraduate degrees in law. ?

  If the study of law is beginning to establish as part and parcel of a general education, its aims and methods should appeal directly to journalism educators. Law is a discipline encourages responsible judgment. On the one hand, it provides opportunities to analyze such ideas as justice, democracy and freedom. On the other, it links these concepts to everyday realities in a manner which is parallel to the links journalists forge on a daily basis as they cover and comment on the news. For example, notions of evidence and fact, of basic rights and public interest are at work in the process of journalistic judgment and production just as in courts of law. Sharpening judgment by absorbing and reflection on law is a desirable component of a journalist’s intellectual preparation for his or her career.?

  But the idea that the journalist must understand the law more profoundly than an ordinary citizen rests on an understanding of the established conventions and special responsibilities of the news media. Politics or, more broadly, the functioning of the state, is a major subject for journalists. The better informed they are about the way the state works, the better their reporting will be.In fact, it is difficult to see how journalists who do not have a clear grasp of the basic features of the Canadian Constitution can do a competent job on political stories.?

  Furthermore, the legal system and the events which occur within it are primary subjects for journalists. While the quality of legal journalism varies greatly, there is an undue reliance amongst many journalists on interpretations supplied to them by lawyers.While comment and reaction from lawyers may enhance stories, it is preferable for journalists to rely on their own notions of significance and make their own judgments. These can only come from a well-grounded understanding of the legal system.?







  traditionally 传统上来说

  legal learning 法律的学习

  view …as… 把…看作…

  institutions 公共机构

  the special preserve of lawyers 律师专有的特权/权利

  preserve 禁区,防护物,引申为律师专有的权利

  rather than 而不是

  necessary part of the intellectual equipment of an educated person 多重后置定语结构——后浪推前浪,我们可以翻译为:受过教育的人的知识储备所必需的一部分

  intellectual equipment 知识装备/储备/才能

  an educated person 受过教育的人

  On the other, 另一方面

  Link 连接,联合(常和to搭配)

  everyday realities 日常实际

  be parallel to 类似的

  forge 铸造,形成,塑造

  on a daily basis 在日常基础之上

  cover the news 报道新闻

  profoundly 深深地,深刻地

  ordinary citizen 普通公民/市民

  rests on 依靠于,依赖于

  established conventions 既定风俗

  an understanding of the established conventions and special responsibilities of the news media 多重后置定语结构——后浪推前浪,我们可以翻译为:对于新闻媒体的特殊责任和既定风俗的理解。

  In fact,事实上,实际上

  have a clear grasp of 对…有清晰的认识

  basic features 基本特征

  Canadian Constitution 加拿大宪法

  Competent 有能力的,胜任的

  political stories 政治报道/新闻

  comment and reaction 评论和反馈

  enhance 提高,增强,丰富

  preferable 更可取的,更好的,更优越的

  rely on 依赖于

  notions 概念,观念,想法,主张

  their own notions of significance 他们对于重要性的理解/看法,他们自己的价值观

  make their own judgments 做出他们自己的判断



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